elimination diet – day 4 [update]


Just a quick update to yesterday’s post. A bit later in the evening, I was very hungry and decided to try about 10 blanched and soaked almonds. What the heck, it was Friday night after all! lol It was good and calmed my hunger.

However, this morning I woke up bloated (slight to medium) and with abdominal discomfort. Mental clarity still there luckily! 😉 Since I added 3 different foods to my diet yesterday [2 nori sheets, 5 green beans and 10 almonds], it’s hard to know what to blame…

I know, it was a bit stupid of me to add more than one food at once, but we learn.

I want to believe it is the almonds so I won’t try them again anytime soon… Will feed them to my boyfriend! lol