elimination diet – day 7

symptoms: all of my yesterday’s symptoms were gone by the time I woke up and I felt good until a couple of hours after lunch.

I started feeling tired, so I had a spoonful of coconut oil to give me energy, but it kept getting worse and soon I had brain fog + abdominal pain + bloating.

I couldn’t figure out what I could have eaten… but then realized that the beef I had at lunch was cooked in a broth with turnips. I was careful about removing all the turnip and not having the broth, because FODMAPs are water-soluble, but I guess there were enough FODMAPs that made their way in the meat to make me sick… Something I ‘ll sure remember next time…

elimination diet – day 6

symptoms: great start of the day, but I think that the turnip didn’t agree with me… I kept the amount very small, at 1/4 cup , but according to the data, they do contain small amounts of sorbitol and I guess my GI tract doesn’t like polyols at all… unless it is my little bit of lettuce from yesterday?

Well, I think I’ll keep the veggies out for now… It is hard and I feel so limited in my food choices and am cravings veggies so bad! lol

No dinner tonight, not hungry, had heartburn, nausea, extreme fatigue, brain fog, abdominal pain and discomfort and bloating…

I may have a spoonful of coconut oil a bit later this evening.

elimination diet – day 3

2nd day eating only protein & fat. I finally woke up with a flat stomach this am! Yeah! Although I had another episode of bloating in the am and the pm, it didn’t last more than 1 to 3 hours each time, so I consider it a big improvement! Apart from feeling very tired for maybe an hour after lunch, I felt great! For the first time in quite a long time, I had energy and good mental clarity and ability to focus. I was super thirsty all day long though and probably drank 2L of H20 & green tea! I’ll probably wait another day or two before reintroducing small amounts of veggies, just to be safe.