SIBO update!

Sorry for not getting back to you for almost 2 months…! As soon I was diagnosed with SIBO, I started on the first intro stage of the GAPS diet. Both the GAPS and the SCD diets are potentially effective approaches, but I chose GAPS because it includes more gut-healing components (such as bone broth) and the possibility of avoiding dairy by using fermented vegetables.

During the first 2 weeks, I mostly ate chicken, lamb and beef accompanied with ghee and small amounts (1/2-2/3 cup per meal) of pureed vegetables (I started with carrots and peeled zucchini only for the first week). After a few days, I started adding other well-cooked and pureed vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli, red bell pepper. I also started adding spices and herbs to season my meals. I experienced a few bad days at the start, probably die-off reactions (a worsening of my usual symptoms). I also introduced coconut oil and raw egg yolk.

After 2 weeks on the first intro stages of the GAPS diet, I started taking herbal antibiotics. I recommend that you meet with a experienced naturopathic doctor for help in this regard. I started taking garlic pill, one a day, and had some die-off reactions. I slowly increased to 2/day the following week, 3/day the 3rd week and 4/day the 4th week. Meanwhile, I also took ADP oil of oregeno, which I had left from my parasite infection, during the last 2 weeks. During these 4 weeks, I also combined these herbal antibiotics with regular cinnamon. I used at least 1-2 tsp. a day. It is very yummy mixed with pureed carrots and coconut oil. I also added a raw egg yolk to the mix for a very creamy and delicious treat! I stopped all herbal antibiotics after 4 weeks, with the exception of cinnamon, which I now only use once in a while.

I have gone through all the intro stages of the GAPS diet, but haven’t tried dairy (with the exception of butter) or honey. I tried fruits (apples and mangoes) and was fine, but after having them a few days in a row, my symptoms started to come back. I tried blanched almonds and had mild bloating and it seemed like my body couldn’t digest them properly. Pumpkin and squash seem to be too high in carbs for my body now. I decided to stay away from all of these foods for a few more months to allow my gut to heal completely. I don’t puree my vegetables anymore but cook them thoroughly.

So now, after 2 months on the GAPS diet, I believe my SIBO infection is a lot more under control! Here is what I can eat/tolerate:


  • broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, kale, asparagus, fermented vegetables, bok choy, green beans, eggplant and tomatoes (very occasionally), garlic, spinach
  • poultry, chicken skin, lamb, pork, beef, eggs
  • ghee, butter, olive oil, avocado, coconut oil
  • pink salt (from the Murray river, Australia), all types of herbs and spices
  • water, green tea, bone broth
  • I introduced supplements slowly and gradually and at the moment, I am taking L-glutamate, fish oil, vitamin D, iodine, probiotics (multistrain & S. Boulardii) and 5-HTP. I am no longer taking digestive enzymes. I felt like I need to cut back (because of burning stools!) and actually don’t take them at all anymore!
I believe that I did react to FODMAPs, salicylates, amines, glutamates and eggs at some point as I did react to a whole lot of other foods, but healing and sealing my gut and correcting my gut dysbiosis is helping me solve the root gut of my food intolerances instead of just avoiding the foods that I can’t tolerate. It may take a bit of time, but I now have more variety than I could ever wish for and am convinced that it is only going to get better and better… with time.
My goal is to stick to this low-carb GAPS diet for a few more months / years (I will see how I feel and how quickly my body heals) and then I may try to introduce even more foods… maybe even occasional small amounts of non-GAPS foods, such as dark chocolate! 😉

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