are you a RD?!

Are you a RD? Are you interested in letting the conventional wisdom aside and in learning more about what has been left out of our training?

Contact me at adietitiangonepaleo [at] gmail [dot] com. or click here.

I am trying to set up a group so we can share resources… Slowly, but surely, we can help our profession change so we can truly help people get healthier through proper nutrition.

I just set up a closed facebook group for us Paleo RDs! Ask to become a member here:

21 thoughts on “are you a RD?!

  1. Hi! I start my DI in the fall and am currently working on PhD in Nutrition (I know, it seems backwards but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the internship, which is why I waited so long to start). Anyways, my dissertation research is actually a paleo dietary intervention, so I am all about paleo for health.

    I’m all for a network as well!

    • That is great! I’ll add your name to our list of paleo RDs! =) Good luck with your DI and PhD project. I hope you can share your dissertation research with all of us!

  2. Hi,
    I am not an RD, but I am a registered nurse and have a post grad nutrition qual (grad cert science, nutrition) extra nutrition science papers that enable me to go into the post grad nutrition science programme (MSc) which I haven’t yet started. So I work as a nutritionist in NZ,
    As does another paleo nutritionist Jamie Scott.

    Another nutritionist who I’ve heard talk is Rachel Arthur in Australia, I was very impressed by her knowledge – even though she is not paleo – but uses it with some clients.

  3. Hi Aglaee,

    Happy to come across your blog. I too am a Paleo Dietitian and earned my credentials in the US and reside in Melbourne, Australia. I would love to meet with you over coffee/tea or at least start to join the conversations with you and the other paleo RDs. I am an American have not delved far enough on getting my accreditation in Australia – did you have a hard/easy time getting you accreditation? I am on a 457 visa and currently work in the CBD doing software sales. Yet, to get my nutrition fill I have been engrossing myself in recent paleo/auto-immune disease research and information. I have a blog, and I will admit I haven’t kept up with it enough in the last few months (just got married in the US), but take a peek if you are interested at

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

  4. Hi!

    This is a great idea! I currently practice in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

    If you come across any other RD’s or other professionals in my area I would love to connect with them!

    Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂


  5. I am rather new to Paleo but since discovering it, I can’t seem to read enough about it . IT Just makes sense! I’m going to re-enter the work force next year and definetly want to do something with this new found knowledge . I love the idea of other paleo dietitians out there

  6. SOOO glad to see your site and all the RD’s that are ‘switching over’…. to the non-food pyramid kind of foods. I am a practicing Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and only hear negative things about the dietician world. I don’t have as much education as all of you for sure, but I do support people in their journey to health using real food. I love GAPS and paleo and real butter. Just wanted to say HI, and say thank you for getting out there and stepping outside of the box.


  7. Hi! This post makes me so happy. I’m an RD in Virginia and I give 2 thumbs up to the Paleo diet. I’m also aligned with Weston Price. Recently, I made a video about how/why to go gluten free (at It really warms my heart to know that there are other RDs out there who feel the same way about Paleo and Traditional foods because it’s kinda alienating.

    At my internship back in ’08, I did a presentation to fellow interns about the fact that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease… the talk was evidence-based and chock full of studies. But the faces that looked back at me as I talked… it was like I was speaking swedish. I brought some delicious bacon from pasture-raised pigs, and no one touched it!

    So, yeah, I’m glad you’re all here!

  8. Yea! I’m an RD and converted to paleo in January of this year! Love it!! I’ve converted my whole family and want to convert more:) Please add me to your list!

  9. Hi there!
    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m a 19 year old studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) in Australia and am on my way to becoming an accredited Dietitian and, while I am passionate about proper nutrition and treating chronic illness, I find it really difficult when my lecturers and teachers promote the modern food pyramid in all its grains and low fat glory. I plan on basing my research assignments around studies that blow the saturated fat and meat consumption myth out of the water and those that provide evidence of detrimental effects of grain consumption and the role sugar plays in out diet. Do you have any useful website that may provide studies like these? Cant wait until I can join this group when fully qualified!
    Its so good to see that not all dietitians are being sucked into the modern day beliefs and actually want to help patients rather than provide outdated info that has obviously made people sicker! 🙂

  10. Hey Algaee, I just tried to join your closed group on FB, but not sure if it worked. I’m a semi-retired Dietitian in Australia (I’m also a winemaker!!!), and had followed the literature on Paleo since the mid 90s, with interest but not confiction. However I “resorted” to Paleo eating myself in the past 18 months, and I’m a true believer now.

  11. Another dietitian from the Uk here, I found a long time ago that a paelo type diet helped eliminate my daytime tiredness, but I always kept it quite hush hush in fear of judgement from other dietitians…

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