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as you may be aware, during my first Paleo challange I had quite a lot of GI issues which were not improving with the Paleo diet and this is why I sought out some medical help to figure out what was going on. I was lucky because we quickly found from a faeces analysis that I was infected with blastocystis hominis (the tricky part is usually to find it). My symptoms were: abdominal cramps, abdominal distension, bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, intense brain fog, very low energy levels, lack of concentration, lack of appetite at times but increased cravings at other times and strangely enough weight gain (about 5 lbs, probably due to the urge I had to eat more to get more energy or because I succumbed to the cravings and went back to my terrible binge eating habits for a little while… and probably combined with my total lack of physical activity).

Blastocystis hominis can do a lot of damage to the intestinal wall, leading to a leaky gut, inflammation and decreased immunity, as you can read here.


blastocystic hominis destroying my intestines!                                                                                                                                                                                    (source:

I took 2 courses of Tinidazole, 2 g about 2 weeks apart, as recommended by my gastroenterologist. Meanwhile, I started supplementing with the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii, sold as Florastor in America and SB Floractiv in Australia (which is a yeast and therefore unaffected by antibiotics). I also started making my own sauerkraut (I eat about 1/2 cup a day), according to Sally Fallon’s recipe  in my precious book “Nourishing Traditions.” I also got some ADP oil of oregano from Biotics Research (a standardized time-release oil of oregano, which is a natural antimicrobial with anti-inflammatory compounds; slowly building up to 6 tablets a day), L-glutamine (to repair gut lining), digestive enzymes with hydrochloride betaine and continued taking my vitamin D (1000 IU/day), wild fish oil (1 g/day; 600 mg EPA & 400 mg DHA) and magnesium (Natural Calm; 400 mg/day).

Meanwhile, I have continued to eat totally gluten-free, dairy-free and legume-free since March 7, 2011 (but I have had small amounts of sugar in the form of honey, maple syrup and chocolate though and well as some organic cream and butter!) I believe eating this way, especially by restricting carbs and sugar, can certainly help in getting rid of parasites by avoiding feeding them.

I feel old with all my bottles of supplements but I am feeling a lot better! My GI tract seems to be working fine although I think I need to stay away from nuts and coconut (not the oil but dried coconut) for now because I noticed some bloating following their consumption. My brain fog is gone, I can concentrate a lot better and have the energy to  work (freelance writing does require a lot of self-motivation!) and even exercise!

I am looking forward to doing another Paleo challenge to recover my health, make sure I completely eliminate this parasite, heal my leaky gut, improve my immunity, resolve the inflammation and lose a few pounds!

good resources: and the Center for Digestive Diseases

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    • That is a good question. Honest answer, I am not 100% sure because my stools haven’t been re-tested. However, after my first antiobiotic treatment and supplementation for 5 weeks, my blood work showed normal hepatic and pancreatic enzymes. However my eosinophil count, which may indicate the presence of a parasite infection, was still elevated at 1.0 but a lot better than the first time (1.9) [normal range <0.4]. And my symptoms are now slightly different than what they used to be, so I want to believe they are gone and that my system is going back to normal slowly. However, no idea what really did it. It is possible that only the antibiotic worked and then my symptoms, which I thought were related to the parasite, were actually related to Fructose Malabsorption….? Still trying to figure it out… 😉

      • I can most definitely tell you how to cure blasto. I did an extensive study 8 years ago when I got infected twice a couple of years apart and cleared myself and many other people using NTZ [nitazoxanide] from TRIMED in Perth ask for Dr
        ARUNI MENDIES 1800080507 and pass on my regards. You must take this for 30 days. Prof Barry Marshall [NOBEL PRIZE] tried it for 7 or 10 days and it did not work. These things ate prorected in a cust shell for about 14 days when nothing will kill them.
        I got the infection from 2 different golf courses from recycled sewage water. I told Gordon Nuttal and he would not accept my findings – now he is where he belongs – in gaol!!!
        Within 3 days you will already feel better when you wake up and you if you have developed any blisters on the back of your fingers like I did they will go down in 3 days. It is a permanent cure unless you get reinfected.
        The eosinphil count told me I was infected – good indicater. Nor sure how long it takes to normalize after clearing B.H.
        Recently I have been reading about Jim Humble and his MMS – chlorine dioxide treatment – that would save you a fair bit – NTZ is dear. Use a protocol from or or go to
        Mike Hodgens PhD
        PS- I also tell people if they want to add another weapon- use doxycycline from day 21 to day 30 – this kills all the bacteria the B.H. feeds on and wipes out their food supply just in case there are some resistant bastards still kicking.Also if you want to fully repair your intestine take 2-3 g[1 heaped teaspoon] a day of L-glutamine at night in range juice and this will a top job in a couple of weeks. Make sure the Health Shop don’t give you glucoseamine which is for joint pain.

      • If your eosinophilia was high, that means you have a helminth. That is always the case. It was never Blasto. Take albendazole for 5 days.

      • I wish Mike Hodgens had left the option to reply to his comment because I’d really like to confirm with him if the 30-day course of Nitazoxanide worked for him (both times), and that his second time with Blasto/Nitazoxanide was not just a reinfection of the first time. I am inclined to believe his success story, given the research that states Nitazoxanide as a superior drug to combat Blasto. Given that the triple treatments advocated by the CDD in Australia involve a ten day course of 3 drugs, doing the math, by spreading that out with one drug, it would be equivalent to 30 days worth of drugs.

      • I was first diagnosed with blastocystis hominis back in July 2016 after a stool sample was taken. I had experienced severe symptoms for several weeks before this (dizziness, loss of thermal homeostasis, diarrhoea, bloating, brain fog, extreme lack of energy). Predictably, the doctor treated this with metranodazole (Flagyl), but this was unsuccessful. What often happens when parasitic infections are treated with antibiotics is that, after an initial eradication of all the weaker parasites, the remaining stronger ones remain and reproduce, thus creating an even greater problem than the original one.

        As a nurse who is also experienced in natural therapies, I decided to treat this myself rather than investigate alternative antibiotics. Firstly I started taking saccharamyces boulardii (a probiotic) plus other probiotics. I also cut gluten out of my diet, along with sugar and refined carbs and, for a while, coffee. I have been trying to get oil of oregano which, hopefully, they have in my local Health Food store. After several months things began to improve, but recently I had a relapse, and suspect I also need to go dairy free. However, so far I’ve avoided doing this, hoping I won’t need to !!! (After all, I can’t give up EVERYTHING I love, can I??) However now I tend to have epigastric pain whenever I have milk, so obviously I need to deal with that. If anyone knows of an acceptable dairy milk substitute, then let me know. And yes, I’ve tried all kinds of ‘almond milk’ from the supermarket (which taste disgusting, and contain only 3-5 percent of almonds anyway). When I gave palliative care to a young boy with brain cancer, in his own home, his mother allowed me to make pure almond milk for him to be given via an intranasal PEG feed – and that contains only almonds and water in the ratio of 1 cup organic almonds to 4 cups filtered water.

        I’m hoping that soon things will settle down. I’m a firm believer in the role stress plays in this type of illness, and am trying to reduce the amount of stress I experience (although this is often difficult, as we don’t live in a vacuum!). I would be grateful if anyone out there has any further suggestions – as long as these are NOT antibiotics, antiparasitics (which have severe side effects) or other expensive online ‘miracle cures’!

  1. Hi Aglaee, I have b. homini and other parasites, plus candida overgrowth. I’ve eaten plaeo/gaps-ish for 2+ years. 1 year hardcore, and in the past year more relaxed. I’ve tried or still take most of the supplements you’ve mentioned. Which lab did you use to diagnose the infection out of curiosity?

    My current feeling is it’s all infections and damage. Once the infections are killed and damage repaired things like fructose malabsorption should cease to exist (fruit used to me really bad for me). I believe this is true because short term respites with anti-parasitics have let me eat all the foods that cause problems, only to relapse, then gain relief again with another course. Not sure if I’m cured yet, you can follow me on my blog if you want, will follow yours, fellow b. hominis buddy ;). cheers

  2. Thanx for a nice, informative blog and a big plus for the tasty pics :-). Ive had Blasto since 2009, and its been Very frustrating, since normal dietadvices dont really apply. Having being a personal trainer its hard to tell people why I cant take care of my own body the last couple of years – friends, relatives and even psysicians tend to see symptoms as lack of character 😦
    Ive taken antibiotics 3 times and it gets better but returns back, same with fasting. Been thinking about that lots of people has got this without symptoms- so perhaps its ok just to get the levels down, not completely eradicated? what do you think about that? sorry bout my english, Im from Finland

    • Thanks for your comment Tony! 😉
      I hope you get better soon… I haven’t been re-tested for Blasto in my stools, but my liver and pancreatic enzymes as well as my eosinophiles are back to normal, so my gastroenterologist believes it is now gone. I agree with you that although it may still be present, some people can probably live healthily with low levels of parasites. However, after a parasitic infection and multiple courses of antibiotics, it is possible that your symptoms may be due to newly developed food sensitivities. What symptoms do you still have? Are they the same or have they changed since the antibiotics?

      • Hi again 🙂
        the symtoms have changed a bit through this time, but hasnt changed due to antibiotics, I think. The first year I experienced a lot of fatigue, diarrea, swollen glands, nightsweats and asthma, -after that I started to get red rashes on my upper body and face along with a bloated and upset stomach…. I noticed it gets much worse when I eat a lot of sugery stuff and grains, so I try to eat much protein and good fats mainly… however I feel getting a lot of sun is good for me, and I went back 3 times to the gym this week 🙂 + I tried a new herbmedicin containing oregano oil as well as good bacteria-pills, and it feels good- got my first firm stool in weeks this morning :-))) sorry for being so personal 😉

  3. Hi Aglaee,

    Thank you for sharing your healing process.
    I have Blastocystis H. and wonder what Bad Bugs 3 drug treatment is? I emailed Jackie, so I’m hoping to hear back.

    Do you recall if you were taking:

    “I took 2 courses of Tinidazole, 2 g about 2 weeks apart”

    2000mg for how long, 14 days apart…It seems like this is a key part to ridding one’s body of B.H. Any details on the script will help me educate my gastroenterologist whom I’m seeing for the first time tomorrow.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Jaime,

      I am not sure whether the treatment I received was the best treatment. What I received was only one dose of 2 g of this antibiotic 14 days apart. That’s all I know… sorry I can’t help more.

    • Hi Jaime,
      I had a stool sample come back indicating “a few” Blastocystis Hominis. I’ve been on the Bad Bugs website and was also wondering what the 3 drug treatment is. Did you ever find out? Could please offer any input on your treatment and if it worked.

  4. Hi Aglaee.
    What a fabulous blog you have, some great information here. I suffer from severe ME/CFS and recently found I have blasto. My metametrix tests showed this as well as deficient sIGA levels which seems to be common with parasites but also ME/CFS, insufficient pancreatic enzyme production etc. I just tried a 4 week herbal treatment, along with olive leaf and oxypowder. But after receiving my test back today it is there stronger than ever! I also eat a diet which could be classified as autoimmune paleo/gaps/low starch and sugar. My doctor wants me to do the rigorous protocol by a sydney gastroenterologist which includes 4 drugs but I am hesitant to do this as I have been healing naturally for over 2.5 years! I am keen to try this ADP oregano as well as the other supplements mentioned and on the link. Where can you get this oregano?
    Thanks Amy

    • Hi Amy,

      I am quite surprise that BH is now stronger than ever, even with your diet and herbal treatment, but I would recommend you meet with a naturopathic doctor for using herbal antimicrobial the right way so you get rid of this parasite as quickly as possible. I believe you can only get ADP oil of oregano through a naturopathic doctor. The brand is Biotic Research. You may be able to find more information by contacting them:

      Good luck and keep me posted on what happens!


  5. Dear Aglaee, Can you please help me???? I am now a pensioner; I have just returned from 15 years in Nepal, have been diagnosed with BH, and I also have severe heartburn and depression. I am so frightened. Can you please help me with the diet. I need to understand it more fully. I am even frightened of supermarkets. From your understanding could BH be connected with my heartburn. My doctor says no.
    I do hope you can help me a little. Best wishes, Susan

    • Hi Susan,

      I am sorry to hear about your health struggles. You can find lots of good info for you and your doctor at I recommend you consult with a naturopathic doctor for help finding good herbal antibiotics / regular antibiotic to get rid of this parasite. You should also combine this treatment with a sugar-free, grain-free diet to starve the parasite. Parasites and other microbes mostly feed on carbohydrates and sugar from flour, grains and sugar (pasta, potatoes, bread, breakfast cereals, baked goods, fruits), so try to stay away from these foods. Base your diet on plenty of non-starchy vegetables, fats and protein. Add plenty of coconut oil too, which is a good anti-microbial. Good luck and keep me posted!

    • I also believe raw dairy from pastured animals would be a good option IF you tolerate it I have personally discovered, through trials and error, that I don’t tolerate both lactose and casein so I can’t have any dairy products at all, with the exception of ghee (which is free of lactose and casein). =)

  6. What a miracle I have found you…thankyou!!!!! I have known since I saw my first naturopath visit 15years ago that my symptoms improved when I did a Candida cleanse and ate a no grain suagr diet and have always found my IBS symptoms returned and brain fog,lethargy if I go off the diet but I always felt abit crazy and it great now people are sharing their experiences and u insprire me to re-commit to the diet. I feel strange to be soo sensitive even to taste testing as I make my kids snacks but I really am and it seems Im not alone.

    I also can’t do casein. My kids are on there autism spectrum so its for all of us to follow the same diet anyway. Im off to get some ghee tomoz -thanks for the tip. Im in Newcastle NSW

  7. Hello
    I am keen to follow your blog too. I have fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have had the fibro for a few years but the fatigue came about 18 months ago after catching a virus! I think my immunity was so low it just couldn´t take one more virus. Ever since I have been battling with bacterial and parasite overgrowth problems, psuedonomas, candida and now blastocysistis hominis. I have been on a 100% strict anti candida diet for 6 months doing rounds of anitfungals which I think in the end has left me more exhausted and didn´t kill off the problem. I am taking a slightly lighter approach currently, homeopathy, probiotics, digestive and candida enzymes and eating lots of foods to encourage a healthy gut e.g. raw sauerkraut. I am now thinking maybe I should go paleo as I do eat some grains such as millet and quinoa. I am a veggie too so I didn´t want to limit myself too much. Has cutting out grains altogether really helped? I have been given medication today for the Blastocystitis hominis, so I will see how it goes. I will join your facebook page too…yes it would be nice to get somer regular motivation 🙂

    Thank you

    • Hi Denise, thank you for sharing your story! 😉
      I believe grains, even gluten-free grains, can be very irritating for the intestines, especially if they are damaged like it seems to be your case. Also, if you have a gut dysbiosis, the carbohydrates in grains can feed the overgrowth of bacteria or yeast, making them multiply more and more. If you are vegetarian, would you consider trying eggs, fish or poultry? Good luck! 😉

  8. Hi Aglaee,

    I live in Sydney and have been suffering from gut related problems for four months now. I have lost 15kg and have felt pretty rubbish, unable to work, exercise or sleep properly. I tried a course of flagyl but half way through I couldn’t take it anymore and had to stop. I still have blasto and while I’m not 100% sure it’s causing all my problems, but I feel I need to get rid of it as doctors cannot find anything else wrong with my bloods.

    I live near the CDD but I’m apprehensive about a colonic infusion (triple therapy) as my sister had the treatment and her bowels haven’t fully recovered (2 years ago).

    My naturopath has put me on a course of citricidal and anti parasitic stuff like wormwood, black walnut etc. I also have been on a fairly strict paleo-like diet for the last 4 weeks. I still feel like I am losing weight and I really want my old life back so badly, I fear I will have to go in for this triple therapy.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I know mullumherbals ( offer a 6 week blasto treatment that is pretty comprehensive. I just don’t know if I have another 6 weeks to muck around with my body.

    • Hi,

      I am sorry to hear about your gut problems. I believe the CDD also offers different therapies with a combination of antibiotic administered at the same time (besides a colonic infusion) to treat for BH ( It is probably not very enjoyable because of the die-off symptoms, but it might be your best bet if natural antibiotics are not offering relief. Let me know if you give it a try!

      Meanwhile, if I were you, I would definitely try to up my fat intake. Fat doesn’t feed bacteria or parasites and could help you prevent further weight loss. Try adding at least 30-50 ml of coconut oil, ghee, butter or whatever fat your tolerate to your meals. INcrease gradually though to avoid worsening or causing diarrhea.

      Good luck!

    • Patrick, I’m not sure how you ate doing now, bit you seem to have the same symptoms as me, involving weight loss. I am tracking my progress on cure…just go there and search bladtocystis atrophy, and you should find my posts. My user name is jadehope. I invite all to view…I am trying all I can to get rid of this awful bug…best to you and others on this wonder full blog

  9. I got diagnosed with Blasto a couple of years back. I did the triple therapy antibiotics and tested clear, but I still felt awful. I kept investigating and discovered I have Pyroluria, I believe my Blasto issues were caused by the low immune function and digestive issues caused by Pyroluria. I blog about Pyroluria at

  10. Hi, can someone please tell me what i can eat? Can I just eat meat? I have cut out sugar and starch, which is almost everything. What about artificial sugar?

    • Do you have Blastocystis Hominis? I suggest you work with a qualified health professional to eliminate this parasite. Diet-wise, parasite eat carbs, so cutting down on your sugar and starch intake may help. Eat plenty of animal protein and fats to keep you full.

  11. hey, i also live in Melb and am undergoing treatments to reduce effects of Blastocystis hominis. I find sugars, eggs, garlic, onion, oil, fried foods and dairy all set me off garanteed after half an hour(I get extremely pungeont and uncontrolable gas).
    I’m just now starting to come with rashs/eczema like symptoms. As a person that plays competitive sport I have found myself lately – despite training daily, not in full thought on the squash court anymore, and my timed runs are getting more and more difficult to maintain. I am just getting more and more tired and sore.
    reading this page has shown me several symptoms I had noticed once upon a time before this really settled in to be noticed as an actual issue to me that may all tie in together to further confirm this as the correct diagnosis and pointing me in the right direction to a controllable outcome.
    I was wondering if there is any kind of collective list of foods that people often play up on? I find my intollerences can aler also. sometimes foods that never effect me seldomly hit me hard as well, then other days back to normal.

  12. After reading your blog and all the efforts you made in fixing your condition…it was clear to me that you had/have a parasite condition. I have made the same type of efforts and had similar problems to yours…until I did a parasite cleanse and had bundles of worms expelled. The bloating that happens to you after eating coconut has to do with the anti-parasitic effect of coconut on tape worms (Google coconut for tape worms). I suggest that you stay away from all raw meats of any kind (sushi) and any type of processed sugar (because candida often parallels the parasite problem). Check out hulda clark’s parasite program. Do not use alcohol tinctures because they will feed that candida.

  13. Hi! I’ve been dealing with GI issues for 10 years, and finally was diagnosed with Blasto a few months ago. Can you or anyone else here recommend a good specialist in New York City area? My current doctor put me on Flagyl, but after doing a bit of web browsing I realize she might as well have given me a seltzer. Hope someone can help and best of luck to everyone out there dealing with this!

  14. Hi Aglaee, I have been reading your blog and was wondering if your BH has been totally eradicated. I have had it for 3+ years and cannot rid it, despite a paleo autoimmune ish protocol, lots of fermented foods (kimchi, kombucha tea), massive doses of probiotics, wormwood, ferula, artemesia/berberine, black walnut hulls, etc. I used to have candida too, which, I eradicated with a 6 week no sugar/no grain diet cleanse. But, I can’t seem to get rid of the BH. I also suffer from IBS symptoms with extreme constipation. My current 2 doctors have been against prescribing antibiotics because there simply is no real concrete proof that they work AND my gut is so messed up that antibiotics will only strip all the good work I’ve done building it up with probiotics and good, sound nutrition. I did find one doctor (that I’m debating seeing) that DOES think antibiotics are the way to treat. I read that you took antibiotics twice and at this point want to know your opinion as to taking them, with the risk that it will leave my gut worse and yet, not sure if the BH will subside. Now I read how BH can really do harm to your body if not eradicated and it’s been linked to colon cancer. One of my current doctors thinks that maybe the only way to rid them since nothing is working, will be to do a fecal transplant by implanting someone else’s (family member preferably) healthy stool into mine (sounds horrible to me, but hey, at this point, …) But, only as a last resort if nothing happens in the next year. THOUGHTS? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!

    • Hi Zee, I completely understand your struggles. But I do believe that antibiotics are sometimes necessary but you’ll have to weight the pros and cons yourself. From my perspective, I believe a parasite infection is doing more harm to your gut flora compared to antibiotics in the long-term. In addition, a parasite infection is harming your health in many other ways. In my view, you really need to get rid of the infection otherwise you’ll never be able to be healthy. And diet can’t do it. You might want to explore more natural antibiotic options (herbs) with the help of a naturopathic doctor but you should really need something to eradicate your BH to live a healthy and enjoyable life. A fecal transplant is also a very interesting option. Good luck and please keep me posted!

    • A fecal transplant will not work to eradicate BH. It’s a parasite that forms cysts, it’s not ‘normal flora’ that a ‘healthy’ gut will crowd out, such as in the case of C. Difficile, which is known that it can be cured through fecal transplant. BH is difficult to eradicate because of it’s many forms that it can morph into, it’s cysts, it’s biofilms, and it’s ability to ‘dig into’ the walls of the intestines.

      Most people here have seemed to do a ‘cursory’ treatment of a month or so, and of one or two herbs. That will not work, and almost certainly just creates resistance which makes it worse for everyone else with BH down the line.

      • Hi Kerri,

        What exactly do you mean by “cursory” treatment – as in, a quick, ineffective *antibiotic* treatment? Or an ineffective cursory treatment of *several herbs* for a month?

        I agree that a fecal transplant would not do much except give your body more bugs to sort through on top of the Blasto.

        What are your thoughts on the 30-day treatment of Nitazoxanide, as outlined by Mike Hodgens in the first couple of posts of this thread?

  15. Hi,
    thankyou so much for your information so far. I believe I have IBS, Maybe have had for many years, along with candida symptoms. Fatigue and mood swings finally led me to seek help and I have been on gaps for 1 yr now. Thankfully Candida has gone but I have recently had a stools test that showed BH. My wholistic GP has prescribed a product from MEDIHERB called Bacto-Cand GI along with Garlic Forte. I am supposed to take it for two weeks. I am getting stomach paiin, lack of appetite, feeling sick. Wondering if I should continue or not. I have returned to just gaps soups and soft boiled eggs only as tummy is too sore for anything else, Thanks Emma

  16. Wow, so what is the cure I have just spent the last year on naturopathic treatment for BH which I do feel better while on the treatment, but has cost me a small fortune on treatment just to find out after another stool analysis that I still have it, not happy. I just simply cannot afford any more pills, so I gather there is no miracle cure, so what next????

  17. Dear Aglaee,

    Thank you for your nice and informational blog! Im a 20 year old student from Amsterdam and I started eating the Paleo diet since january. I also ate lots of raw fish (sashumi) and raw egg yolks. Now one day, 2 months ago, i woke up and i felt lethargic, weak, incredibly fatigued and was unable to concentrate and a blown up belly after eating some foods. I went to my doctor and he did a wide range of blood and stool tests. Everything seems to be OK, except that the Blastocystis Hominis was found in my stool. He prescribed me Flagyl (metronidazol) for 10 days, while i told him it wouldn’t eradicate the BH after reading some scientific literature (and many many blogs) and asked for paromomycin (humatin) which i didnt get. After the treatment with metronidazol the BH was still found in my stool. The doc sent me to the internist. I told her that i was experiencing weakness, so she sent me to the neurologist. I told her i didn’t think i was having an auto-immune disease or muscular disease. The neurologist agreed with me and sent me back to the internist.

    I still feel very fatigued and brain foggy. I’ve noticed that my joints crack very often, but totally painless. And I have really small muscle twitches all over my body, but especially in my legs. Do you think this could also be a sign of BH, or yeast/fungus overgrowth due to the BH?

    Tomorrow i have an appointment with the internist at the hospital. Only the testosteron, cortisol, malnutrition and worms test are there to wait for. She still doesn’t think that the BH is causing my problems and told me that it may be better to just treat the symptoms.

    Do you or anyone else who reads this blog think my problems can be BH related?

    Greetings from Amterdam

    • Hi Amsterdam, i am from Leiden. I have exactly the same symptoms as you have. I contracted BH in December 2009. I have used metrodinazol and Clioquinol. All with no results. I have been in and out hospitals too and I am staring all over again in November. Would be nice to exchange info on this subject. Perhaps we can find a solution. I did read a paper that cam out end December 2012 by a parasitologist in Rotterdam that Paromomycyn is the best drugs to fight this parasite. But off course this drug is not registered for this treatment and thus cannot be given to we dutch.

      • I live in the Netherlands and would like to know if anybody knows of a doctor in the country who might be willing to prescribe alternative antibiotics to metronidazole (which I took a few weeks ago for 7 days and made me very sick).

        As soon as I got my diagnosis in October I went on a ketogenic diet (I have been paleo for 2 years, on the low carb side) and stopped exercising altogether to prevent any need for carbohydrates. The diet has definitely helped since I haven’t felt the debilitating fatigue that I used too. I used to feel like I was dying, no exaggeration here. Oddly enough, now I experience more gastrointestinal symptoms and get very bloated or constipated at times, which only seems to be alleviated by eating a lot of nuts (>100g). The only foods that seem to be completely safe are meat and fats (ghee, butter, olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, lard) but I can’t put myself to eating just that… I’m still trying though.

        My experience with BH and DF is pretty much the same as Aglaee’s: fatigue, brain fog, slight weight gain despite exercising heavily and controlling my diet, impaired concentration and learning, distractibility, and loss of motivation. For me fatigue and the cognitive problems (especially brain fog) were by far the worst symptoms, and I blamed GI issues to a non full compliance to the diet (before getting the infection my GI function was perfect thanks to paleo) and the cognitive issues to laziness.

        Now, sometimes I get tired, but I cannot tell for sure if it’s just the infection or the stupid hectic schedule that they put us through in University, where by the way I’m not doing great for the first time in my life thanks to my parasite friends.
        Today I had a bout of exhaustion and I was wondering if it could be a sign of die off or if the parasites were attacking again, and that’s how I ended up in this blog.

        It is kind of a relief to find online sources with information that is spot on in relation to my symptoms, mostly all I have found so far is people complaining about IBS-like symptoms. I could live with that. Fatigue, brain fog, fear and anxiety about ingesting carbs or about most foods, fear of any physical exertion? I can’t see myself dealing with this for decades, I don’t want to live like this.

        At the moment this is what I’m doing to fight the parasites: the ketogenic diet (with MCT oil as well), I took metronidazole for 7 days around 3 weeks ago (didn’t try to argue with the doctor to get a different medication because she showed very little knowledge, less than I, with regards to the situation; as did the lab people, but I thought I’d give it a shot), I have also been taking Saccharomyces Boulardii twice daily (Jarrow’s Formulas) since I was doing the antibiotic treatment, I take a general probiotic supplement (around 10 strains + inulin + FOS) every now and then, and take a load of other non prescription supplements such as magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D3, and some cognitive enhancers to compensate for my impairments. Every supplement that I put in my body is the result of extensive research but never have I taken this many pills in my life and I absolutely hate it! It is also very annoying to be concerned with the timing of every pill and with being fasted at the right time, etc.

        I generally feel like life is exhausting and not worth living if I can’t do any of the things that I enjoy. I gradually lose hope as days pass by…

        If anybody knows of specialists in the Netherlands or Spain (my home country) I would very much appreciate the information.

        I wish you all a good and fast recovery.

      • Hello Mahalia
        After several decades of poor health and much trial & error I have recently followed the treatment from the Centre for Digestive Diseases ( in Sydney Australia. I am feeling much better and will have a stool test (for Blastocystis hominis) done (using DNA testing) mid February 2017. I followed their advice downloaded from their website in pdf format in consultation with an excellent naturopath in Perth. Worth a look.

  18. I have a 3 year old boy who has been suffering from GI problems for a year, all symptoms described by people here. Recent Metametrix test said he was positive for BH and “parasites of unknown taxonomy.” He cannot do the CDD therapy because that involves several antibiotics not recommended for children. I am wondering if anyone has used the ADP Oregano with kids before. Someone please tell me you’ve tried this herbal with kid. We are desperate and time is ticking. The BH and parasites are now wreaking havoc on his kidneys. If we can eradicate the underlying infection soon, we can avoid permanent damage. Problem is how…

    • I don’t have personal experience of using herbal antimicrobials with children infected with BH but I think it might be worth a try if you can do it under the supervision of a qualified naturopathic doctor for example. Good luck and keep us posted!

      • I’m an english person living in Spain and have blastcystis (probably from India a couple of years ago). I’ve taken 2 x 1 week doses of Flagyl and it’s been successful in killing the adults (helmintos adultos) but the quistes (?embryos in their protected cells) are almost impossible to kill whilst they’re at that stage of development. It seems to me that once the adults are dead we should just wait until the quistes mature into adults, then kill them once again with antibiotics. Correct timing is essential but I can’t seem to find any information about the life-cycle. Does anyone know anything?

        Meanwhile I’m receiving treatment with magnets from a naturopath, but have only had the 1st of 3 so far. Not sure about the scientific connection but she’s recommended that I read up (sorry, it’s in Spanish) “Par Biomagnético” by Dr Isaac Goiz.

        It sounds like I’ve been lucky with a prompt diagnosis. Good luck to everyone. It’s been really useful finding and reading all of your comments. Thank you.

    • I know a family whose three children are also infected with BH, despite many antibiotic regiemes they have been unable to eradicate this parasite. They have taken a new approach which is to make their gastric intestinal tract as unsuitable as possible for a parasite to live. They follow the GAPS diet, have discovered and eliminated food intolerances, take soil based probiotics, a good multi vitamin, fermented cod liver oil, reduce stress and ensure sleep is a priority. Symptoms have reduce and they are able to function well and enjoy life.
      I believe oregano oil should be diluted in oil and can be used as a foot rub for children, start slowly though it is a very strong herb.
      I hope this helps and your child improves soon.
      Best wishes

      • We did GAPS for 5-6 months, and things got worse. My child started to experience kidney problems. Thyroid and adrenals tanked due to lack of carbohydrates. We reintroduced only rice, and saw some improvements, but many of the symptoms are still there. How would oregano oil on the feet help?

      • I am no expert, something that has been recommended to me as an adult and for my children, as it is a gentler way of absorbing the herb through the skin. My NP told me we only absorb what is needed this way. You will probably find conflicting ideas to this as I found with my health journey, in the end I went with my gut instinct and have had heaps of improvement personally. Good luck I hope your son gets better soon.

      • I would certainly be keen to try to oregano oil foot massage, since we already do foot massages and it helps him to relax and fall asleep. It would never have occurred to me to put it on the feet, so thanks!

  19. Hi Aglaee
    I also have had a parasite infection, had colonic antibiotics and now I am trying to rebuild my poor GIT. I feel I have heaps of food intolerances and am trying to work out what they are. Starting the GAPS diet to see if this will increase my energy and general health. I am so underweight and skin is horrible. Such a bizarre experience to be healthy one minute and then so incredibly unwell the next. I have had a long journey trying to find appropriate medical advice and have decided to turn to diet to heal.
    Can I ask how long it was after your treatment before feeling improvement?
    Your blog is so helpful.

      • Thank you for your quick response, your book looks amazing, I will order it.
        Do you still have any digestive problems now having adopted this diet for sometime? Are there many foods that you just can’t tolerate still?
        Do you have any health consequences due to this infection?
        Are you based in Canada, just wondering for the community forums? I am based in Australia.
        Sorry so many questions.
        It is so lovely to see someone so enthusiastic to make changes towards good health who understands exactly how a parasite can turn life upside down.
        Thanks Julie

      • Hi Julie! I hope my book can help. I lived in Melbourne in 2011 but I’m now back home in Canada, actually studying a 4-year degree in naturopathic medicine.

        Yes, I still experience digestive problems with some foods (gluten, nuts, some nightshades, some dairy and I still don’t eat soy and legumes) but can now eat almost anything else. 🙂

  20. Hi Algaee.
    Your book is absolutely fantastic!
    Very comprehensive.
    Currently trying the GAPS diet with some improvement, floundering a little bit with it as my intolerance only show after a week or so, so difficult to work out where I went wrong. I am terribly impatient also and just want to eat normally as soon as possible.
    I know everyone is individual but how long was it before you saw improvement post treatment.

  21. Hi Algaee, I’m going to attempt to keep this as short as possible (so may cut a few corners).
    I’ve spent many years suffering gut problems, consulting with Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Trad Chinese Med/Acupuncturists, plus 3 different alternative GP’s (I prefer natural medicine and for about 30 years have avoided drugs – except for a couple of times when I had serious Urinary Tract infections).
    After spending the past year seeing a Naturopath and spending thousands of dollars on visits, supplements and many tests, I decided to go to a Gastroenterologist for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy, including a biopsy to test for coeliacs (which came back negative, although apparently I do have the gene!!. Gastro also sent me for 3 breath tests (although I’ve since discovered these are only 70% accurate!) Fructose (showed early spike which could indicate malabsorption), Lactose (positive for malabsorption..which was a surprise) & Lactulose (which was consistent with small bowel bacterial overgrowth). Also did Stool tests through both Gastro & Natro which showed overgrow in my small intestine: Gastroenterologist: BlastoH (3+) and Naturopath BlastoH & bacterial. My Gastro recommended the antibiotic Rifaximin for 3 weeks….a drug which is quite expensive, however virtually nonabsorbed (<0.4%). I was informed this antibiotic works in approx 80% of cases. At the same time through a new Naturopath I took the supplement Bactrex, which I was told is effective about 80% of the time with both BlastoH and bacterial overgrowth – (taken 3 times-21 days on and 7 days off). Also took 50ml Aloe Vera juice and ½ tsp L’Glutamine 2x daily to assist with the healing of my gut.
    Just received the results of a follow-up stool tests…Now only 1 or 2 BlastoH showing up (marked as occasional). Both my Gastro & Natro have said this is an acceptable level (as most people have it in their system).
    Having been on such a strict gluten free and fructose free diet (which I apparently was not following correctly!) and having cut down on both grains and all sugars, I have consulted with a Dietitian to determine whether I am having any reactions to the foods I’m eating and work with her to get back to a normal eating plan again – over the next few months.
    Although my gut is not ‘perfect’ at this point, it is a lot better…and I’m not having the ridiculous amounts of bloating and gas, or the numerous visits to the bathroom (many) mornings…
    I hope this information is helpful to some of you who are struggling with the effects of gut problems & BlastoH.
    Good Luck all…

    • Hi Jill,

      Can you please let me know what the dosage was of the rifaximin that you took for three weeks? I’m going to give it a try. Thanks!


  22. Hi Everone,

    I read someone was asking how the 3 antibotic treatnent from The Center For Digestive Disease for Blastos was…well I ordered it as I was 7 years ago diagnosed with Blastos and Candida and nothing seemed to work.

    To order the meds you need the diagnosis and a letter from your physician stating he/she will monitor you while on the treatment.

    For 10 days you take:
    Breakfast: 1 pill of Secnidazole 400mg, 1 pill Diloxinide Furoate 500mg and 1 pill Septein DS.

    Lunch: Same as breakfast

    Dinner: 1 pill Secnidazole 400mg & 1 pill Septrin.

    It says that after 4 weeks after finishing the trwatment patient should test to determine whether Blastos have been eradicated.

    How was it for me? Had a lot of symptoms – the same ones when I took Dr Clark’s herbs or Flagyl….but knew it was worth it going thru those symptoms!

    As I had for 2 months symptoms I waited until they subsided…and then did a stool test and came I WAS BLASTOS FREE!!!! Yeap AMAZING!

    You can read about my story or get more info thru my site and of course a MUST to read!

    Wish you a fast recovery to your innate health!!!

    Isabella Giua
    PS: Feel free to e.mail me thru my site with any questions regarding to my recovery to a body Blastos free!!

  23. In approx June 2013 I was diagnosed with BlastoH and a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. My Gastroenterologist recommended the antibiotic Rifaximin for 3 weeks….a drug which was made up in a Compounding Pharmacy and cost approx $112 Australian) This drug is virtually nonabsorbed (<0.4%), so has little effect on the normal gastrointestinal flora. I was informed this antibiotic works in approx 80% of cases. At the same time through a Naturopath I took the supplement Bactrex (a Metagenics product), which I was told is effective about 80% of the time with both BlastoH and bacterial overgrowth – (taken 3 times-21 days on and 7 days off). Also took 50ml Aloe Vera juice and ½ tsp L’Glutamine 2x daily to assist with the healing of my gut (leaky gut).
    The BlastoH was originally detected at strength 3+++ and following the treatment only 1 or 2 BlastoH were showing up (marked as occasional). Both my Gastro & Naturopath have said this is an acceptable level (as most people have it in their system) and I no longer have the many runs to the bathroom each morning.
    I certainly hope others have this type of success…Goodluck

  24. my 5 year old daughter has blastoes…what a journey…we did the Mullum herbals 2 month program but it didnt work…she still has blastoes…after being to a few doctors and getting very conflicting info about antibiotic treatment (some of which was dangerous for her age or the parasite could feed off it) I believe I have found an amazing GP in Sydney who has deep knowledge of blastoes and will treat us with the appropriate antibiotic. Looking forward to getting rid of it…my poor little one suffers daily

  25. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter; that has to be rough!!! Poor little nugget.
    Will you please post what your GP prescribes for her and let us know if it works??
    Thank you SO much. Crossing my fingers it works!

  26. Did this treatment work to eradicate the blastocystitis because I have been trying to fight this bug for over 6 months now with natural and prescription medicines and the most success I have had is reduced numbers.It I be very expensive and I feel I need a new appofthedapproach with all those symptoms still continuing.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  27. I am so grateful to have found this blog. I have suffered IBS symptoms for over 4 years with numerous specialists and tests all inconclusive. Through my own research, trial and error I have found some relief by following the FODMAPS diet. After all of this time it is now confirmed that I have Blastocystis Hominis. I am about to start a course of metronidazole, and was looking for natural ways to heal my gut alongside this medication. I will continue to follow the FODMAPS diet to minimize BH, do you offer any other advice as I begin my healing journey. I hope to find SB Flactiv locally as it seems to. Are sense to take it whilst on these antibiotics.

  28. My Gastroenterologist.told me to go on the Fodmap diet for 3 months (my full story is some months ago with Blasto being decreased from 3+++ strength to only occasional…Yay!)
    At the end of that time I decided to see a Dietitian to assist me… So pleased I did, as I was informed they usually only suggest 6-8 weeks on the Fodmap diet and then begin clients on food challenges to see what foods are tolerated and which are not! The challenges begin with extremely small quantities and I began with legumes and a few “less likely” culprits. (EG: garlic =1 clove in a meal for 4 OR onions =1 onion in a meal for 4) Trialling this for 3 days, then a couple of days back on Fodmap diet. Then either up the quantity a little, or trial another food.
    I’m finding there are lots of foods I’ve cut out of my diet that I appear to be able to eat (at least occasionally) which is wonderful. Very disappointed in my Gastroenterologist!! Hope this information is of assistance ot some!!

  29. Hi Aglaee,

    Thanks for putting up this site. I’ve had Blastos for around 5 years now. I tried the 3 drug cocktail from badbugs about 3 years ago and it just made me way too sick and I never managed to complete the protocol unfortunately…..
    I recently went to a Naturopath a while ago who told me he had picked up a nasty bug in Africa years before and that he had suffered for many years with this bug until he switched to a vegan diet that was mostly raw and with that he just ate lots of crushed garlic soaked in Olive Oil for 20 minutes before he dumped that on every meal while at the same time drank lots of clay in his drinks. I tried this method for a while but I found the vegan diet just made me too weak and spaced out. He told me that eating meat creates bad bacteria that promotes bad guts.

    I am a vegetarian in this moment and I just eat pasteurized sheeps cheese but I don’t feel great after it but it doesn’t really cause a serious reaction in me like eggs or cows dairy would. Anyways I found a market selling raw goats cheese last weekend and bought loads of it and it didn’t cause any reaction in me. I am completely intolerant to cows milk and all cows milk products including Ghee and all cows milk cheeses etc……So my first question to you is that – I noticed on your diet that you recommend not eating any dairy…….but if it was raw and unpasteurized then do you think that could work for some people like me?
    Also you went on a diet that had absolutely no grains….but I keep hearing that alkaline grains like Quinoa are OK as the Blastocystis loves acidic grains like corn. So each day I make quinoa pancakes or quinoa stir fry’s and I feel find after them…….so I can’t see any reason why quinoa could be a problem unless you can tell me otherwise? That’s my last and second question.
    I must say that I looked at the FODMAPs list and it would kill me in days…things like eggs,peanuts, dairy, maple syrup, fruits and aspartame are all allowed on the FODMAPs diet and they are all things that would literally send me to an early grave if I ate them while having the Blastos in this moment.
    I ask the 2 questions now as I am taking lots of herbs in this moment and also might attempt the 3 cocktail anti biotic thing again sometime and I just want to make sure I am on the perfect diet while I am doing herbal or medical protocols so that I am not feeding this thing at the same time.

    I’d also like to make a special mention to things I have tried that may help sufferers out there that the most effective natural treatments I have encountered in the 5 years of suffering with this thing were 1. – a therapy names Biomagnetic Pair therapy….almost cured me but didn’t get me quite there, 2. – MMS2 – a product used for cleaning swimming pools that you can order online…so much easier taking the capsules than drinking the awful bleach with the normal MMS
    3. Distilled Spirits….If your suffering from terrible diarrhea and Insomnia from the Blastos and need to solve that issue fast then a glass of a really good cognac brandy before bed or a good Tequila like Jose Cuervo will solve your diarrhea out for days and make you sleep like a baby….but has to be a good brand as the cheaper brands are filled with cheap ingredients and are not helpful at all.

    So I would be so grateful if you would be able to help me Aglaee answer my question as to whether you think I can get on top of this thing while eating raw goats cheese and quinoa while following a sugarf ree, fruit free (apart from avocados), grain free, dairy free, deep fried free and meat free diet? As I feel so much better as a vegetarian than when I eat meat.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi Owen,

      Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry for everything you’ve had to go through. In my experience, goat cheese can be better tolerated than cow cheese but still everybody’s different and some people don’t do well on it. Quinoa is rich in saponins that can irritate the gut. I would really rinse it very very very thoroughly. Instead, I actually find that white rice is safer for most people. It’s still important you find a way to get enough protein in your diet though and cover all of your dietary requirements. Working with a dietitian or nutritionist may be a good idea.

      Best of luck!

  30. Thanks so much for your reply Aglaee,
    Makes sense…but really do you find people do better on white rice on the Blastocystis diet than Quinoa? I have been avoiding all rice as I don’t think I was doing well on it but that could have been the placebo effect but they say white rice is more acidic and quinoa is more alkaline so would that not mean that Quinoa would be much more suitable when treating Blastocystis H?

    Cheers, Owen

  31. Hi again Aglaee….sorry I promise just one tiny weeny last question 🙂
    Why in theory would some people be able to handle white rice when trying to get on top of Blastocystis Hominis?
    Cheers 🙂

  32. Dear Aglaee, I am from Sydney. My son suffer candida simptoms for 2 years. Desparate od strong diet (without froots, suger, tea) he still get simptoms. I am worid maybe he is got parasits. Can you, tell me please ,is normal blood test with GP will show this or we shoud go for special one?Which test is more acurate and where to do it? Plese, help. I am fiilling very lost because my son suffer a lot.Thanks

  33. Hi Aglaee,

    I have just randomly come across your blog, and I’m so pleased that I did.
    4years ago I was finally diagnosed with blasto and dientamoeba fragillis after 20 years of CFS and all the symptoms that go with it. My initial reading was a 3+. It was my naturopath that finally diagnosed me. I had contracted them from my pet rabbits and guinea pigs I had when I was 14.
    I would like to share what has worked for me personally, so I might be able to help others. I did all of the antibiotics that I could (I’m allergic to penicillin, so I was limited) bit none of them worked. I did herbal colon cleanses etc, which cleared out some but certainly not all, keeping in mind 20years of parasites means there’s billions and trillions of them. After countless nights of surfing the net about these little buggers, I stumbled across a study that find a particular enzyme will break down the fatty cell of these amoebas and after researching this enzyme it is found to be in bee pollen, raw honey and propolis etc. those three things have become my best friends. I ate bee pollen in everything! I paired it with the honey, I chewed on propolis. I stayed away from sugar as much as possible and anything that converts easily to sugar (honey didn’t seem to be an issue), I also stayed away from probiotics. For me, the probiotics just seemed to feed them and the pain was excruciating. I have now had a probiotic everyday since January, and I have no pain at all. I have much more energy and a clearer head (no more brain fog!). My body is still healing as 20 years of damage needs to be repaired but I feel better everyday and I am trying to add more paleo meals to my diet.

    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts.



  34. sorry…I havent been online for a whileBeing in Byron Bay I contacted the GP in Sydney who works with blastoes. I am still deep on the journey but here is what I can share
    I have met many adults round here who suffered blastoes. They have all been successfully treated by the triple antibiotic therapy which is prescribed by the centre for digestive diseases in Sydney
    Apparently it is too stronbg for little kids and no trials have been done
    Overall natural approaches have not worked for most of the hippies up here.
    The doc in Sydney cost me $6 p/minute via phone and we had long consults. She gave me a specific antibiotic which was easy on my 5 year old and she said has a good success rate but we still have blastoes…unfortunately
    I am waiting on a friend who has given her son a different antibiotic but needs 3 months to retest
    In the meantime she said another friend had great success on her child by using
    Florastore from the USA
    with a prebiotic innulin
    slippery elm
    I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow who spoke with the specialist about where to from here so I will update you
    We need to find a protocol for these poor little kids
    I have not tried flagyl?
    Has anyone else

  35. Very helpful as I was diagnosed with this as well. A natural herbal formula called gut bug worked but as soon as i stopped it i was back to square one. I cut out dairy too with big improvements and have been paleo for over a year, my body likes it. I think i will try the slow release oregano as I am doing everything else you did. Not much fun this little blighter, its been 4 months or more of symptoms , i am pretty over it.

  36. I suffered from undiagnosed Blastocystic parasite infection for almost 5 years before I was diagnosed properly and I could not disagree more you’re your above heading! In those five and a half years my health literally plummeted and I was searching under every rock I could find to try and work out what was happening to my body. It caused chronic fatigue in my body (and many other symptoms) and daily tasks because an uphill battle. I don’t want to sound too dramatic but I simply want to say that I did eventually find a cure. Flaglyl did help enormously. I tried several homeopathic treatments first and none were strong enough. The other weekly routine that I did for the last six weeks of my treatment was do a Garlic cleanse once a week. The cleanse process was as follows. I would drink water and swallow 12-15 cloves of raw chopped up fresh (not preserved) garlic over the period about 4 hours. (About 1.5- 2 cloves every half an hour.) No need to chew the raw garlic. This would be done one a Friday or Saturday late afternoon. I would go to bed early and dress warmly. My body temperature would raise slightly (some people start shivering or sweating at some point during the night, but there is no danger so they should not be alarmed.)The intense raw garlic consumption over the period of a few hours literally bombard the gut with antibacterial goodness and kills all forms of parasites and worms. Some people inspect their stool for the next few days to see what shows up but ofcourse Blasto parasites are far too small to see with the naked eye. I also did weekly coffee enimas for the last four weeks and a colonic two days after each Garlic cleanse. I found that the garlic cure (especially) combined with the Flagyl (especially) and some additional herbal medicines and routines literally transformed my life. Regaining health after such a terrible illness has been liberating and I am delighted to finally be symptom free and back to living a normal live again. I would like to send the message to anyone via your blog who has Blasto that it does take time to fix but a strict health regime such as I have explained above is absolutely a must and I would recommend to give yourself at least 6 months to recover. I would strongly encourage people to not just accept Blasto and leave it untreated. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to get the details of the clinic that I went to for the herbal treatments. (Based in Australia) Be patient in your recovery and get well. I hope that this information is helpful to others.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’ve been suffering terribly from mystery fatigue, joint pains and aching for nearly two years and have recently tested positive to Blasto. I’m fairly sure it’s behind all my issues. Are you able to please advise the details of the clinic and also the names of the herbal treatments you received? your help would be much appreciated, it’s literally an effort to get out of bed these days.

      Thanks so much

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’m, in Australia and just had my BH diagnosis, i’m trying to kill it naturally with a Naturopath but not noticing any difference, my GP said it was something i had to live with and reluctantly gave me a script for Flagyl (i’ve not taken it yet), been doign some reasarch but would love your clinic details.



      • hi ive done the same thing taking chinese herbs ad still feel bad like ive got the blasto. might do the antibiotic triple treatment from Sydney to kill it and then take heaps of probiotics after.


    • Thanks for posting, Michelle! I was just diangosed with moderate blastocystis hominis present in a stool sample, after a year of suffering vague symptoms like lower back pain, hip and leg cramps, brain fog, fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, eczema, skin eruptions, thyroid dysfunction, intestinal cramping and pain, IC, diarrhea, itchy rectum, irritated colon. I believe this all started after I did coffee enemas 2-3 x week for 8 months following a ‘nutritional balancing protocol’ to detox copper via “Doctor” Lawrence Wilson, through a “nutritional coach” (not actually a certified ND I’m guessing) named Josephine Zanetti out of British Columbia (I live in Ontario) who runs a site called Natural Health Protocol…what a bunch of hooey. Stay far way from these people. They don’t know what they’re doing. This protocol also gave me temporary hyperthyroidism because the RX’d me so many kelp/iodine capsules and thyroid/adrenal/pituitary extract pills called thyro complex from Endomet Labs Anyways, I am not sure if I had carried this parasite beforehand from a trip to dominican republic in 2012, or 2008, or if my 2 year old cat is a carrier of this, but the enemas deteriorated my intestinal barrier to the point that my body started to react to it more but I know I have it, and the coffee enemas certainly brought it about.

      Thanks for posting that you have had success with Flagyl, and an accompanying natural therapy! You hear very few stories of success with Flagyl. I am already following a gluten free diet since 2004 when I was diagnosed gluten intollerant through a homeopath. I hope that you have maintained your good health since then.

      I am hesitant to try the garlic therapy, because the last time I ate some garlic, in powder form on my rice pasta, I got a huge skin eruption on my two upper eyelids. I don’t know if I am allergic to garlic or if I am sulphur intollerant, which i could be, since I react to sulfa-drugs. Maybe the raw form is different from the powder form. I’m willing to try it in a small dose to see if it works.

      I am also interested in trying the bee pollen – one poster on here said she had success with that in that it breaks down the outer shell of the eggs/cysts. If I can stomach the bee pollen, then no reason why not to try it as well.

      I also learned that the pro-biotic yeast called saccharomyces boulardii is antibiotic resistant, and it is especially effective in rebuilding gut flora with Blastocystis Hominis – see article below. Apparently Blasto likes probiotics, but this I think is different from the typical probiotics in that this is a beneficial yeast. I could be wrong, but I will be trying this as well. This same article reports some signs of success using Flagyl/metronidazole, based on two clinical studies mentioned therein. Of course, Flagyl is not 100% guaranteed solution for everyone.

      My homeopath recommended taking Douglas Lab’s Anti MFP and BIotic’s IAG larch powder following the Flagyl, to clean up any overgrowth and die off afterwards. These are anti-parasitic and boost immunity, respectively.

      Also, i just learned that if you cook rice in coconut oil and refrigerate it overnight, the coconut oil converts the carbs into something your body doesn’t absorb, so it reduces the glycemic index of the food. This is probably a very traditional food practice in countries that have coconuts in their diets, like Thailand, Caribbean, etc. That’s one way to make your carbs anti-bacterial/fungal, and low glycemic, through use of coconut oil.

      I have yet to start the Flagyl. I know its a harsh drug and that rebuilding will be a long process afterward.

  37. As most of you all reading this blogs, I’ve also been feeling like crap for the last year or two. Same symptoms you all describe. I used have a persistent headache, mind fog, dry eye irritation and pain, loss of weight, appetite, nausea, even hair loss, itchy scalp. Waking up in the morning feeling like a hangover without even drinking. My stools came out soft and mushy.

    I went last year for a check up and did all the blood work and all came back ‘normal’. I went back to my doctor last month to complain about my persisting symptoms only then my doc finally ordered a stool test which showed Blasto! I was happy and relieved to hear that at least there was a tangible root case to my symptoms and I could do something about it to get rid of it (little did I know). She mentioned that she has never heard of it, and read on her medical journals that the treatment was with metronidazole (flagyl). So she prescribed the full 10 days 750mg.
    I decided not to take it until I researched more. After reading up on it and finding out that so many people suffer from this and its a tough thing to get rid off with antibiotics and even natural treatments, I opted to start with the natural way first to see if it would give me some relief.

    I read up on all the diets advertised online; Paleo, GAPS, Alkaline this that and the other, I tried removing gluten, sugar, eating raw garlic, and drinking apple cider vinegar as most of you had. For a moment there I had a pretty unpleasant self-prescribed cocktail thinking it was helping my body get rid of this bug. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

    I learned about Ayurveda online, an ancient science of life that focuses on balancing our body, mind, intellect, and consciousness. They provide very good guidelines as far as food to help balance the body, food combinations and which foods are good for each body type and natural herbs for healing. So here I go again self-prescribing Triphala a combination of three herbs that helps digestion and Ashwagandha for energy to combat my fatigue. Also was taking the standard strains of probiotics, but then I read about Boulardii strain, so I got me a bottle of that too.

    But even with those guidelines and recommendations I found myself struggling with food and trying figure out what could eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. It was a total mental stress. The more fresh wholesome organic you want to prepare your food, the more planning and preparation it requires. and every meal was a challenge. And often times, right when I found the right blog to says a particular food is good, later on I found another blog with a new study that claimed the complete opposite. And there I was removing it all together feeling frustrated and anxious. Then I was left with a very limited options of things I could eat. It was driving me crazy. I scrutinized every ingredient and if I ate a somewhere else I found it had something I wasn’t supposed to be eating, I would cringe and eat it out respect or try to avoid it if I could.

    Then I deiced to seek the advise of an Ayurvedic practitioner. I went there with the expectation that I was going to have a very precise diet. So the night before I went out and had a full Indian meal with dessert and all. I went all out thinking it was going to be my last normal meal.

    During the interview the ayurvedic practitioner could tell I was not only struggling with a physical imbalance in my GI tract and possibly creating the right environment for a bacteria to flourish, but also a mental imbalance. She could tell that I had spent countless hours reading up on all the science, diets, treatments, etc.
    After she explained in detail what Ayurveda is, she made the point that its not a ‘take this pill approach to fix oneself’, as in western medicine. Its a way of life to help maintain a balance.

    She performed a physical examination touching various points in my body, hands, wrists, feet, and looking at tongue, listening to lungs, pulse, heart rate etc. Almost like a traditional doctor. However, they have an insight into the inner workings of the body. My guess is like feeling energy channels and feeling for blockages.

    Side bar – Call it a coincidence, but about 2 months ago I decided to try acupuncture after I saw a documentary on youtube about how its used in China that even there is hospital that does not use anesthetics but instead use needles to block the pain channels and patients are awake during surgery. They showed faster recovery times with that technique. I thought it was amazing and decided to try it for general muscle pains I have in my back and knees. During the session the practitioner mentioned that my Liver channel was a bit weak as she touched my wrists. I didn’t payed much attention to that comment.

    So back to the ayurvedic consultation, as I mentioned I was expecting to come out with dietary restrictions. However, the restrictions were more to the self-prescribed things I was doing. ie; I was recommended to avoid apple cider vinegar tea and Triphala supplements I was taking daily.

    Then when I asked about food? The response was very simple: eat anything my heart desires and enjoys, and practice yoga eating. Being mindful of the act of eating and being grateful for every bite for the life it provides me. Avoid red meat (for now) and if I like white meat, eat it for lunch. No meat for dinner. Very simple recommendations. I felt the weight of the world removed from my shoulders.

    The other recommendation was to do some belly breathing exercises, belly massages and heat-pad before going to bed.
    I did get a prescription of an Indian root diluted an alcohol based with a bitter taste that I am to take a small number of drops in water during lunch and dinner. Later I read more about this root and its for – guess what – cleansing the liver. Interestingly enough, both Chinese and Indian ancient techniques pinpointed the Liver. Possibly attributed to the experimentation I had put my body through during the course of last year trying to find the magic-bullet that will get rid of my symptoms. I’ve tried every trend, Gogi berries, Macca, Coca leave tea from South America, Shittake mushrooms, Fig leave tea from my garden, in addition to bad eating habits such as eating in front of the computer watching mindless TV shows or reading the latest food discoveries.

    A week after the ayurvedic consultation I had my first appointment with the Gastro specialist as I asked my primary doc for a referral because I was not convinced the metronidazole prescription would be the solution to my symptoms and hoping the gastro would have the latest research info on the subject. But unfortunately he said the same thing; Start with Metronidazole and see if that helps if not, the other antibiotics can be used as a second option. The gastro ordered two more blood tests to check for inflammation markers CRP a Celiac panel and an ultrasound. All came back negative. Sigh of relief.

    Its been 15 days since my ayurvedic consultation and I have been following the recommendations. I have to say that in my case, I think a lot of it was mental plus eating habits. Now, I sit and enjoy what ever I am eating. The mind can create havoc in the body. I don’t impose any dietary restrictions and really try to listen what my heart desires. If I go to a restaurant as I read the ingredients, in the back of my mind I know I may still have some bias against certain things, but in general I am not limiting myself. I go for what I know will give me enjoyment.

    I feel like I am finally healing. My symptoms have reduced significantly, I feel I have more energy and better mood. Regained one pound of weight. I enjoy going out and eating out again. Although I have to say that most restaurant food still doesn’t feel as fresh I when its home cooked, obviously. But I enjoy it regardless and pick good quality places if I have eat out.
    My stools went from consistently once daily soft and mushy yellowish non-formed and not properly digested. After my ayurvedic consultation, within 5 days I had perfect stool. It slid right out like a smooth snake and felt empty and clean inside. After that, it has shifted from mushy to hard every two days and partially dry with cracks. I may not be drinking enough water in the last week.
    The good news is that I don’t have the mental stress anymore. And that has helped me tremendously.

    I also feel the Boulardii is helping regain normal flora and reduce Blasto to the point that is not symptomatic. I am hoping to re-take the stool test 6 months from now to see if it comes out. Even though, if the stool comes back negative it doesn’t mean its completely gone as I’ve read. Not sure if this is the case. As long as my symptoms improve, that’s all it matters.

    If for whatever reason my symptoms do come back, I may have to consider the antibiotic route. It may be too soon to claim victory, but I am hoping that my improvement continues.

    What Blasto has tough me is; As long as I can live a ‘normal life’ enjoy food and be nourished by it, that’s all it matters to me. Living with fear of food is not a good life. Part of the issue here is readily available information overload. I’ve stopped reading blogs on the subject(s) and that has freed up time to relax and do other things.

    Disclaimer: I am not providing the name of the root I was prescribed because I now believe that everyone is different with different imbalances and needs. No magic bullet exists. In fact, I was probably doing more harm by following blindly what others had been taking in hope to get relief. I strongly advise to not self-medicate. Some of these medicinal holistic herbs are very potent and can cause more strain in some organs in an already compromised body. In my case, I was probably taking too many things that was straining my liver. Seek the advice of a someone trained in these ancient knowledge. And if you feel you are being sold on a bunch of herbs, look for a second opinion.

    I wish for you peace of mind and healing to your body.
    “Mens sana in corpore sano”

    • @tono thats rather cruel of you to post a story telling of your success and then refrain from sharing what ayurdevic liver herb or tonic you used to feel better…i mean why even post that in the first place except to feel a bit more high and mighty…seriously. I am still puzzled by that one. If it helped you it could help others. This blog is meant for sharing and helping, not gloating and hiding things. Smh.

      In the spirit of sharing, has anyone done the Flagyl dose 2 or 3 times back to back with about 7 to 10 days in between? I read somewhere without bookmarking that someone did 3 courses of flagyl and that cured them. I think it is because the staggered dose kills all phases of the blasto. And that way the eggs are killed with the adults one after the other. It gives them no time to further reproduce… would be interested to know it that has worked.

      Personally I am quite depressed about learning that my blasto is back after 1 round of flagyl in Oct 2015. I am 35.5 years old and I desperately want to get pregnant but now I cant. Not with this still in my body. Meanwhile my younger sister of 2 years is already pregnant with her second. Ugh. I makes me very very sad. And I would never want to get pregnant with a child to whom I could pass balsto onto. Thats horrible. I would regret that tremendously. I am so very sad.

      Lastly, has anyone tried taking diatomaceous earth (food grade)? I have read that people who take it have had success with reducing their parasite sypmtoms. I cant be sure if it completely eliminates them. But people report it helps stomach issues as well as joint pains. I have even read reviews from mothers giving it to their children with positive results. Please note it MUST be FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth.

      • Hi Em!
        We too have to hold off trying to get pregnant (and we’ve been trying and going through fertility for 6 years now)! 😦 In June I was diagnosed with b. hominis and am currently on Flagyl and bactrim together. My husband and I have been wanting a baby forever, and we were about to try again, when I started losing a ton of weight (was 155 now, 125lbs) and began to experience a lot of gastrointestinal problems. With my meds, I am also taking saccharomyces boulardii in the morning and at night, as well as a probiotic in between my doses of flagyl and bactrim. I’ve also been drinking a glass of diatomaceous earth and L-Glutamine first thing in the morning with my saccharomyces. Then at night, with my saccharomyces I try to take all my vitamins as well (vitamin c, vitamin d, prenatal, and omega 3). I have been drinking milk thistle tea and ginger tea as well. I’ve also been on a paleo diet (with some fruit (*berries only) and starches (*sweet potato and parsnips only) for two weeks before I started antibiotics. I was taking probiotics morning and night for the two weeks, and using oil of oregano, black walnut and Pau D’Arco. It seemed to be helping a little, I had a couple more solid stools near the end.

        My doctor doesn’t know what to do with me… I was referred to a gastroenterologist, but was told to expect a LONG wait time to hear back from them.

        My main symptoms are: Nausea, loose floaty stool with undigested foods, abdominal cramping and black specks when I wipe. I also have some fluttering in my stomach and loud grumbling noises. Now here’s a strange one: I have also been seeing thin black hairs when I wipe. I’m scared to death that they are not just hairs (but I can’t find anything about worms that look like pubes (not to be gross)). It all started with white specks in my stool (can’t tell if they are from undigested foods or not (as I eat a lot of zucchini’s, tomatoes and other seedy vegetables). In June I thought it was Candida in my stool. I went to my doctor and she had me do a stool test. It came back as “Numerous” Blastocystis Hominis. I did another stool test in July, and it too came back positive with “Many” Blastocystis Hominis. Now, before everyone starts commenting back about how I have helminths… I’m very aware of my symptoms and I have been researching the hell out of all of this and I know that white specks usually signifies tapeworm, I’ve brought this up to the doctor and they say no… and I realize there are tons of different kind of intestinal worms out there, and that there may very well be worms that look like hair? At this point, all I can do is what I’m doing. I’m so stressed about everything, and I’m sure it’s not helping. I only posted these symptoms, in case someone else is/has experienced them.

        After my days are finished on the meds, I plan on doing a parasite cleanse as well. Hoping that the little extra effort might help. It’s ruining my life right now, it’s all I can think about. I just want to get back to being healthy!

      • Hi Bev,

        I was recently on Metronidazole and Paromomycin (aka Humatin, a de-worming medication for humans, which apparently also works on Blasto).

        I would suggest you try a 10-day course of Paromomycin before you try any so-called parasite cleanses – I attempted the typical black walnut hulls/wormwood/cloves in tincture form by Now Foods, and it totally messed me up big time. Just day two, and I had to stop. Caused lots of pain everywhere – i blame the black walnut.

        Paromomycin is better tolerated than Metronidazole and fewer side effects. Paromomycin is supposed to kill worms and ‘hemlinths’, quite successfully according to research. Would suggest that before you try any undocumented type of ‘cleanse’ that might undo all the work you have done to date.


    • Hi Tono,

      I did some online research and I think I found the Indian “root” used in Ayurvedic medicine to cleanse the liver that you alluded to in your post. It is called Kutki, or Picrorhiza Kurroa, and it is said to be even more potent at restoring the liver than Milk Thistle/Silymarin. Some good info in the link below. It has been over farmed and sounds like it is on the rare side, but some online sites do sell it.

      So there you go. I also learned a bit about my Doshas in the process. I am mostly Pitta energy, and secondly I am Vata. My challenge is to remain in balance, otherwise, I veer towards Vata (too hyper). I need to balance/manage my ‘Hot’ Ganas (don’t eat too many hot foods, don’t spend too much time in a hot room). Avoid ‘Pungent’ tastes, even if I might crave them (like smelly cheeses etc). The direction for my ‘Herbal Actions’ should be Alterative (balancing) and Refrigerative (cooling). Sounds quite right. I already take Ashwagandha to help me with my ‘heated’ and potentially unbalanced temperament – this herb helps as a nerve tonic, reduces stress, and most importantly for me, it regulates my excess cortisol production, thanks to me having a genetic mutation called the “warrior gene”. I discovered this via a DNA test. It means I overreact to threats and stress and rely too heavily on the ‘fight or flight’ response, which taxes the parasympathetic nervous system. Incidentally, yoga is very good for that, but perhaps not hot yoga because it is too hot for me…even though I am able to survive a class. But I digress.

      You can take the quiz from this Ayurvedic website.

  38. just take the toxic antibiotics from the CDD in Sydney…dont waste your time and money on natural stuff….doesnt work…then usew good probiotics to heal the stomach lining

  39. I have this along with adrenal fatigue! Have you lost any of the weight & are your cravings different now? Why did you eliminate dairy though?

  40. Meghan, If you have Blasto fix it first. Then nuture your adrenals. Once your body is no longer in constant stress it can begin to shed weight. I had fatigue adrenals too but it was not Blasto related. It was pure life stress that caused my body to spiral down and the Blasto took being unwell to a whole new level. I have weight to lose as well and am following the ‘Eat to Live’ program which also remove dairy and meat. Dr Fuhrman has a kindle book on the ‘Eat to Live’ that explains health impacts of many dietary choices. Be kind and patient with your body. With fatigued adrenals your body as ore important things to worry about than weight. products are high quality and I’m sure that they will have adrnal support products for you. My adrenals have repaired significantly but it was largely due to changing my mental perspective as well so that I did not interpret unplanned events in such a high stress manner. The more I trust in my life journey and the process of my healing journey the more solutions keep finding me. Best of luck.

  41. Hi,
    I came across your website combing for treatments that work for Blasto. I got diagnosed with Blasto 3 months ago after returning from India. However, I suspect that I have had Blasto for a number of years as I have struggled with digestion, flatulence etc. I have tried a natural route using Body Force (a parasite cleanse), doing a 28 day cleanse (Arise and Shine) and taking out all sugar (except for some fruit), dairy, grains, meat etc. I still have it. I am most concerned with my diagnosis as I want to get pregnant and my OBGYN said I need to get rid of the parasite before trying…I’m 37 going on 38 so obviously this is challenging. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, what is the protocol for the Bad Bugs triple antibiotic treatment. Is that the same as the treatment at CDD in Australia? Lastly, does anyone have any recommendations for Doctors in Los Angeles, CA?

    Thanks so much,


  42. Hi Amanda, I highly recommend following your doctor’s advice and purging your body of blasto BEFORE falling pregnant. I was pregnant with my daughter whilst having Blasto (which we did not know at the time) and it made the preganancy extremely stressful. I nearly lost the baby at 6 weeks and then spent a fortune with herbalists and accupunturists (almost every fort night!) the get me through the remainder of the pregnancy. Fortunately our daughter is fine and in perfect health but looking back I can imagine that my body must have been extremely overwhelmed with trying to build a human being and also fight the parasite infection. After the pregnancy my body went into immediate long-term chronic fatigue as my body literally CRASHED. (Not fun!!!) We are looking at trying for baby two soon so I am double a double course of Flagyl just to be sure before trying to fall pregnant. (Eventhough I believe I am in the all clear – I still want to make sure it’s sorted for sure.) I don’t know any clinics on your side of the world but your GP should be able to prescribe Flagyl (with repeat script after 10 days when eggs have hatched without any issues.) I visited my doctor yesterday and he said it was safe to take Flagyl before want to fall pregnant but see what your doctors says. In this thread I’ve added specific things you can do that don’t require herbal treatments/ rituals (E.g. Garlic cure, coffee enimas to support liver, colonics etc.) to help flush Blasto out but you need to combine it with something like Flagyl in my view. (Note: I’m not a doctor, my comments are only based on my experience of recovering from Blasto whilst trying several different methods)

  43. Im still trying to decide if I should take flagyl but if you do, make sure you take some strong probiotics to help get your gut bacteria back in balance, which is even more important if you’re planning to get pregnant. Good luck!

      • Hi Michelle,
        Thanks a lot for the info, I also have blasto and first tried metrozidanole which made me feel much better, but then it came back, then I tried the triple antibiotic therapy and no improvement. I have decided to try the treatment you described. I live in Australia, so would be very grateful if you can provide the details of the clinic you went to for your successful treatment. Thanks a lot

  44. Jo and whoever else;

    Blastocystis is not pathogenic. I was given this WRONG diagnosis, and then I went to Dr. Kevin Cahill in NY city, and he found E. Histolytica and said that most labs usually mistake Eh for Blasto. he was absolutely correct. I wasted my life trying to treat with 8 days of Metronidazole 500mg 3 times a day and then 21 days of Metronidazole 750mg 3 times a day and Alinia 500mg 21 days and two protocols (“triple therapies”) from Center of Digestive Disease of Borody in Australia. All never did anything until I went to Cahill. You need to be aware that Cahill gives very conservative meds, and you need to take a different course if he diagnoses you with Eh. Whatever it is, it is not Blasto. I guarantee it.

    • @Nepster so were you successful in killing off your E. Histolytica? What meds did this doctor Cahill prescribe? I found a Wiki page that is kind of a revelation:

      Here it says the best course to get rid of EH is to take Metronidazole/Flagyl for 10 days and then immediately after take Paramomycin for 10 days. It says, as we all know by bow, that the Flagyl only kills the adults whereas the Paramomycin kills off the cycts or eggs in the lumen (intestinal wall).

      This makes sense because like E. Histolytica, Blastocystis is an amoeba type organism or protozoan and it also has an egg/adult cycle. So can we say that what kills off E. Histolytica also kills off Blastocystis???

      It seems worth looking into.

  45. The clinic I went to for the herbal treatments was
    I dealth with Laurel. She is based in Maleny in Queensland. She is very experienced and efficient, but not cheap. I paid approximately $700 for a 30 day treatment of herbs but did it directly after a treatment of Flagyl. (Which I would recommend) Best of luck and please let us know if you feel better.

  46. Good Luck Simon. I just did another Flagyl treatment and it went well. I recommend the Garlic cure as well. It is known to kill all kinds of worms and parasites effectively. I do describe it in detail in one of my posts above but essentially cut up fresh garlic into bite size pieces. Swallow a chopped up clove every 30 mins for 4 hours (with water). Do this late afternoon, after a small simple meal. Don’t eat again till morning. Go to bed, keep warm. I aim to swallow 10-12 cloves over 4-5 hours and I’m convinced it helps sterilize and remove nflammation in my colon effectively.

  47. Hi Jess. According to my doctor Flaglyl actually interrupts the dna of the blastocystic adult parasites so that they cannot reproduce effectively. So two courses of Flaglyl should suffice but you are right – timing is crucial. Since the dna of the unhatched blasto eggs are not affected by the Flaglyl. I was told by my herbalist that it takes 10 days for eggs to hatch and I applied this to my Flaglyl treatment. One full treatment of Flaglyl, wait ten days and then repeat a second full treatment. Please see comments above regarding garlic cure that is also very effective especially if combined with your treatment. I no longer have Blasto (symptom free) but I did repeat a double Flaglyl course recently when I felt unsure that it had killed it all and before trying to fall pregnant. Good luck.

  48. I have a moderate number of blastocystis parasites present. I seem to have all of the symptoms of BH. Having read all of the posts I am finding that I am totally confused as to how I should approach treatment. At present I am avoiding sugar, wheat, all dairy except for milk which is lactose and gluten free, as well as starchy carbs. I’m finding that I can eat one thing one day and not be affected by it then the next day have the same and feel bloated and sick and a stomach that is like a washing machine. I felt reasonably ok when I woke up, had a cup of tea with a little of the lactose and gluten free milk and soon have awful bloating, nausea and gurgling stomach! I am finding it very difficult to know which way to go. A friend suggested I take a single dose of MMS but the idea freaks me. Has anyone taken the Miracle Mineral Solution? And if so did it get rid of this nasty parasite?

  49. Hi, I have posted several times on this site in regards to Blasto cure. I have cured it after being undiagnosed for 3+ years. I suggest you try find my posts. I suggest not adding more complication or stress into your life with trying to control extreme diet changes. All you need is to take Flagyl several times (10 days) between each script for unhatched eggs to hatch. I recommend at least 3 complete repeat scripts to make sure that you have killed all the parasites. Also, you must do the Garlic cure that I describe on this blog in detail.mIt involves ingestinging a clove of raw unprocess garlic clove every 30 mins for about 5 hours. Best to do it on a night where you dont have work the next day. The die off process can cause you to feel off colour with garlic cure. You can do this as often as you like. But do the garlic cure at least 3 times in 2 months in the same time as your Flagyl for maximum affect. I dod it 2-3 times a week at one stage. Herbal options can be used as the second double check solution but from experience I recommend taking the Flagyl and then restoring gut bacteria afterwards. Messing around with glutenfree/ lacto free diet changes is not necessary to heal Blasto. Just eat healthy normal foods like fruit and lots of green veg. But I would never ever rely on food changes to cure Blasto. I suggest taking advice from people who have actually had Blasto and cured it. Dont make the process more complicated than it needs to be. the trick to killing Blasto is the intervals of Flagyl and the amount of intense natural raw garlic treatments (not preserved in any way) that you can use to kill the parasites in one go. The more intensely and consitently you attack the parasite in a short span of time (2 months) the better chance you have of killing it all off. And need I state the obvious…. stop drinking tap water. Many government bodies dont check for Blasto in their city water supply. If you have had a natural disaster, a flood or and such incident in your country then Blasto can be in your water supply. Forgive my forthright tone but I am rushed for time and need to get the impirtant info accross to you. I suggest not asking too many people for advice because most people have no comprehension or experience in dealing with Blasto and then you can begin to feel overwhelmed with all the well intended but ineffective advice that all seems to contradict one another. Flagyl, garlic cure and good water. Exactly 10 days (no more, no less) between each script of Flagyl. It’s that simple. Do it and get on with your life. Tweaking your diet afterwards is a personal preference but dont try do everything at once otherwise its hard to work out what is actually making a difference and what is actually a waste of effort. Beating Blasto can be done but you need to do exactly what I have said above. Good luck.

    • I am looking for clarification on your “intervals” of Flagyl. You state you took several scripts over several months but aren’t saying how long between each script. Is that in other of your posts? Any info would be great.

  50. HI how are you? what is the best natural Way to get ride of Blastocystis Hominis… if you could list the item and how much when to take it.

  51. In regards to M Van Klock –

    I think he/she may be right. I’ve done nothing but read about this blasted bug for the last 24 hours. Metronidazole (Flagyl) and garlic are the only two things proven in studies to get rid of this (not in 100 percent of cases, but the majority of cases studied). So it makes sense to bombard the bugs with both drug and plant. I’m gonna try now!

    • Hi Pelicans. Let us know how you make out with the flagyl and garlic combo. I was just diagnosed myself. See my post above in reply to Michelle. Glad to learn this information.

      • Hi Emily, Thanks for your response to my previous post. I hope you are not allergic to garlic. It might be worth only trying a quarter clove first? If that works maybe try to repeat a dosage that you are comfortable with every day for a week? I would just add, from my experience that when I was so ill that it became overwhelming when I tried too many things at once. It became hard to know what was working an what didn’t. So my only advice is to keep it simple and not to overwhelm your mind to the point of exhaustion. Try a method for 6-8 weeks and then review. Repeat if it works. I’m not sure if your immune system has taken a knock as well but try and be patient with your body. It will take time to recover and most people around you won’t really appreciate how unwell you might be feeling. So I found keeping it to myself was better. I resulted in less justification and explanation. The other choice that I made was not to tell my employer that I had Blasto and in hinsight I think that was a very good decision for me personally. They knew I had a few immune issues that I was adressing but I never discussed the details and tried not to take too many sick days. My weekends were reserved for burnout mode! Good luck!

  52. Hi Michelle, thanks for your reply. I did tell my boss and my direct supervisor, because I knew they would be sympathetic, and it would help explain my recent malaise. My boss told me how he had picked up a parasite in Thailand in his 20s and one day fainted to the floor of his apartment due to an ulcer that had suddenly burst and caused internal bleeding. It wasn’t blasto but something similar. He got taken to the hospital and they pumped him full of meds and he recovered. I thought it was a nice gesture for him to share that story with me. I am cautious of who I tell.

    I actually tried eating 2 cloves of chopped garlic yesterday, a couple hours apart, with some raw organic honey (I don’t think the ‘honey garlic sauce’ recipe is a coincidence here) and I think the honey makes it easier to digest somehow. Aside from a bit of stomach irritation from the garlic, which is to be expected, I didn’t have any notable immune reaction, like I did the last time I had garlic powder, so there must be a difference between the raw form and the powder form. Who knows if I was reacting to an additive in the powder. Maybe they add sulphites to it and maybe I am allergic or reactive to those.

    I am going to start a course of Flagyl 3 x day for 10 days as prescribed by my doctor. I have been aware of this problem for a year, subconsciously, and now that I know what is causing this, I want to get rid of it. I know Flagyl is a nuclear option, but I don’t think I really have the time to spend trying a bunch of natural stuff. I will however be cleaning up my gut afterward using a bunch of natural stuff, haha. My homeopath has suggested some things to me, which I think I already described in the above post.

    I don’t know if this is true for you too, but before I became conscious of the parasite, as I became closer to asking for a diagnosis to perhaps confirm my worst fears, I started to have less and less patience for people who were, for lack of a better word, ‘parasites’. I recently ended an 8-year friendship with a male friend who had always been a bit off, but lately, I felt he was imposing himself way too much in my life via daily emails, facebook messages, requests to go have coffee/dinner, etc. Its almost like he didn’t realize I was married and he was behaving like a controlling (boy)friend or something. I called him out on it. He’s a 42-year-old male who still lives with his parents, just bought a brand new car he can’t afford, and always has an excuse for why he can’t move out….I don’t think he even pays his parents any rent money. I just couldn’t keep being his pseudo-girlfriend-therapist, so I cut it off. It takes a lot to push me to the point of no return, and I guess I reached that point. If someone is going to complain about how they are down and its all the world’s fault, and they won’t listen to suggestions on how to change or improve, and they ultimately just want to use your energy and your time to complain about it and be all negative…I just don’t have time or energy for that. Shortly afterward, I had to call out a co-worker who was disrespecting myself an another supporting co-worker. She was going through a divorce, and had recently broken up with her post-divorce boyfriend of 3 months, and had a lot of drama in her life. She thought she could unload it on me during work hours, just because I had confided in her about the toxic male friend. Unfortunately, she did that too long and too often that it sent my intollerance alarms off again, and I had to tell her to back off. This probably stems from the fact that in my youth, I had a similar host/emotional-parasite relationship with my mother. She had a traumatic youth, and she had post-partum depression with me, and I guess I felt guilty or responsible for helping her fix her traumas that she didn’t really want to fix, she just wanted to complain and blame the world. There was a lack of respect of boundaries, and a lack of self-awareness on how it was making me feel to be on the receiving end of all that. Oh look, there’s that pattern again. I’ve since distanced myself from her, and we are on better-ish terms. I sometimes have to call her out for her drama if she goes off on a tangent, so that she becomes self-aware and stops doing what she’s doing.

    I guess what I’m saying here is that maybe there is an emotional connection to parasites, before or when you have them. Its probably not a stretch to say that parasites make you act like they do – crave carbs or whatever feeds them, and you start to express their desires. Likewise, parasites could make you weak and susceptible to emotional vampires and other parasitic relationships with people. Maybe there’s also something to the folklore of people using garlic to ward off ‘vampires’…or toxic parasites of the same ilk!

    Like you say, this is a process of healing over months, not days, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

    • At the same time, I want to say that you learn things from your parasites. You learn things about yourself and about others. You learn how to eat better, you learn how to take care of your gut, you learn about powerful natural foods and supplements, and then you wonder why you haven’t been eating these all the time! Excuse my digression – Our western civilization is so removed and detached from traditional remedies and traditional foods, i.e. sauerkraut (raw, organic, unpasteurized) for example…all our food is pasteurized, sterilized, triple-washed…its no wonder we don’t have good bacterias/yeasts to colonize our guts. Its no wonder we have parasites and allergies. This is going off on a tangent, but they just discovered that dosing people with peanut allergy with a certain probiotic strain, it came close to eliminated their peanut allergy. That’s messed up. Probiotics help us manufacture vitamins, they manufacture antioxidants, they contribute enzymes to help with food digestion, they help with immunity and reduce inflammation…these guys do so much for us, and we don’t give them enough appreciation…hooray for probiotics and fermented foods 🙂

  53. Hi, I was diagnosed with BH a few years ago and was treated with Flagyl. I have relapsed and have to go back on it again. I think I will try supplements in addition this time. My pancreatic enzymes are elevated and have been for several years. The doctors have no idea why and just brush it off and say it’s no big deal. Is there a correlation with the BH causing the elevated levels? I’m worried that I may have a problem with my pancreas. (I had chronic lyme disease for 2 1/2 years too)Thanks!

    • I have just read through all of the posts in response to this blog. Very eye opening! I am actually about to go through the triple anti-biotic treatment for Blast and Dientamoeba infection. Can relate to the experience that many of you have conveyed – gut issues, brain fog, multiple food intolerances, dry mouth (20 tooth fillings in 5 years), anxiety and depression etc! This has literally taken over my life/career and hoping that this triple therapy will knock it on the head. I have tried many things including MMS treatment which did in fact provide a huge boost in health at the time for me and reading these posts I now know it was because it killed lots of the blasto. Obviously didn’t cure it though. Have had the complicating condition of Pyroluria, which my Integrated GP thinks could be linked (Zinc and Vit B deficiency, emotions all over the place). For those of you near Newcastle NSW, I see Dr Stuart Glastonburu from the Hanbury St Medical Clinic – he is very knowledgeable and open minded. It is good to have two definitive diagnosis after so many years. Anyway, here’s hoping that the anti-biotics does the trick. Will also try the garlic after the treatment as well.

      Will check back in a month or so to let you know how it went.


      • Hi Chris!

        So happy for you that you will do the Triple Antibiotic Treatment! After 6 years of trying absolutely everything I did the Triple Antibiotic Treatment (from Australia) for Blastos and was the ONLY thing that killed for good the Blastos! Before I tried Flagyl which not only gave me very strong symptoms but did not kill them! Good luck with your process! And wish you a healthy recovery! From Argentina, Isa Giua

  54. I have been diagnosed with this bacteria
    I have very bad back and glute pain
    I have had mri scan and only shows minor bulging disc the pain that I get in my glute does not add up
    My back is always tight could the bacteria be doing this

  55. i also had very bad back and glute pain. in fact i went for a massage for 5 weeks in a row to try fix this before i had the parasite test done and found out it was blasto. my doctor prescribed Metronidazole aka Flagyl for 10 days. Last follow up test I did was clear but still going to go back to check it again. i also ate fresh garlic for 3 weeks 2x a day after the Flagyl and took anti MFP by Douglas labs for 2 weeks before the garlic. good luck.

  56. Hi there, just a question- after you did this was the parasite gone? Did u do another stool test? I’ve just been diagnosed with it. Wanting to get rid of it.

    Thanks for your help!


  57. Hi Virginia, Stool testing can be hit and miss in my experience. Look at changed in your symptoms. My health has gone from a 2/10 to 6/10. More progress ti make but only because I have not restored my yut health suffiently and I was particularly ill will immune issues as well. Do the garlic cures (I’ve explained entire process on this blog in detail) and keep doing them. Check out for health restoration after Blasto has been killed. I now import Dr. Schulze’s products into Australia if anyone needs his gut healing products. Best of luck!

    • Hi, I have tried Flagyl but did not work. Do you think I can try the garlic cures or do I need Flagyl with it? And how long do you take Flagyl?

  58. So, I just got my third test results back, and they show return of Blastocystis, although I have fewer symptoms than before. First test in Oct 2015 showed moderate levels. I took Flagyl 10 days 3 times a day. Tested again three weeks later, tests showed clear, negative for Blasto. Now I tested again in end of January 2016, test shows positive for Blasto. I dont have the same degree of IBS symptoms I had before, but I did notice my stomach was a bit more sensitive and my intestines seem a little…irritable. WTF. I had my cat tested, and really told the vet to test for Blasto and they said everything looked ok. I havent had my husband tested, and I dont know if he will agree to do that for me. I have been working out 3 times a week and feel strong and I WAS feeling pretty positive about myself, until this. I have way more energy than before, probably becasue I am taking the time to take care of my fitness needs better. I dont know if that helps or not. I dont think it can hurt. I dont know what else to do, other than request two courses of Flagyl from my doctor to take them 10 days apart from each other to try and kill all the stages of the protozoan. And who knows if I have had this my entire life!!! I tested positive for gluten sensitivity 11 years ago, and stopped eating gluten then. And my health really improved. Gluten caused constipation and hormonal imbalances and weight gain and depression and moodswings and a leaky gut. Now I have less constipation, more regularity, less weight, better moods, but now I am aware that I have Blasto. No idea if I had this before or for how long I have actually had this. I could be genetically succesptible. Who knows.

    • Hi Em, you have to have everyone in the family taking the same treatment, otherwise you will get infected over and over again, even though the other persons don’t show symptoms. Very IMPORTANT : sterilize everything in your kitchen = boil your silverware, plates, sterylize everything that comes in contact with your food. Boil your underwear and your husbands!- and don’t mix the colours while doing so.

      I had Blastoes for 5 years now, I know what all of this means.

  59. Hi Em, I know it can feel overwhelming when you have Blasto and you feel like there is nothing you can do. But don’t go down the rabbit hole of pity and sadness becuse such emotions literally lower our immune systems. I was pregnant when I had Blasto and I had no idea. The end result is that my dauhhtet has had absolutely no side effects but the pregnancy totally hammered my body because my body was trying to fight off Blasto (which I did not know at the time) and built a new baby. So I wrote in several places that 3 courses of Flaglyl cured me once I finally knew what to do and once I finally stopped trying to heal myself with just natural medicines. So, stop feeling sad and trust the timing of your life. If a soul is due to be born through you then it will come at yhe perfect time. 3 months is nothing in the great scheme of things. Get your body well. Commit to healing and move forward with confidence. I had Blsto for many years (undiagnosed) and became very sick but if I have stayed in the zone that you are now I would never have recovered. I still have more to do but here is my advice, once more… 1. Take Flaglyl (I did three courses to be sure, 10 days apart) 2. Do as many garlic cures as you can stomach, no less than 6 during the treatments. At least 1 a week! ( Garlic cure= 4-8 raw cloves of garlic chopped up on an empty stomach at dinner time and swollowed like tablets. Eats 2 hours prior (veggies or fruit) and fast through night. Drink water only). Then after all this 3. Get Dr Schulze’s product called 5 day Bowel cleanse and do the five day cleanse. 4 Take Dr Schulze’s Superfood product through pregancy if you can for best outcome. The only way that uou can miss your appointment with an unborn soul is to worry about misssing your appointmwnt. There is PLENTY that you can do to heal yourself. No one can do it for you so ho out and just follow these steps or look into post regarding Paramomycin after Flaglyl. ( worth a try) Remind yourself to feel grateful that you know now that you have Blasto now so yhat you can have an easier preganancy once your body is ready. Put the hard work in and move forward. Said with good intentions. Believe me – I have been where you are – and staying there is no fun. So look for the gold and do the list above and if their is a soul that is
    Meant to be born through you then the timing will be perfect. Get well soon. You can actually do it quite quickly once you know what to do. Many of us on this forum took years to find the answers so use iur advice and just decide to follow through. Good luck.

    • Worst typos ever! Typing on I phone, in a rush. Haha. You’ll get the just 🙂 Get rid of Blasto can take less than 2-3 months but the 2-3 months can be intense. Just decide to kick butt! But don’t stol at 1 treatement of Flaglyl. It’s a waste of time! I am going to repeat Flaglyl one last time and I will be adding Paramomycin as one final gut bomb before going onto Dr Schulze’s products for the next several years. Good luck. Trust that somehow this will serve you and perhaps your spirit child is not quite ready and who knows maybe the Blasto was meant to delay the pregnancy. We don’t know? But assume that the timing of this information is perfect for you and stop comparing your life to someone else 🙂 You can rebuild your health. But you need to take the actions dilligently and remember to follow through. I had none of this help when I was fumbilng around to find info on Blasto so be happy that you can use this info and get well much quicker than some of ys did. Be happy and choose the process of caring for your body. At least it’s only a temporary setback 🙂

      • Thank you MVK! I needed to hear that. Its so hard not to become a ball of emotions when your doctor is saying, in bold caps, Blasto is NON-PATHOGENIC unless it causes symptoms. Ugh! I do want to kick butt. Not only do I have to fight Blasto, I feel like I have to fight the medical establishment, namely, my doctor. He is the larger obstacle at this point. But I don’t underestimate my will to fight him or Blasto. I will be persistent and will not be persuaded. First rule of war is, know your enemy. And I am starting to know Blasto. Blasto is unique, because like other protozoans/amoeba, it has an egg/cyst life and an adult life. Therefore, you need to account for the entire life cycle, not just one part of it. Its like saying, I want to kill all of the chickens in this chicken coop by spraying this death gas all over them (sorry if that’s a gross example, but it illustrates my point). Well, you can’t forget about the unhatched chicken eggs which the death gas cannot reach, because they are still protected by their egg shells! Only when they hatch to an adult phase will your death gas kill them. So you have to spray repeatedly, more than once (i.e. hypothetically using Flagyl multiple times), or, you have to use a second killing method that targets the eggs (lumen-specific drug). Better yet, throw in a third method that kills their food supply (i.e. an antibacterial that kills the Blasto’s food supply/environment). And that’s the triple therapy, in theory.

        I still have a lot of work to do. Basically, I will arm myself with the triple therapies as one option, and the triple Flagyl with the lumen-specific Paromomycin or Diloxanide Furoate as another. (For anyone who is wondering, lumen is the lining of the intestine and the lumen-specific drugs target the eggs/cysts.) If he is willing to give me the triple therapy, I would do Secnidazole for the adults (better penetration and better half-life than Flagyl), Diloxanide Furoate for lumen-residing cysts, and Noroxin which is prescribed to kill off the bacteria that the Blasto feeds on, as part of that triple therapy combination. (I wish they would tell you right off the bat, which drug does what job, because then you can appreciate the value of the treatment, and so can your doctor if they are not aware). This is the sulphur-allergy-specific triple therapy suggested by Jackie Delaney on her website Bad Bugs. I can’t handle Bactrim/Septra/Septrim, and have difficult time with the ‘mycin’ drugs, i.e. Biaxin, so these are suggested to people with the sulphur sensitivity.

        Basically, my doctor has to believe that:
        – Blasto IS PATHOGENIC, because I am definitely having symptoms (no, the stomach cramps and loose stools are not in my head!)
        – Just because the medical community in Canada doesn’t consider Blasto pathogenic, unless it provokes symptoms, that doesn’t mean that in other parts of the world with a higher incidence of infection, Blasto is actually treated differently with medications other than Flagyl with better success rates
        – Blasto cannot be eradicated by a single Flagyl course, due to its unique life cycle of cyst/egg and adult, therefore you need a therapy that is specific to that characteristic (know your enemy)
        – If he can’t work with me to provide the correct therapy, then believe that I will be looking somewhere else (do you really want me to do that?)
        – I will be back to do more stool tests to confirm eradication of Blasto, because yes, it causes me bad symptoms and affects my quality of life, so be prepared to see me again about this, because I am not getting pregnant AND fighting a parasite at the same time (because that is just crazy)

        Thank you for the suggestions for post-antibiotic care, MVK. I did a bit of research on the Dr. Schulze products (cleanse product #1 and #2) and it looks like a good idea for a physical purging and cleansing of the bowel. My only caution would be to not overuse the clay product (#2) as clay can absorb all the mineral nutrients that are in the gut for absorption, that’s something I read somewhere. Moderate, short term use should be ok. The Dr. Schulze Superfood formula looks good too. I will need to arm myself with some probiotics like Saccharomyces Boulardii, as those are probiotic yeast that are resistant to antibiotics, and popular for treating “travelers diarrhea”. Purge, cleanse, eliminate Blasto, and repopulate the gut with probacteria.

        I will have to see if it is possible to have my cat’s feces tested again, and my husband, to see if any of them are carriers.

        I’ll be making an appointment to see my doctor.

      • Hi MVK – I should also add, further to my longer post, that I believe I read somewhere that the gestation period of the Blasto cysts/eggs is up to 60 days, so that reflects what you are saying in terms of the 3 x Flagyl course over 2 months/60 days. That means you will have a better chance of killing all of the cysts when they hatch into adults, if you spread the 3 (10-day) Flagyl courses over 60 days/2 months. That timeline however doesn’t really apply to the “triple therapy” which targets the adults, eggs and bad bacterial environment – just wanted to clarify that for anyone who is reading and didn’t make that connection.

        Thanks again for your words of support 🙂 Helps to know someone out there gets how I feel!


    I posted on the 17th November and indicated that I had Blasto and Dientomeoba parasites. Did a triple anti-biotic protocol over two weeks. Felt as crook as a dog for that time – very ill actually. But, the good news is that the parasites have gone and I definitely have much improved health. I previously had lots of burning pain in the left side of my large intestine, and my digestion has dramatically improved. High levels of fibre are no longer an issue and greatly reduced gas and bloating. Best of all, I used to have brain fog almost daily and significant energy issues. I suspect that my food intolerances have reduced as well.

    So, despite how sick you may get whilst taking the anti-biotics, I encourage anyone with Blasto to give this protocol a go. It could help to turn your life around.

    • Hi Chris, I’m very glad to hear of your success with a triple therapy combination! Can you please share the names of the drugs you used? There are several ‘triple therapy’ combinations that are used/recommended, and I would love to know what worked for you! Congratulations on your victory.

  61. Hi Em,

    I just checked and it was actually 4 anti-biotics taken over 10 days:

    1. Septrin Forte (x2 daily)
    2. Diloxanide Furoate (x3 daily)
    3. Secnidazole (x3 daily)
    4. Doxycycline (x2 daily)

    Cost me $210AU from Carlingford Court Chemist in Sydney, Australia (02) 9871 7533.
    Hope that helps.


    • Word of caution, Septrin/Septra/Bactrim/Sulfatrim – this is a potentially dangerous drug. I took it myself once by prescription, when the Blasto was setting in and I thought it was a kidney infection, and 2 pills in, I had to stop due to a feeling of choking/breathlessness while I was trying to fall asleep.

      • I can’t say that I had any of the symptoms that were prescribed in the articles that you provided. It is worth nothing though.

        If the information in the second link is correct, the complications are quite rare. I just had a general feeling of malaise and unwellness to the point where I had to lay down most of the day; this is something that my Dr told me to expect. No other side effects though.


      • Hi Chris, I’m curious about your cocktail solution but I was hoping you might be able to explain why the 4 meds and what they do. Was the person who prescibed them a bowel specialist? I’d love to understand your method in more detail. Thanks Michelle

      • Actually, I am not sure exactly what each one does. My GP just said to me that the parasites that I had could be responsible for my gut issues and antibiotics might be a cure. Since I had tried unsuccessfully to resolve my situation over the years in other ways, we thought that the anti-biotics might be worth a try. I have been pretty crook for the last few years but seems like it has paid off. My GP is also a naturopath and willing to look outside the box for difficult cases like mine. When you are desperate, you try extreme things.

  62. Hi MVK, Chris,

    I did some research on this, because like you, I also was curious to know why three different drugs. It has to do with the nature of the protozoan life cycle that is Blastocystis… According to what I have read, Blasto exists in several stages of development – Cysts/Eggs, Granules and Adults. I don’t know what the difference between the Cysts/Eggs/Granules is, but they do not behave like Adults. The Cysts/Eggs/Granules have a variation of a hard exterior “shell” that is resistant to drugs like Flagyl that only targets the adults, as far as I know. In any case, a single dose of Flagyl is not likely to kill the Blasto infection.

    The “triple” therapy touted by the CDD in Sydney, and posted on Jackie Delaney’s site BadBugs, are consistently listed in this order: (1) adult protozoan killer, followed by (2) cyst/egg/granule protozoan killer, and lastly a (3) bacterial killer or antibiotic (because, as I have read, Blasto feeds off of and thrives in a bad bacteria environment, it actually stores bad bacteria in its single cell body, so I assume this is there so that both their food supply (internal) and their environment (external) is destroyed as well as them…hypothetically, this should ensure that no future Blasto have a place to live in your gut). This is all based on what I have read, and I am drawing my conclusions based on what is suggested in the anecdotal or medical research.

    In your case Chris, the Septrin and Doxycycline are strong, broad spectrum antibiotics (3), the Secnidazole is the adult protozoan killer (1), and the Diloxanide Furoate (2) is the egg/cyst/granule protozoan killer.

    The triple therapies recommended by the CDD in Sydney are listed here – I copied and pasted them below:

    The CDD’s current treatment for Blasto:

    Secnidazole 400 mg (30 Capsules) 3 times a day
    Diloxanide Furoate 500mg (30 Capsules) 3 times a day
    Septrin Forte (20 Tablets) 2 times a day
    all for 10 days.

    Their secondary treatment for more treatment resistant Blasto.:

    Secnidazole 400 mg (30 Capsules) 3 times a day
    Furazolidone 100 mg (30 Capsules) 3 times a day
    Nitazoxanide 500 mg (20 Capsules) 2 times a day
    all combined for 10 days.

    Note: There is a third alternative combo for people with a sulphur allergy:
    1) Secnidazole 400mg x30 3 x day
    2) Diloxanide Furoate 500mg x30 3 x day
    3) Noroxin 400mg x20 2 x day

    I don’t know why they switch out the drugs for the first or second line therapy, I guess it just depends on what meds are available where, or if someone has a sensitivity, I am not totally sure. I guess there are several options to provide people with several options.

    Hope that helps.

    • Hi all,
      I have woven through the extensive blog posts and wanted to ask if anybody has had the triple colonic infusion from CDD in Sydney? I know they offer the options of the antibiotics in pill form as mentioned above or through colonic infusion. I have had a few appointments now at CDD and am considering the infusion rather than the 10 day oral antibiotics as I am booked for either appointment next month (April 2016), but wanted to know if anybody on this feed has had or knows someone who has had the colonic infusion of the antibiotics for Blasto? I obviously am too suffering with the parasite. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

      • Hi LK,

        I have just had the antibiotic infusion at the CDD – on the second day of treatment. 9 days to go – not that I’m counting! This was my last resort after attempting to heal naturally via a strict diet and a number of naturopathic remedies including Bactrex and Parex Plus. I followed the natural protocol for 6 months to the letter but the blasto persisted. The naturopath then referred me to the CDD.

        Fingers crossed the outcome of this treatment is successful-will keep you posted on my results.

  63. I noticed that Mike Hodgens PhD who posted here on August 24, 2013, right at the very top of this thread, used Nitazoxanide (cyst/egg/granule killer that gets through the hard ‘shells’) for 30 days, combined with a 9-day dose of Doxycycline on days 21 to 30 to wipe out the bacteria. That’s a similar approach, but he was using the Nitazoxanide for a longer period, not combined with the other adult protozoan killer.

    He is also correct to say that L-Glutamine helps repair the gut. I have been taking that for 5 months now, and I feel better than when I first tested positive for Blasto. Many body builders, men or women, also take this to help with muscle repair, so I guess you could say its generally used to repair soft tissue.

    I’ve also been taking Saccharomyces Boulardii (a friendly yeast, resistant to antibiotics because it is a yeast and not a bacteria) as the author of this thread mentioned in her first post. It seems to help as well.

    • Yes, my experience is that L-glutamine helps heal the gut. I spent 6 months making my own potion by boiling whole chicken carcasses for several hours as a base and adding basic root veges to it. It tastes good and I think that it has helped (contains L-glutamine apparently and other amino acids and is easy to absorb). I also lately have taken some L-glutamine powder.

  64. Hi Em and Chris, Thanks very much for this information. I appreciate you going the extra step to do that research Em. I am actually sensitive to sulphur so your third option would be better for me. Now – I have done Flaglyl and all kinds of herbal cocktails as I’ve listed on here before but since I’m still feeling tired and my immune system is struggling to reboot I’m going to see if I can convince my GP to give it one last shot and to try the 3way combo, just in case any eggs have survived. I am starting a Dr Schulze’s regime straight after to help repair my gut if I do the 3 way mix. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for this information. I’d rather be safe than sorry! Cheers M

  65. No problem! MVK, have you been diagnosed with a most recent stool test to show you still have the Blasto? Might be a good idea to get an updated test for it. Then you’ll know for sure.

    I saw my doctor, and he said that at this point, I know more about Blasto than he does, so he referred me to an infectious diseases specialist…and my appointment is in 2 months 😦 That’s longer than I would have liked, but that’s what you get with free medical care in Canada. I will be doing everything I can until then to help reduce the symptoms with herbals, diet, digestive enzymes, saccharomyces boulardii, staying fit, and whatever else might work.

  66. Check out for bowel detox. I think this product will help us all. I’m importing it to Australia to try but they should ship directly to Canada 🙂 and definitely do the raw garlic cure as often as you can. Lol. Good luck!

  67. Hi all,
    I have woven through the extensive blog posts and wanted to ask if anybody has had the triple colonic infusion from CDD in Sydney? I know they offer the options of the antibiotics in pill form as mentioned above or through colonic infusion. I have had a few appointments now at CDD and am considering the infusion rather than the 10 day oral antibiotics as I am booked for either appointment next month (April 2016), but wanted to know if anybody on this feed has had or knows someone who has had the colonic infusion of the antibiotics for Blasto? I obviously am too suffering with the parasite. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi LK,

      In my searches, I stumbled upon a blog on Curezone that describes a woman who did the triple orally, but failed to test negative, but then had 2 consecutive colonic infusions of the triple therapy at the CDD in Sydney. Google search this – CURED of PARASITES: “Blastocystis hominis & Dientamoeba fragilis by dsquat” – look under – “Treatment protocols” She had success after the 2 colonic infusions. Looks like she had tried everything else before then.

      or, here is the direct link:

      Hope that helps.

      (Personally, I find there is a lot of misinformed garbage on Curezone, so I was surprised to locate this there).

  68. Hi LK,

    What would the advantage be of doing the anti-biotics via colonic? Sure, you bypass the stomach, but is that a problem?

    My understanding is that you want a sustained exposure to the anti-biotics over that 10 day period to kill the different stages of the parasite breeding – adults, eggs etc. You could get that by oral intake (3 times daily), but would a colonic infusion give you the sustained exposure – would be my question.

    I guess you just want to talk to your GP/Dr about what they think is appropriate.


    • From what I understand, the colonic infusion is the last-ditch resort for resistant Blasto, which lives on the lining of the large intestine, mostly. Some of the surface dwellers perhaps don’t get killed off by the oral route. So the colonic infusions target them where they live, directly. I don’t believe the entire dosage via colonic delivery gets absorbed into the bloodstream, hence the higher mg amounts. Its about targeting the surface dwellers that are resistant to the oral route. Hopefully, most people respond to the oral route…but if they don’t then this is another solution.

      I think the logical route is to try the oral first, re-test, and then see if you need to do it another way. And I’m just saying that based on what “dsquat” wrote in her Curezone blog about her treatments. I am sure they will have an idea of where to start. Best of luck with your appointment.

  69. Hi Em and Chris,
    Thank you both so much for the advice! The reason I asked about feedback with the infusion rather than the oral dosage is due to the fact that my Dr informed me that the infusion has a much higher success rate than the oral route, and to be honest as much as it would be less expensive, and still chance it will work, I just can’t deal with the symptoms any longer and want it gone asap! The research shows that the colonic infusion gets straight to the source and with advice from my Dr at the CDD I definitely feel more inclined towards the infusion and just bypassing the oral option altogether. I am yet to book in for either formally, but obviously was given the option of either/or. This blog is really helpful and I’m so glad I came across it. If you have any other tips surrounding diet eg. what to avoid, what to eat that would be great as well. I am reading that grains, starches and sugar is irritable for Blasto, so am a little stuck on what to eat as I am already GF/DF and only eat seafood, fruits and veg, nuts/seeds anyway!
    Thanks again!

    • Funny how the same symptoms ring true! I have been GF/DF and react to salycilates. Haven’t been game to reintroduce them. Will eventually try though.

      To be honest, a pain having to swallow so many pills. If your Dr has recommended it, then I would go for it! Sincerely hope it works for you.

      Keep us posted

      • Guys, Blastocystis sucks. I have never felt so crap. I have 3 more weeks to wait for my followup with the infectious disease specialist after she reviews yet another round of stool and blood tests – which will essentially tell her the same thing…I have Blasto. Nothing else. Just Blasto. So please finally give me something for it. My colon is so cramped with pain these days, the referred pain into my joints and tissues in my hip/pelvis area is so bad, it hurts to sit/stand/walk at work. My head hurts, my body hurts. Its taking all I’ve got not to go postal on someone.

    • Hi LK, just a note to confirm that I had the triple infusion from the CDD in May and am now free of symptoms for the first time in years. I haven’t retested yet but feel great. The treatment itself is not pleasant but a small price for long term health.

      • That’s great news, HC. Its unfortunate that the CDD’s infusion treatment is not more common. Seems like the large colon is the home for Blasto, and this might be why this direct treatment is usually so effective, versus the oral route which bombards the stomach mostly, and then the smaller and larger intestines. The large intestine doesn’t get the full brunt of the drug treatment when taken orally.

        I am digressing here, but I suspect that drugs like Nitazoxanide have greater success when taken long-term because according to the scientific studies, Nitazoxanide is absorbed and metabolized to a greater volume in the bloodstream than anything like Metronidazole, appparently something like 8 times better metabolized than Metronidazole. That’s a huge difference in performance. Anyways, that’s just according to what I have read.

  70. Hello
    You should check out this naturopathic from New-Zealand.
    His name is Eric Bakker.
    He has a lot of experience in treating candida and parasites.

  71. Hi, I’ve recently discovered I have this and starting a yeast/candida diet, wondering if I should cut out the super fruits and greens powder I use.

    • Hi @Brianna – I think the Blastocystis encourages ‘bad organism growth’ in the gut and if you can eliminate the Blasto, you will be able to eliminate the other bad organisms that live alongside it. I don’t think the super fruits and greens powder would have a major impact on that, I don’t know. But if you want to eat something beneficial in the meantime, I would suggest lots of raw garlic, whatever you can handle on a daily basis. Garlic is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti parasite, and it penetrates the tissues via the bloodstream (which is why your fingers smell garlicy if you eat a lot of it – proof its working). I don’t think its a cure, but it helps to ‘clean up’ the waste created by the Blastocystis infection. Ginger and Cayenne pepper also have similar properties. Hope you can find a good doctor to work with you on eliminating it. Just a tip, if they prescribe you Metronidazole, ask for something better. (Australian) studies have proven that Metronidazole should no longer be considered a first-line treatment for Blastocystis because of its high failure rate. Whatever studies out there that say Metronidazole ‘works’ probably retested their subjects too early i.e. 3 weeks after treatment, to declare a false negative. The Blasto grows back in 8 weeks time. One study shows that Metronidazole actually puts the Blasto in ‘defense mode’, and while it kills the soft adults, it causes the organism to revert to its harder and more protected ‘cyst’ or ‘granular’ form, and from this granular form, it actually reproduces more cysts/granules to compensate for the attack by Metronidazole. The Metronidazole might kill the existing adults, but it cannot kill through the hard ‘shell’ of the granular forms of cysts. So the cysts wait out the attack and then ‘re-hatch’ afterward. So basically its not effective and actually promotes resistance. Depending on what country you are from, there will be a different range of treatment options. But certainly, Metronidazole is not one that works well. I also know this from my experience.

      • Thanks so much! It has been recommended to take Nitazoxanide along with the very strict diet. Will definitely add garlic, been taking coconut oil as well and ginger kombucha. I hear it takes a good 4 months to really treat it. It’s going to be hard to stay away from sugar!

      • Hi Brianna, no problem. Nitazoxanide is a very good option. I have read that Blasto requires an extended dosage of this to be effective by itself, if taken alone. At least 10 days or more. At the very top of this thread, there is a man named Mike who describes taking Nitazoxanide for up to 30 days to kill Blasto on two separate occasions that he was infected from two different golf course water supplies. I don’t know the appropriate length of use myself but can only judge by others’ success. Which country are you living in? Here in Canada, Nitazoxanide is not approved for use so my doctor would have to petition this drug for use through the government. Nitazoxanide is however FDA approved for use in USA under the brand name Alinia and is also approved for use in Mexico under the brand name Daxon. And I also believe it is available in Australia.

        This is repeating what I have read online, and what I am taking now myself, but apparently Saccharomyces Boulardii is one of the best probiotics to take when you have blasto (or when taking any antibiotics) because it is actually a probiotic yeast that can survive antibiotic use and stomach acidity. And I suspect it also doesn’t feed Blasto because Blasto likes to eat good and bad bacteria in the gut. That’s why some people say eating probiotics (good bacteria) makes them feel worse. (Best quality brand I have found is AOR). Also, another natural thing is L-Glutamine powder or capsules. It helps repair damaged lining of the gut.

      • Thanks, I live in US and the Nitazoxanide and S. Boullarrdi were recommended. I was wondering about continuing probiotics since the drugs will kill all that stuff anyway. I’m hoping my dr will go with the 3 drug treatment listed above. I think I’ve had this for a long time so I really want to be aggressive with treatment because I’m tired of feeling like crap all the time! How are you doing with the Nitazoxanide?

    • Hi Brianna,

      I haven’t started my second line of treatment yet. I now have another round of Metronidazole and Paromomycin on hand (they should always be taken together, according to the Merck Manual, since Metro is absorbed extraintestinally i.e. by your bloodstream and goes all over the body to kill the adults, and the Paromomycin is not absorbed but stays in the intestine to kill the cysts – – that’s the part my doctor didn’t understand, that they need to be taken together, and not just one or the other) …but I haven’t started them yet because I am waiting for a shipment of Nitazoxanide (24 days worth) in the mail from Mexico, from They don’t ship to Canada, so I had to get someone in the US to accept if for me. Not sure when that will arrive. My best guess is in 2-4 weeks. Hopefully soon. I am still not sure if I want to take the Metro plus Paro, and then a small dose of NTZ like I read someone doing, with success, or if I should wait for the NTZ and then do NTZ plus Paro. NTZ has a better success rate than Metro and is absorbed extraintestinally. But I am really losing my patience at this point. Its unfortunate Health Canada doesn’t make Nitazoxanide available. My guess is that they don’t simply because it doesn’t have multiple, commonly-prescribed uses and it is more expensive than ‘similar’, less effective drugs.

      How many days worth of Nitazoxanide were you prescribed by your doctor?? Really curious to know how much a doctor would give you, if they were just prescribing NTZ. I’ve read that 14 days is a typical dosage for Blasto…again, can’t speak on the efficacy of that duration. My doctor was going to try get 3 days worth for me via the Special Access program, but that would have cost $800 CAD, which is ridiculous.


      • Oh boy that’s alot! Just saying I would be cautious ordering medications from Mexico. I took a round of Bactrim that was all my doc would prescribe because CDC in USA says that’s the standard treatment and I felt a little better for about a week. I got an Rx from a doc for Nitazoxanide but just 3 days worth and it’s really expensive and I don’t feel well at all taking it, can’t imagine taking it for a month. It’s a pretty heavy duty drug. Anyway I found a website that has recommended protocols for these type of things that are all natural/herbal remedies but best to work with a practitioner because this stuff can make you really sick if you don’t know exactly what you’re dealing with and just start taking all thsee different drugs. It’s I read that paramomycin is a good drug to get rid of parasites. Good luck to you, I hope your protocol works!

    • I should add that by “another round”, what I really mean is that I have another round of Metronidazole on hand, plus the never before tried Paromomycin (aka Humatin). I previously took one round of Metronidazole, by itself, and it didn’t work, it didn’t finish the job. I am guessing it only killed the adults, but not all the cysts. I tested negative 3 weeks after finishing it, but it was a false negative. I tested positive 4 months later.

  72. Hi everyone,

    Great reading this blog. I have had problems since around Oct 2015 but I was living.working in a developing country (Indonesia) and thought it was one of the many every day bugs hanging around. I was basically taking po chai pills on the days it was more than I could ignore and that helped. The meal options where I live are basically rice, eggs, tempe and tiny portions of veg – mainly cabbage or some sort of leafy green (so kinda low fodmap anyway). Sambal (chilli with onion garlic etcs) comes with everything and didn’t upset me and I’m pretty much vegan in my eating habits and prefer asian rice based dishes over a western diet anyway.

    I didn’t have the runs, was some abdominal pain all over, always tired and small changes in bowel habits. And increasingly painful periods. I haven’t noticed anyone mention that in this thread yet, has anyone else experienced that? My whole life I’ve been exceedingly healthy apart from 2 years of Graves disease about 10 years ago. My 2 brothers are rife with autoimmune diseases though.

    I came home for christmas and had every test under the sun, ultrasounds, cameras checking out my insides, all the bloods and stool samples. The only thing that showed up was Blasto. one round general antibiotics (ciproflaxin?) seemed to fix it but over the next 2 months (once I was back in developing country) symptoms slowly reappeared. I came home again and did all the same tests and more – again only blasto showed. I went to my old naturopath 5 days ago, she put me on Bactrex and iberogast drops (to sooth symptoms? – doc prescribed that also) and recommended oregano oil, barberry, probiotics with SB flora and to follow fodmaps.

    I have found it hard to get my head around as I’m constipated not the other way, and symptoms are all over the place. like ALLover the place. I also had my first colonoscopy a few weeks ago because family history of cancer and my 45 yr old brother recently passed away from liver, bowel cancer, lung cancer : ( which is why I’m home again for a while. The stress of a death in the family plus not feeling 100% well for months plus the colonoscopy found a huge polyp which specialist said would have been cancerous if left for a few more years (as it was already so big). I basically broke down on the day of the colonoscopy after 2 days of fasting and no liquids all day until 3pm as the procedure was very late (supposed to happen at 10.30am). I was a mess.

    I haven’t felt the same since, bad problems with constipation, mental fatigue (to be expected after the last few months) sadness, a tight and hurting abdominal region, some sharp pains, painful periods. I’m basically living on bananas, rice and eggs lately and a tiny bit of low fodmap veges as I’m too scared to try other things and have it get worse. I feel physically best when I fast and stick to water but mentally fasting kills me.

    Reading this blog has been great but my mind is now reeling with so many things I ‘could’ be doing, and knowing my diet will become a lot more restricted once I’m back in Indonesia.

    My worry is, I have to return to my work in Indonesia for 4 months before I can be back in Oz, and many of the natural remedies I could get here are impossible there. So I don’t really know what to do…maybe carry a huge jingly suitcase of meds with me? My job requires I move around a lot and anything I take won’t be able to stay in a fridge all the time, so it’s not really an option. I’m really hoping the bactrex, priobiotics, SB flora, etc will make a difference. Any advice would be appreciated. But remember, when I say developing country I REALLY mean it, things we take for granted here are non existent there…fresh food and veg is almost non-existent and it’s a parasite paradise. I’m worried as I’m so run down something else will jump me. I’m trying to get back to a meditation routine before I go also.

    Sorry if I’ve rambled, it’s just all so new and scary and the last few months of my life have been full of enormous upheaval anyway, I usually bounce back from things and can look on the positive side but it’s pretty difficult at the moment.

    • Hi Trish, so sorry to hear this, and yes I can attest that I also have had extremely painful periods with this Blasto infection! Talk about a double whammy. You’re not the only one! I do believe now I got this from a trip to the Dominican Republic a couple years ago. Since then, I noticed an itchy butt, irregular bowel movements, chronic fatigue, mild depression, anxiety, irritability, chronic lower back/hip pains. And then later, diarrhea, mucus in stools, random eczema on my eyelids, hives on my legs/body, cramping in large colon, nausea, brain fog… There’s people who have ordered drugs off of – they ship international. Nitazoxanide is available on there for sale. I haven’t done this (yet) myself, but letting you know an option. I am supposed to discuss second line treatment with my doctor soon, seeing as how the first line treatment of Metronidazole failed (don’t take this drug).

      Here is a good article/study that states success rates using 1g (500mg twice daily) for 14 days to deal with a Blasto infection.


      As I mentioned earlier, I am no expert, but the poster Mike Hodgens at the top of this thread cites his success using Nitazoxanide for 30 days to clear his blasto infections on two separate occasions. I don’t think that taking a 3-day dose, which may work for the other bugs this drug is meant to treat, is sufficient. Blasto is way different and way harder to kill, simply because its an adaptable protozoan that will revert to the cyst form when under attack and actually reproduce more cysts – this is what it does when attacked by Metronidazole. At least a 2 week dose of Nitazoxanide (500mg twice daily), if not longer.

      Don’t lose hope, the good thing is you know what is causing your problems!

      I have never done a colonoscopy, and I was actually offered one, but I declined it because I didn’t want any more trauma to that area already. I am sure it was not pleasant. Take care of yourself, take it easy, so your body can bounce back from that trauma. Saccharomyces Boulardii are some good probiotic yeasts you can get and they’re sold on iHerb, which I think ships almost everywhere

      Also consider some L-Glutamine to help repair your gut. In my opinion, Saccharomyces Boulardii and L-Glutamine should be sold like some kind of Blasto “starter pack” or something…(some Blasto humor there for you)

      Also, don’t starve yourself. It causes too much stress, and your bowels are VERY sensitive to stress and negative emotions! Eat what makes you feel good and energetic, so that you can beat this. Lots of raw crushed garlice has helped me.

      Whatever you do, don’t take any Metronidazole. It gave me bloody mucus in my stool 3 to 4 weeks after taking it, and although it sort of calmed things down, it didn’t kill the blasto at all. It only caused it to hibernate in its defensive cyst form, repopulate with more cysts, and then re-hatch. There are plenty of recent medical articles that reveal that Metronidazole should not be considered a first line treatment any longer due to its failure rate and its promotion of resistance.

      If it was me, and I knew Indonesia gave me parasites, I would not go back. It wouldn’t be worth it. I certainly won’t be re-visiting the Dominican Republic.

  73. Hi,
    I started to get strange symptoms of shortness of breath, dizziness, jaw pain, not coping with stress as I normally did, brain fog and poor recovery from training/fatigue late last year. I finally got round to going to gp and got a positive blasto result from a stool test – think I got it drinking from an alpine/Mtn stream in koziosko np.
    I’ve tried most of the things you have:
    -sb flora active constantly – 4 a day
    – two scripts of tinidazole
    – I’ve been on 4 bacto-candi gi (oregano oil ++), though I might up this.
    My last stool test came back negative, but I don’t believe it – still have jaw pain when I stop taking sb floractiv and brain fog.. Even in the most relaxing settings.
    Not really sure where to go from here other than keep it up. Don’t really want to be dependant on all these tablets.

    • Hi Antony, how long after your tinidazole rounds did you take the stool test again? You should wait at least six weeks to retest. I retested too early the first time, which was about three weeks, after one round of metronidazole and it came back negative, You might want to retest again.

      I have the same symptoms as you do. I am constantly confused as to whether or not these are ‘allergy’ symptoms because they kind of feel the same, and my sinus seems to be irritated and inflamed, as though I have allergies. However, when I was gluten intollerant, I felt similarly, like I had sinus allergies. It seems like an immune response, similar to allergies, from the Blasto.

    • Hi Anthony,
      I get all if those symptoms as well if I have dairy, gluten or salicylates. Perhaps you have that problem too?

      As soon as I stop eating these, the symptoms subside and I feel normal again. Have you been to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital website and seen the book they publish which takes you through an elimination diet to work out what your intolerances are? Is not a cure, but definitely helps manage the symptoms. Book is called Elimination Handbook

      They also have a cookbook which helps as well.

    • I’ve read s.b probiotic has a 90% success rate according to some medical research papers. Taking 250mg twice daily.

      How long did you take the s.b for?

      I’m doing a 30 day nitazoxinade and thinking of starting s.b half way through.

  74. Hi Em

    Are you saying that you are no longer gluten intolerant? I had blasto and treated it successfully late last year (see my posts late last year), but am still gluten, dairy and salyicilate intolerant. When I am off these (particularly dairy and gluten), I feel good, but just a small stuff up and I am a basket case mentally and physically. Was hoping that by treating the blasto I would have improved intolerance.


    • No no, I mean, when I was still eating gluten, till age 24, I had the same immune system symptoms of allergies, IBS, etc. I am still gluten intollerant, I just don’t eat gluten any more! 🙂 I think gluten intollerance is a genetic thing, or your immune system has been programmed at some point to be gluten intollerant (maybe vaccines?) or something due to the genetically modified nature of today’s wheat that’s been engineered to contain more gluten (this is true, and the purpose of that is it preserves the grain from mold, pests, etc, while in storage). I don’t have the answer to that. Sorry for any confusion.

      I remember your post, you were on the cocktail of 4 drugs, including Septra, right? And you’re still doing well, no reinfection? I’m presently collecting samples for my next round of tests to see if the second cocktail I took beginning of May has done anything. I took 7 days of Metronidazole, and 10 days of Paromomycin/Humatin – that’s the Merck manual’s prescription for treating amoebiasis. I can’t tell if it worked or not. I don’t feel like I am better, although my referred back/joint pains have gotten much less acute – I did undergo some intense physiotherapy, accupuncture, and changed my footwear to support my lower back and hips more. I got my cat tested (three times) and my husband tested (once), they don’t have any blasto. Its just me. I have a 24 day supply of Nitazoxanide that I ordered online from MedsMex in Mexico because its not available in Canada (complicated cause I had to get a person in US to accept and remail the package to me, cause they also don’t mail to Canada). 8 packages (of 3 doses) is the max they could send me in one shipment. Will be curious to find out what my test results show.

  75. Sorry. I must have misread! I did have a post treatment test about 8 weeks after the cocktail and I was clear. But was just thinking that I should get retested to make sure all is still good.

    Sounds like a drama to get your meds. But hope it works. I don’t feel that much different either, only that the burning I used to get in my left side large intestine isn’t there and digestion improved a lot. Also don’t feel like I have the constant flu like symptoms.

    I think you are right about the wheat being bread for more gluten. Sounds similar to the salycilates in plants, which act as a natural resistant to pests and disease – perhaps the higher concentrations are the problem. I think it is more than genetic issue, since a lot of people seem to have the issues!

    Get your retest and keep us posted.


  76. Has anyone else in this thread, besides Mike Hodgens, had any success with erradicating Blasto by using just Nitazoxanide? He reports using it for 30 days straight. Wondering if anyone else tried a similar approach?

  77. Hi Em,

    I think that there is something to be said for both oral and colonic infusion. A few years back, I tried MMS treatment orally and it had a huge impact. I remember having a big improvement in my health, but I wasn’t cured. I also tried giving myself an enema with a weak solution of MMS. I noticed a white film came out which I assumed was the bacterial die off. Some mild improvement from that, but didn’t continue with it and instead opted for antibiotics.

    I actually think that it would be beneficial to come at it from both ‘angles’. But the biggest impact for me was oral (accounting for the fact that I was at my worst at that time).


    • Thanks Chris for sharing your experience. Just read something about MMS, and it sounds like it is a toxic bleach chemical compound, and there are several deaths from it, as well as renal failure. I don’t think I would be including that in my treatment. The thought of giving myself a Paromomycin enema crossed my mind, but as I am not a medical professional, I would not know how to administer this at the correct dose. (I don’t suggest anyone do this without understanding the absorbtion rate and the possible toxic outcomes of doing this with any drug – don’t forget your colon absorbs things straight into your bloodstream and liver). I would leave that to the doctors at the CDD.

  78. Hi Em. I wouldn’t recommend MMS unless you do your research. As you read the material around it and get past the initial scare campaigns, you see that it is safe to use as a weak solution. In fact, my local compounding chemist sells it! I can only talk from my personal experience and it helped me a lot.

    I think in general you have to be careful with enemas as you can unintentionally introduce pathogens into your system if not taking all precautionary steps. It is amazing how sensitive our intestines are to foreign substances!


      • I am actually a scientist myself (a PhD in social sciences) – I get the nature of the debate from both sides. But, I have come to learn that knowledge is rarely black and white – even the most pre-eminent scientist disagree about fundamentals, especially when something is left field like MMS and one can only come to an on balance conclusion in most instances.

        I can also only tell you about my own experiences, which is that it helped me a lot at a time when I was very sick – it was a breakthrough moment, when the many Drs I had couldn’t help me. It certainly did me no harm.

        Yes, Jim Humble is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but the reality is, that no one is selling anyone on anything. It cost me $20AU for the MMS from my compounding chemist – so profit is not the motivator here and I didn’t get the impression that ego was either.

        I researched it thoroughly, read about other people’s experiences (mostly very positive) and decided it was worth a try if used conservatively – it helped. May not work for someone else and I certainly wouldn’t be prescriptive in that sense. Everyone has to decide for themselves and as you say, come to their own conclusion.

    • HI Chris,

      Fair enough. If it worked for you, that’s great. I happened to run accross this blog article recently and thought I’d share since it came up.

      I’d say that even commonly touted “cures” or “therapies” can be harmful to certain people who are intollerant or cannot benefit for any specific reason. I can’t take Turmeric in excess, for example, because it makes me severely anemic…and I know this because it happened to me. (Some people are genetically pre-disposed to anemia from excess Turmeric because their livers stop metabolizing iron to red blood cells). Basically, something can work well for a lot of people but for some people, it won’t. Most of the time, you don’t know until you actually try it.


  79. Hi everyone,
    I had the triple antibiotic infusion about 6 weeks ago but went straight overseas due to family matters and haven’t been retested to see if it was eradicated or
    Not. Symptoms have remained the same however unfortunately; bloating & food intolerances mainly, but will keep fingers crossed this subsides! Will keep you posted once retested.

    Take care!

  80. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that even though I did not yet get re-tested for Blasto, I think I might have been successful in getting rid of this parasite via method similar to the one recommended here:
    I put myself on Quinfamide\Albendazole, Secnidazole, Rifaximin, and a few doses of Nitazoxanide(there is some uncertainty how effective it is really). Etofamide/Quinfamide are sibling anti-protozoan drugs.

    • Actually Lambda, there are plenty of studies stating that Nitazoxanide is highly effective, *if used for the correct period of time* (at least 14 days or more). There are also studies that show the combination of Metronidazole/Flagyl (7-10 days) followed by Paromomycin (7-10 days) to be effective. Can’t personally vouch for any of these at the moment, however. Waiting for test results.

  81. Hi, so I met with the infectious disease specialist that was managing my case, did my third retests (July 15/16/17) about 6.5 weeks after the second treatment (x17 days) I did ending May 31 2016, and my 3 stool tests came back all clear for Blastocystis. (7 days metronidazole, followed by 10 days paromomycin)

    I am skeptical because I still have irritable bowel pains and cramping, referred pain in my lower back and hip joints which radiates into my legs and knees, trouble waking up in the morning, cramping in the morning, headaches, sinus pain and overall blahness. Not sure if I have an environmental allergen causing all this havok, or if its blasto, or if its “irritable bowel disease”. The doctor suggested I have irritable bowel disease (IBD or IBS) and to go for a colonoscopy, which I will finally do, so they can tell me if there is something structurally wrong with my colon/intestines.

    My first retest was after my first treatment in October (10 days metronidazole) and that came back negative in November, after 4 weeks post-treatment. Which was too early – don’t retest that early. Because in Feb, I retested for the second time, after the first treatment, and it came back positive. So the first was a false negative. And proof that Metronidazole is not a good first line of defense by itself. Then I was transferred to a specialist, waited some time to get to see them, and I did the second round of treatment in May, after which I retested in mid-July, with the results coming back negative.

    So based on that first false negative test result experience, I will be sure to test again in about 3 months time to see if it is still gone or if it has grown back. The specialist said don’t come back. He won’t retest me again because he thinks Blasto is not the culprit. He said, if you still feel crappy then maybe its not the Blasto. He says, you probably have IBD/IBS, and to get a colonoscopy. But I can get my family doctor/GP or a walk in clinic doctor to do the test again. i didn’t feel like arguing with the specialist. Before coming to his conclusion, the specialist did say, “You’ve heard of Nitazoxanide? Its an expensive option for this”. And I was like yes, I ordered some from Mexico, their national brand name (Daxon), in case I need it. And his eyes widened.

    I’m having some stress on the job (leaving my job at the end of the month to go back to school for a year) which is causing some strain on my body/mind due to associated work drama, and this might be aggravating whatever residual IBS/IBD I have going on. And because of the stress, I have been eating not so well, which only compounds things.

    • I hope that it is negative permanently for you! I will be awaiting your reply as that may be the same treatment I will request, if this one fails. Please let us know if you get an all clear! It would help us all out immensely. I am in Canada as well, so it’s hard for me to get the Nitazoxanide.

  82. True. Although I both think we would accept that MMS would be considered a little more controversial than Tumeric! I certainly don’t defend or recommend MMS in anyway. I guess my point is that alternative approaches to cure and treatment will always attract suspicion and derision from the establishment because their is an inherent vested interest. For that reason I try and keep my eyes wide open even with so called ‘Quackery’ or ‘ accepted main stream approaches. We can only act on the knowledge/evidence we have and make the best decision we can. A part of that for me with MMS was getting multiple perspectives. All too often though, the people who are quick to dismiss alternative cures aren’t the ones suffering with the illness and have little empathy for those of us who are! I would rather hear from other sufferers and make judgements based on their experience and evaluate that with the science where available. The two together often make a good combination! But in the same way, the science often only tells a generalised and impersonal tale for cure, but all of us in this forum would recognise that our health is so individualised (which I think was your original point).

  83. Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to let you know that I had the triple antibiotic infusion back in mid June, did final stool testing and results are negative!!! Parasite eradicated! Well worth the treatment if you’re like me, suffered with symptoms and food intolerances for years and are just frankly over it!! Yes it was expensive, but a small price to pay to have your health back. Cannot thank the CDD enough. Am also able to eat whatever foods I like, however still some bloating which should subside over the next few months.


      • Hey there, I’m living in Melbourne and have recently tested positive for Blasto. I have been suffering from ‘food intolerances,’ fatigue, bloating, diarrhoea and many other systems since 2011 and suspect this parasite is the reason.
        I was prescribed the Metronidazole to try but haven’t taken it yet as I’ve just started reading up about it not working most of the time.
        I am also just over being sick 24/7 so looking into the triple antibiotic infusion in Sydney or the triple drug therapy that they offer orally!

        Are you able to let me know how much you paid for the infusion?
        and what side effects did you get from it?

        Thanks in advance!
        hoping you see this as it’s a year that has past

  84. Hello group,

    I received back my second test result as ‘negative’ – I retested once in July, and then again recently in September, and both results came back negative. This was after the month-long treatment I did in May, taking 7 days of metronidazole(Flagyl), followed by 10 days of Paromomycin(Humatin). (for those who don’t know, I did a first course of metronidazole in Oct 2015 for 10 days, but then tested positive later in February 2016, after testing negative immediately after the first October treatment in Nov 2015.)

    I followed the Merck medical handbook’s suggestion of that combination for amoebiasis, because at the time my doctor was only willing to prescribe me Paromomycin by itself for 7 days…so I got my hands on more metronidazole and more paromomycin to replicate the suggested dosage in the Merck medical handbook. I still have 24 days worth of Nitazoxanide that I ordered online from but haven’t used it. I will keep it in case I need it again.

    I feel like the burning and aching sensations in my gut and large colon are no longer noticeable, however, I still have a very sensitive bowel. I probably have some lingering IBS. I still have some lower back pain, and I am not sure if the blasto infection caused that or if it was a combo of the blasto, my muscles clenching up from the irritation of the blasto infection thus irritating my joints, my terrible mattress that I need to replace, and the emotional stress of dealing with blasto. I have been also dealing with cat and wool allergies within my home, so that may be adding to my general discomfort, and those were symptoms that I may have confused with the blasto infection. I am having a hard time believing the negative results, after being plagued with it for over a year or more. I am cautiously optimistic about my two negative results. Hope this helps.

    I will probably retest myself again later to confirm the two previous tests.


    • Hello
      I have checked on this comment string from time and time and am happy to see some new contributions this year. I have had blasto for over 18 years now and still searching for a cure. Tried many things including the month long Nitazoxanide. It failed. Not only did if fail but it actually spread my infection from my one hot spot on the right side to two hot spots, one right and now one left. It made me so ill that I had water just pouring out of me upwards of 8 times a day. I lost over 20 pounds and when I got to day 22 came to realize that this was not die off but adverse reactions to the drug. For me – it was so clearly not the answer. I did email

      I’m interested in the newer approach of a 10 day follow up to drug of choice with Paromomycin(Humatin).


      • Yikes, Karen, that trip with Nitazoxanide sounds quite horrible. I ordered 24 days worth from MexMeds, but never ended up using it. I still have it on hand though. As you read, I did use the Metronidazole for 7 days, and then the Paromomycin for 10 right after. The Paromomycin was noticeably more tolerable than the Metronidazole. However, for about 3-5 months post-treatment, I still had imbalances, discomfort, odd pains and irregularities in my bowel, which was confusing (for both myself and my physicians, and I believe it caused both of us to draw incorrect conclusions at the time), but understandable, given the potency of the drugs themselves and their ability to unbalance your internal environments. I would say its worth a try, regardless.

        Here is the link:

      • Hi Karen,

        I’ve just started Nitazoxinade I’m on day 3 so far. I have to say it’s a walk in the park compared to me metronitazol. However I’ve read lots of people who say you feel better by the third day…I don’t. I still have pain. ive also started getting anxiety since starting….very annoying. What dose were you taking?

        I’m really hoping that this kills the blasto…I have another 27 days to go I guess. I’ve read this has a 90% success rate. I could take the triple therapy.,. Paramycin is very toxic to the ears and I had vertigo after the metronitazol.

        If this fails I’m going to start S.Boulardi this probiotic has good success too.

        I still can’t believe how many doctors don’t accept this parasite as an issue. Either we are all being horribly misdiagnosed or the medical system works wide sucks!

        I hope you find something that works!

  85. I got what you mean , regards for putting up.Woh I am thankful to find this website through google. “I would rather be a coward than brave because people hurt you when you are brave.” by E. M. Forster.

  86. Hi everyone, well after years of stomach issues and lots of worldly traveling I finally found a wonderful wholistic doctor who gave me extensive blood test and a stool test. BEsides mercury levels that are sky high I have the unwelcome visitors of Blasto. SO I am on my third day of Secnidazole 400 mg three times daily, Diloxanide 500mg three times daily, Doxycycline 100mg twice daily for 10 days. Pure planet organic parasite cleanse and lots of probiotics and fermented foods plus colonics mid way through. Not cheap to see this doctor but so worth it. He has lots of experience and success with this. His name is Dr. Greg Emerson in Logan, Seth East QLD. I have also cut out grains, sugar and unhealthy food. My only issue is my husband who is a pilot and I am sure he has it! Just talking him into taking a test now. Once this parasite is out of my beautiful body I don’t want it back. Wish me luck fellow Blasto Busters.

  87. It’s not easy! I’ve been trying to kill my blasto for over a year. I tried Flagyl twice and recently tried nitazoxinade but it made my heart race and gave terrible pain in my bones. I only managed to do 4 days. I’m now treating this naturally. I’ve cut out sugar, gluten, alcohol and dairy. I’m getting tested for food intolerances to see exactly what I need to cut out. After all you can’t live off nothing. S boulardii is meant to be great. My stomach is too broken and damaged so I have to repair it first. I’m taking L glutamine and lauricacid. I’m taking the Sibo test as my natropath wants to see if we are dealing with a bacteria over growth too.

    Eating papaya seeds for 7 days is meant to be a sure thing to kill it if your stomach isn’t broken. Good luck!

  88. An update – I received my 3rd round of stool tests back, since doing the second round of treatment (Metronidazole x7 days, and Paromomycin x10 days immediately after, for span of 17 days total) back in May 2016, and all tests returned negative. Similar to what you also experienced, Sarah, the first round of Flagyl aka Metronidazole by itself did not yield negative test results – in fact I scored a false negative result, after which the second done a few months later scored positive – took a while for it to grow back after that one round but it did eventually. After which I did the second round of treatment using the two drugs mentioned above, and so far, I have tested negative since May 2016, which is 8 months of being free from Blasto. I do believe it worked for me.

    I have to add that my medical history includes gluten intolerance, with possible Celiac – I never tested myself for Celiac at the time, just cut out gluten and felt A LOT better, so many problems including leaky gut were contributing to bad health and poor immune system – I tested myself recently for Celiac, but tests were not conclusive because I have no gluten antibodies because I haven’t eaten it in 13 years! To any one with intestinal issues, I would suggest getting tested for food allergies, to start. A homeopath pin pointed my gluten intolerance, and I credit her to my regaining my health at age 24.

    Currently however, I have realized I may be developing mild fibromyalgia as a result of neglected asthma and allergic response to environmental triggers in my home – I own a “hypo-allergenic” cat, but I am allergic to cats (DUH!), and I have dust mites as a result of all the fur buildup. Our building also uses Glade Plugins in the lobby and some other units on my floor seem to use them too, and I’ve just logged a complaint regarding the downstairs ones in the lobby – they are major triggers for my asthma. Anyways, long story short – I may be clear of Blasto, but my problems are not over – I have to deal with the allergens that are triggering an all-over immune reaction that does contribute to my chronic fatigue, lowered immunity, and irritable bowels – little did I know that environmental allergies (the histamine response, via mast cells) can cause such havoc. But turns out they can. I’ve noticed this for the last 4 years, since I first got my cat and lived in this condo. I’ll be looking to rehome my cat and do some major indoor cleanup and get an air purifier.

    • Hi Em,

      If you are reacting to scents have you thought that you may be salycilate sensitive? Early on in my journey I used to feel immediately sick to my stomach if I smelled strong scents like perfume or nail polish.

      Just a thought.


      • Hi Chris,

        I am not sure about salycilates – I can take Aspirin without a reaction, although I don’t typically take it longer than 2 days at most. Apparently its the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the Glade Plugins that trigger my asthma. I don’t know what they put in those things, but they are pure poison. I don’t wear any perfume as I’m sensitive to strong smells and I don’t ear nail polish cause I think its toxic and yucky. …I’m one of *those* people, lol. I clean with Green Works line by Clorox because it doesn’t aggravate my allergies. My mom used to clean with Mr. Clean, and wow, that triggered me so badly I would get so angry, haha. But yeah, not sure about salycilates. I hate the smell of car exhaust too. I’m just one of those people who is very sensitive to chemicals.


  89. Hi Anne
    I am not sure why you are so against the antibitotics if it works. I found this blog in September 2015 and posted that I was having the triple biotic treatment through the Sydney Clinic which has been mentioned many times here. Yes I went on the treatment and was very sick for 10 days, but I was tested a few months late and was clear of the Blasto and Dientameoba in my system.

    I tried lots of other remedies often mentioned here but none of it worked for me and despite reading just about every post in this forum, they don’t work for anyone else it seems.

    My health overall and gut has improved dramatically since that time – I am good 95% of the time, am back exercising, and working. I still have food intolerances, but I am assuming that this is to do with gut healing which may take a few years. Compare this to how I was – sick nearly everyday, unable to work, joint pain, severe brain fog and so on and I feel as though the antibiotics are a miracle even though they were a last resort.

    I know everyone has their own journey, and this Blasto infection is a nasty business. I guess my view is that the antibiotics are the less of two evils and it isn’t legitimate use antibiotics that is the problem, it is the use of them fornevery minor ailment. Your parasite infection does not fit into that category! Anyway, I thought I would share as I empathise with where you are at.


    • Hi Chris, Not sure if I’m the Ann you mean because I can’t find my earlier comment! Anyway, I actually did take metranidazole (Flagyl) on my doctor’s advice. Bad choice! For one week I felt as though I was free from blasto. But then the symptoms returned, worse than ever. I’ve since learned from a number of specialists in parasitic diseases (many from India – the home of parasites, and where I was doing volunteer work for three years, and obviously picked up the Blasto in 2011) – that antibiotics are not the recommended treatment among most specialists in this area, because they kill off the weak parasites, and allow the rest to grow stronger than ever. Multiple antibiotic therapy can be more successful, but apparently plays havoc with a weak digestive tract..

      Now, 7 months since my original blasto diagnosis, I feel like I’m winning the battle, but it has been a long haul. I’ve gone down from 67kg to 59kg (didn’t mind that too much because it was mostly belly fat I lost!!), and am on a very healthy diet – no refined carbs, low wheat, no sugar, loads of greens, moderate protein and fat. In addition I’m taking daily probiotics, especially saccharomyces boulardii, and several other nutritional supplements. I recently tried both oil of oregano and olive leaf (both of which have been recommended for Blasto), and was violently ill 3-4 hours after taking them. Never again!

      I still often feel exhausted in the mornings, but by early afternoon I’ve picked up (this could also be due to the fact that I’ve worked for years as a nurse, and spent the last ten years of my nursing on night duty – something that was guaranteed to make me feel sleepy in the mornings!! My weight has remained on 59kg for the past four months, which is probably due to my low carb diet.Basically, blastocystis hominis is NOT a nice parasite, because it is so hard to get rid of. Even when it is confronted with strong antibiotics, it tends to morph into a cyst-like form which is resistant to attack, and can ‘hide’ in remote parts of the body that are hard for antibiotics to access. I call it the “War of the Bugs”!

      Finally, this article from India includes a vital factor that none of the other research considers: the effect of STRESS on parasitic infection. Last year I experienced a greater level of stress than I have ever had before, and that is when the parasite, which had being lying dormant in my system since 2011, reared its ugly head and created such havoc. This confirms what I have believed for years, and it has been confirmed in my nursing experience: PROLONGED STRESS CAN BE LETHAL!

      • Hi Ann,

        I completely agree with the stress causing the emergence or susceptibility to Blasto. Some of the most stress I was having was around that time. I struggle with anxiety and higher stress response, because, according to my DNA testing (uploaded to for methylation profile) I have the MAO-A mutation, meaning I lack the enzyme to break down stress hormones, thus leaving me in a longer sustained “fight or flight” response when stimulated by stress. It’s also called “The Warrior Gene” or more affectionately, “The Worrier Gene”. Its not uncommon, and coupled with modern lifestyle, it can really break you down. I was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I think its a cumulative response to stress both to the nervous system and the immune system. The nervous system (and soft tissues, like joints and the digestive system) is home to many mast cells, which are cells that secrete Histamine, the inflammatory, allergic response chemical. And stress only causes more of it to be produced. That is my theory as to why fibromyalgia happens. And there is a higher incidence of fibromyalgia in women. I think women are naturally more hormonally sensitive (we have so many more alternating and circulating chemicals than men) and we are being overworked, frankly, and our bodies cannot handle it. I also know that my home environment has some allergy triggers that have since triggered sinusitis and asthma. I just recently got over my first bout of adult shingles at age 36. I’ve been in a very stressful post-graduate program this years after quitting my job, and making no money for this long is also stressful. But I digress! I need to go back to yoga, and I’ve started meditating with a free app called “OMG I can meditate”. And trying to make more of an effort to do less and take time to relax, do gentle exercise and other relaxing activities. I think our minds are so ramped up due to our technologically driven lives, we forget how to unplug, and our bodies are not able to have some repair time. So here’s to shutting off the facebook and emails 🙂

  90. I’m personally not again antibiotics. However my doctor has said doing the triple therapy is no longer an option for me. My stomach is extremely damaged and they think I may have damaged my ears from the Zantec and other antibiotics. That’s is why my only option is the natural way. My Gp has said there has been success taking strong wild oregano oil and strong enzymes in combination with diet.

  91. Hi Bass.

    I found that for many years I had a lot of issues with tightness in my muscles and inflammation – was very stiff. I am not sure if that was to do with parasites or with my food intolerances. I did notice that once I had become aware of my food intolerances and went off gluten and dairy and learned to deal with salycilates that these symptoms got a lot better. Have improved a lot now that the parasites are gone. Not sure if that helps.


  92. I am senstitive to those smells too. You can tell if it is salycilates if you reach a threshold. Try overdosing on spices, mints, coffee, tea and the like. Do tumhis for a couple of days. If are intolerant you will end up with headaches and nausea. But for it to work you need to reach a threshold, which comes from repeated doses. You may not be, but it was just a thought. I deal with it by exercising a lot and having saunas to sweat the sals out of my system. Works well for me.


    • That’s interesting, Chris. Recently, I do recall that I drank two large, strong mint teas from Tim Horton’s in one day, and I came down with a headache, and I just thought to myself, “Hm, musta had too much strong mint tea today…too much of a good thing”. You might be on to something. I can’t tolerate coffee. So I usually drink just one cup of green tea daily. I used to drink coffee as a teenager and 20-something and I know it didn’t sit well with me. I do actually have very bad sleep if I eat something spicy, and it causes poor digestion, and I might wake up feeling nauseous the next morning. And you know, now that I think of it, I can’t take aspirin more than 2 days straight because I start to feel irritated by it. So again, you might be right. I wouldn’t say that I have an acute allergy to it, like some people, but if it builds up in my system, it might become irritating and cause headaches and stomach upset. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

      • Failsafe is a good source, but the ultimate authority on this topic is the researchers at the Royal Price Alfred Hospital in Australia. They have published a book which is available in pdf format. You should read it because it will tell you all you need to know and how to reduce and manage the symptoms.

        I can pretty much guarantee you that if you follow their recommendations your sensitivity to smells, headaches and asthma will reduce dramatically. They also have a cookbook that you can buy which is useful as well. Your body can build up a tolerance to salycilates overtime, and I use exercise to sweat them out of my system – it helps a lot. There are also different remedies you can buy from a compounding chemist that can help reduce the effects of them on your body.

        Click to access RPAH-Elimination-Diet-Handbook-with-food-shopping-guide.pdf

    • Omg, haha, I have to comment on this – Cinnamon dry, powder 15.2 – I eat cinnamon in my oatmeal with green tea… 🙂 Also, check out those spices – Curry 218 – :O – and i love the taste of curry, but no wonder I feel terrible after it, haha. That’s why I only have it when I’m eating out, which is not often. Well, this sure is eye-opening.

      • One other thing that I have learned is that we are often addicted to the foods that we have intolerances to. It is why I always loved licorice and peppermints- used to eat heaps of it!

  93. Hi, I have had blastocysts hominis for the past four years and I am currently in treatment for it now using metronidazole. I am still bloated every day though, will this ever go away? Are you completely healthy now and not bloated every day?

  94. Don’t waste your time with metronitazol 70% of people don’t get cured using that antibiotic. Either use the triple therapy or save damaging your gut and use s boulardi (probiotic) or other natural treatments. I’ve done all the antibiotics and still have blasto. My gut is so damaged I now have food intolerances to gluten, eggs, dairy and bananas. Wish I’d never done the antibiotics. Good luck it’s a nasty parasite x

    • You are not 100% correct Sarah. I took metronidazole once and it didn’t clear, but then when I took it with Paromomycin, my last three tests since May have been clear. This is following the Merck Manual’s actual suggestions for treatment for Amoebiasis, as I’ve posted above previously. So Alex, try to get yourself 7-10 days worth of Metronidazole and 10 days worth of Paromomycin, and use Metro first, then Paro second. The metro only kills the non-cyst Blasto. Paro kills the cycsts. And that combination of killing both the non-cyst and cyst forms of blasto is what makes this combo recommended by Merck, and is the theory behind the triple therapy. Metro by itself will not do the job. Many doctors will not realize that this is the case and will only give you one drug at a time.

  95. I don’t think you can necessarily blame anti-biotics for the food intolerances. I am someone who has had very few anti-biotic treatments in my lifetime and hadn’t for at least 10 years or so when I developed food intolerances. I agree that the triple-biotic therapy is the way to go as it cleared my Blasto and Dientameoba parasites and I am now so much better than I have been for years (have you tried Lglutamine, probiotics and a high fibre low processed food diet to rebuild your system?)

    There have also been a number of people on this forum who say that they got rid of their parasites using anti-biotics. I am not advocating the misuse of anti-biotics, but in cases where it is deperately needed, I do advocate it.

    On the other hand, I tried a number of healthier alternatives without success including s boulardi and I am yet to hear anyone indicate that this has worked for them in this forum.

    Yes, Alex, bloating should subside in my experience. But it took me a few months or so for that to occur once digestion settled down.


  96. The ER doc said the parasite might have triggered an auto immune response hence all the food intolerances, but then the blood work all came back negative. My natruropath said amount of antibiotics I’ve taken over the last year have destroyed my gut. Iv never had any allergies, intolerances or stomach issues prior to getting blasto. I tried the triple therapy and it didn’t work for me. Now my doctor has even told me not to take any more antibiotics. I’ve not eaten any sugar, gluten or dairy for 8 months this thing is impossible to kill.

    I think it all depends how long you’ve had it. I’ve had it 4 yrs. if you catch it early I think it’s much easier to treat.

    • I agree that the parasite infection would trigger a massive auto-immune reaction, as will the antibiotics. While the combination of Metronidazole and Paromomycin worked for me, it was no walk in the park either! For about 3 solid months after, I couldn’t tell if I was better because the intestinal pains persisted. Now, I can say that I feel better than I did before, for sure. It took, what, over 8 months to feel a difference, and I am still not 100% – because the immune response was so great, I am still struggling with my sensitivities to environmental allergies triggered by things like dust mites, cat dander, mold found in my home. Which I will need to remove. The mast cells in your body that produce the histamine and other inflammatory chemicals in response, they are aggravated and it takes a while for them to become less active, especially if you have become sensitized to either food allergy triggers or environmental allergy triggers like I have. Jackie Delaney of the Bad Bugs website, who promotes the triple therapy, writes about her mast cells’ role in still feeling ‘sick’ after testing clear for Blasto. So yes, I would agree that the immune system does become affected.

      • Hey i’m just wondering how you got your hands on Paromomycin? I’ve read on some websites that its not readily available in Australia as it isn’t doctors preferred course of treatment.

        I’m going to go back next week to see if they will prescribe me some and I’ll take in some of this info to show them some proof of why not to just take metronidazole.

        Did you find it was hard to get Paromomycin? / how did you go about it?

        Thanks in advance 🙂

      • Hi Maisy,

        I don’t know about the availability of Paromomycin (aka Humatin) in Australia, since I live in Canada. I think someone told me that it is available there (I think it was Jackie from the Bad Bugs website?). I got the Paromomycin after I saw an infectious disease specialist in Canada, who I was referred to after exhausting options with (and the patience of) my GP. You’ll need to first confirm with a pharmacy if Paromomycin is available to you there. And then go about trying to get a prescription. In cases like this, you sometimes have to be ‘creative’, and it might mean you need to visit more than one doctor to get the meds you need. If necessary, ask one for Metro and one for Paro, because lots of doctors don’t seem eager to prescribe two things at once.

        Try printing out the Merck medical guide for treating Blasto (referred to as Amebiasis), which details the Metro/Paro dual treatment as a ‘standard practice’. That I think is the most persuasive piece of medical evidence for that line of treatment.
        Note this sentence: “Although metronidazole and tinidazole have some activity against E. histolytica cysts, they are not sufficient to eradicate cysts. Consequently, a 2nd oral drug is used to eradicate residual cysts in the intestine.” – that is what most people overlook.

        You can try looking online at MedsMex to see if they have the drugs you’re looking for. They don’t require a prescription.

        Good luck.

      • I was just wondering but how did you find the paromycin compared to the metronidazole? I too live I Canada and have done all the antibiotics several times I even paid a doctor in the UK for Nitrazoxinade which didn’t work.
        Have you now tested negative?

      • Hi Sarah,

        I remember that I found the Paromomycin to be less harsh than the Metronidazole. That stuff is just horrible. Neither one is great, but the Metronidazole is a special kind of yuck. The less often you have to take it, the better. And if you’re going to take it, then by all means, take it in conjunction with another drug because it won’t do the job by itself.

        The two tests I did following the last course of Metronidazole and Paromomycin were both negative.

      • Hi Maisy,

        A quick search online shows that this Australian compounding pharmacy has Paromomycin. Its located north of Sydney and takes phone orders. So some pharmacies should have it. Its not common to *all* pharmacies, even in Canada, there were some that didn’t have it in stock, so I had to fill my prescription with a location that did have it in stock. It just takes some searching and detective work.

      • Thanks Em! Really helpful! My doctor wouldn’t give me anything besides 400mg tablets of metronidazole and said nothing stronger will be prescribed to me until I try two rounds of it and it fails. – I don’t want to continuously be taking rounds of antibiotics when it has a terrible success rate. So I’m just going to take the Metronidazole and order myself Paromomycin online, to take for 9 days straight after. Along with woodworm and black walnut capsules and eating no starch and no sugar the whole time. I need this parasite out of my body, it has been 6 years too long! So if the doctor won’t help me, I’ll just have to take care of it myself! Fingers crossed 🙂

      • No problem. Just a heads up, I tried taking “natural” anti parasite things like wormwood and black walnut, and they really messed me up. Not a good experience. I personally would not take those again, and not in conjunction with conventional meds. When you buy natural products with that much potency and which are meant to be medicinal, rather than a more benign nutritional product, its never guaranteed that they are in the right dose, the right concentration, the right quality, the right effectiveness, etc. That’s my personal opinion. Best of luck.

      • Hey sorry, one more question.
        Could you please let me know how many tablets per day you had of both antibiotics and how many milligrams per tablet?

      • Hi Maisy,

        To answer your question, the Metronidazole was 500mg, 1 capsule 3 x a day (for 10 days, but I couldn’t handle more than 7 days the second time around taking this, so i stopped at 7), followed by Paromomycin (aka Humatin) which was 250mg, 2 capsules 3 x a day (for 10 days) (so essentially same amount 500mg x 3 as the Metro, it was just broken into 250mg capsules).

  97. I’ve read this is an effective treatment, if the parasite isn’t already immune to metronitazol. I didn’t say it never works, I said 70% of people who take it don’t have success.

    I’m really glad this worked for you and hope it does for others. Unfortunately I took metronitazol twice and it had no effect on my Blasto. Therefore taking it a 3 time with a second antibiotic won’t do anything. There are 9 different strains of blasto, 3 of which are extremely difficult to kill.

    My doctor who works with the CDD told me not to take any more antibiotics as my body is too damaged. He gave me a natural treatment which he has cured patients with. Several strong enzymes, strong wild organic oregano oil and a few other things which I will have to look up. Right now I’m trying to reduce the inflammation and control the food intolerances. The pain has been too much.

    • Sarah, let me clarify – there are two forms taken by Blasto organisms – the CYST form and the non-cyst form. They cyst form has a hard outer shell, like an egg. The non-cyst form doesn’t have the same hard outer shell, and it “travels” because it is an active form of Blasto. The cyst form stays put in the lining of the gut. Metro is absorbed by your tissues and bloodstream so that it can get the Blasto that travels in its active form. Paromomycin is not absorbed by your tissues or blood stream, and gets the Blasto in the cyst form in the lining of the gut with the harder outer shell. That’s the science behind each medication. Blasto isn’t entirely “immune” to Metronidazole – it is only the CYST form of Blasto that is not killed by it, because it doesn’t do anything to it’s outer shell. The other active forms of Blasto are killed by Metro. So really, its as though you are infected with TWO types of parasites, and you’ve only been taking the medication to kill one of them, leaving the other to proliferate and reproduce because that form is not susceptible to Metro, or to use your words, “immune”. The cyst form is however susceptible to Paromomycin. That’s why you take them in combination – you are hitting the non-cysts and the cysts with a one-two punch. If you just take Metro, you’re only hitting them with one punch. You’ve never tried the Metro/Paro combo, so technically, there is no way to say that it would be ineffective. One dose of Metro was not effective for me either. Until I used the two in combination.

    • There are a couple studies that you can read – it shows how a sample population of people infected with Blasto were treated with a variety of methods, including the triple therapy, as well as the Metro/Paro combo. The Metro/Paro combo showed success.

      The latter study shows several cases treated with Paro, one of which is resolved with Paro/Metro.

      Treatment failure in patients with chronic Blastocystis infection

      Also, this study:

      Cutaneous Lesions in Blastocystis hominis Infection

    • I want to reiterate that Metronidazole *on its own*, is not considered to be an effective “first-line” treatment of Blasto by the more enlightened doctors. There is a high chance of regrowth. Because they realize the dual form of Blasto organisms. And there is a lot of literature and research studies to back this up. Also, you have to consider that most studies, when they say it is not an effective first-line treatment, they mean *on its own*. On its own, it only kills the non-cyst forms. So logically, another drug needs to accompany it in order to target the cyst forms. Which is why the studies that note any kind of successful outcome using Metro, are usually accompanied by a drug that targets the cysts, like Paro.

  98. Its awful isn’t it. I wish doctors would take it more seriously. I had to go through a private Dr in the UK as all the doctors in Canada thought I was mad, and told me to see a therapist as you cant get ill from blasto. I love the badbugs website, Jackie has been very helpful. I’ve never had an allergy to anything and my stomach has never been an issue prior to this. Now I’m barely able to eat anything without being in pain, I’m dizzy and my heart races.. My naturopath and doctor are helping me heal through an elimination diet, and going to try and reverse some of the intolerances. I’ve been off work for almost a year and desperately need my life back.

    if I over come this ill post in an update in a few months.

  99. Thank you for taking the time to explain this however I am fully aware. I agree that the paramycin will kill the eggs, however each time I have taken metronitazol I have become sicker than before (and I’m not talking about side effects from medication). Each doctor I’ve met has said that certain types of blasto become immune to metronitazol. The more you take it the more it becomes immune. We hear the science behind this on a regular basis…bacteria, viruses becoming immune to antibiotics. Typically when a drug wipes out the active parasite but not the cysts they have some temporary relief until the cysts move on to the next stage. Also what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the next. If I hadn’t already taken metronitazol so many times I would probably try your combination.

    If you’ve been cured your are lucky. You have to understand that some of us have tried many antibiotic combinations that havnt worked and are still suffering.

    • No worries, Susan. I just wanted to clarify why I felt the way I do about Metronidazole. I had a great disdain for it, when I found out that using it by itself was ineffective and that my Canadian GP refused to prescribe anything else, and just had no clue as to how to treat this – I was transferred to an infectious diseases specialist who was also somewhat difficult to deal with, but ultimately, I got what I needed out of her. Having said that, its probably the nastiest medication I’ve taken that I was able to “stomach” for that amount of time. I hope that you can find a way to deal with your case. I found that lessening the load on my immune system was helpful, and I found avoiding stress was really important for me too.

  100. Thanks, I’m so glad that you were able to get through to your infectious dr. Mine was useless at toronto east gen. Would be great if there was somewhere you could just check into and get treated with the right meds the first time. Imagine! Instead people spend months convincing doctors that their pain is real and researching drugs that work (usually after several failed attempts).

    • Hi to Em and Sarah from another Canadian with Blasto. This is a very informative thread and it’s great to hear updates from those that have done treatments. My story is similar…a lifetime of minor gastro issues that I assumed were normal (rumbly gut, excessive flatulence, constipation, skin inflammation) because my Mother suffered same. Always lived a healthy lifestyle, had a veg garden with chickens, and only took Antibiotics about 2-3 times in life. 10 years ago I gave birth after a fantastic pregnancy and health slowly started downhill. A year after fell ill with a wicked case of gastroenteritis and from there I continued to lose weight, develop more food sensitivities, undigested food, lose hair, horrible skin inflammations, mouth ulcers, fatigue. Have had thyroid, adrenals, hormones etc tested but nothing could be found and was repeatedly dismissed. I test negative for celiac and H.pylori but 1 Doctor said I seemed to have malabsorption. I had long eaten low grain/paleo-ish before it was popular but tried gluten-free and dairy-free diets anyway all to no avail. Then on my own I started learning about the gut microbiome and suspected a bacterial pathogen. I did herbals (berberines, olive leaf, oregano oil), various box cleanses incl for parasites, and a number of high dose probiotics. Some symptoms got better–I gained back weight and no more mouth ulcers. Then I began making my own fermented foods and tried incorporating prebiotic fibers in the hope I could continue building my gut. Turns out many beneficial fibers do not agree with me which led to a process of excluding various FODMAPS to control symptoms (corn, short-chain fructans, inulin, figs, apricots, guar gum, baobab, sugar alcohols).

      Bringing the story up to last year, my fatigue and other symptoms were getting worse despite trying to manage naturally without supplements. I did a UBiome gut test which picked up what looked to be Blasto. A new Dr. found I was severely iron deficient (although not anemic so no Dr. had previously tested my ferritin), with low B12 and low triglycerides–despite eating a wholesome high fat and protein diet with variety of fruits/veg!! After everything else checks out he agrees to do parasite stool test and confirms the Blasto. Iron and B12 going up with supplementation but not affecting symptoms so we are left with Blasto causing gut disruption, inflammation and malabsorption leading to vitamin/mineral deficiencies causing chronic secondary symptoms. He is willing to treat the Blasto and had heard of the Australian triple therapies when I brought it up, but he still professed caution. I spent the last couple months reading the primary literature and published studies (helps that I’m a scientist), and Doc told me where to access these medications. I am so thankful to have my decreased quality of life finally taken seriously (4th Doc over 10 years) and not just get written off as IBS or chronic fatigue. But even then my Naturopath has experience treating Blasto so I’m in good hands.

      If a Canadian Doctor (MD or ND) will write you a script, all these meds can be ordered from Kripps Pharmacy in Vancouver, BC. Shipping is flat $16. I spent a 1/2 hr on phone with Pharmacist and he said he’s seen much success with the Bactrim/Septrin, Diloxinide Furoate, Secnidazole combo. He reiterated the thought of “hitting it hard” from the get-go and not bothering with Metronidazole monotherapy–although he wasn’t familiar with using Paromomycin.

      Right now I have 2 scripts to choose from–either the Triple therapy or the Metronidazole/Paromomycin combo. Trying to decide which route may cause least gut disruption. Some papers seem to suggest that Paramomycin might be better choice than Diloxinide as the luminal agent but it also has a broader spectrum of activity with risk of permanent kidney or ear damage.

      I’m already taking Saccharomyces boulardii and will continue through treatment (should be standard accompaniment to any Abx). Once completed I will reintroduce Klaire Labs-GOS and larch/arabinogalactan prebiotic powders to build back beneficial bacteria. I can tolerate these over inulin and they are the only supplements I’ve taken that stopped floating stools. I drink bone broth and will add 5g/day of L-Glutamine to help heal gut. Also need to get some probiotics and been considering Prescript-Assist.
      Has anyone heard of using a biofilm disrupter during Blasto treatment since there appears to be a bacterial relationship?

      So I’m expecting to feel sick during treatment and hopefully get better over the next few months of gut repair if Blasto is eradicated. Looks like I should retest in 8-12 weeks. I’ll also be doing another UBiome test so I’ll see how my microbiome recovers.

      Thanks for everyone’s input and Aglaee for the space to discuss.

      • Hi tati8,

        Based on my experience, my personal preference would be the Metronizadole x 7 days followed by the Paromomycin x 10 days combo, instead of the triple therapy, because I can only handle taking one kind of strong antibiotic at a time and would prefer a lesser dose over a longer period of time, because I had a bad reaction to Septra (Bactrim) once before so would never take it, and because the fact that you are taking medication for 17 days versus 10 days, and maybe time has an effect as well. Not to mention the scientific studies that have found this combination to be effective. And, the fact that both these drugs are readily accessible in Canada. Those are all my reasons to consider that versus the Australian triple. But of course, that is my personal bias. By no means is it a walk in the park, however Paromomycin seems more tolerable than Metronidazole, and you’ll feel weird for at least 3 to 5 months afterwards, but I am happy that I found the combination that seemed to work for me. I think that the Paromomycin is extremely effective and addresses the luminal coverage that you don’t get with Metronidazole, which is effective on the non-cyst organisms. Its your body and its your choice, and ultimately you have to decide what route you would like to pursue.

  101. Hi tati8. What a relief to find someone who understands the effects of blastocystis hominis! In Australia, where I live, the medical profession are, on the whole, entirely ignorant of both effect and treatment of B.H. Last year my GP reluctantly gave me a stat dose of Flagyl (metronidazole), the result of which was the eradication of most of the weaker parasites, and the growth of the resistant forms which morph into cysts at the first sign of attack! Having studied both nursing and medical science, I decided to delve into various treatments of B.H. in places like India, where the parasite is endemic. We lived there in the 80s, and I have returned there several times since. India is also, I believe, where I picked up this infestation of B.H. in 2011. I went through 18 months of sickness, and it then lay dormant in my system until last year, when I believe it became active due to the severe stress I was under.

    Looks like we are ‘on the same page’, as I’ve been taking saccharomyces boulardii plus several natural anti-parasitic treatments such as fresh garlic (phew!), papaya, oregano, cloves, raw pumpkin seeds, oregano (in capsule form)…. I find it best to alternate these so that the parasites don’t adapt too readily. I need to get L-glutamine to heal my but. B.H. appear to have an amazing ability to become resistant to attack via the formation of cysts which are more difficult to remove – hence the greater success of a multi-faceted form of attack such as a two week course of metranidazole followed by a course of paromomycin (branded as amoxicillin in Australia). However I was so badly affected by the stat dose of metronidazole (2 grams) I took last year that I’ve been hesitant to take further antibiotics!

    I would be interested to hear any updates on your treatment. It seems to me that gut repair is a long-term project, and many things such as excessive stress can interfere with full and permanent recovery. I have had plenty of that over the past year!

  102. There was a recent study published by Biology today, and they said that Blastocystis is now being recognized as a pathnogen (finally). They also found that the a particular oxygen molecule cause by stress basically feeds blasto. So this is proof that stress really does make it worse! Crazy!

    My situation became impossible, food intolerances becoming worse and unable to eat anything without being in pain. My specialist said it was not advisable to do anymore antibiotics due to my stomach being so damaged. I started seeing a new natruopath, very glad I did. She made me test for Sibo…which came back positive, 145 which very high. She said once this is fixed I should be able to eat again and we will rebuild stomach acid and then start antiblasto Treatment. So I’m basically on a liquid diet for 2 weeks to starve the bacteria.

    For those who wish to avoid antibiotics for treating blasto my specialist MD gave me a list of things to take for 2 months which he said had the same success as the antibiotics -Very strong enzymes, organic wild oregano oil, there quite a few other things too but I remember enzymes being significant.

    • Hi guys,
      Here is another fellow Canadian struggling with blasto. I have no idea how long I have it , I found out 2 month ago and tried natural way, feed- weed-seed protocol from ND, + oregano oil, berberine, garlic, paragone, golden seal, larch tree fiber, probiotics including s.b, still taking probiotics, and oregano oil. Did not notice any difference, thinking about antibiotics, and can not decide should I give metro-parmocyn a try or go for triple therapy ? I have 2 messages from triple therapy, I don’t have Alinia. Maybe going to Buffalo and try Canadian prescription or get appointment with doctor there just to ask Alinia to prescribe.
      I did not retest after natural therapy but what’s the point if all the symptoms are still here.

      • There’s a doctor in the Uk you can call and order the triple therapy from.

        TEL: +44 (0)1737 361177

      • Apparently said UK doctor charges a ridiculous amount like $800 CAD for that privilege.

  103. It’s true I paid it! I think it was actually more, I was desperate though. They were very good, doc called to check on me etc. I couldn’t find anyone else 😦

    • Thank you Sarah!
      I already have 2 ( secnidzole and furzolidone) my friend bought it for me from country where they sell them. Only Alinia is left( USA trade name for nitazoxinide) . But now I think maybe I should try metro + paro first. from one hand I don’t want load myself with couple of rounds of antibiotics but from another triple therapy looks like final try option after that only going to Australia ( for intro-colonic infusion) so kind of want to have that option left, plus looking at how many people are super weak or even worse on triple therapy scares me. I still have to do sibo breath test prior to antibiotics. Maybe it adds up to blasto too.

  104. I’m afraid I was unable to complete the course as I had a sever reaction to meds. Heart racing 150 and bone pain took me to ER and UK doc said to stop as my body was attacking meds. He gave me details of a herbs remedy that has similar results. I think I posted it earlier, emphasis was on the enzymes, herbs and duration of treatment.

    • I should mention I’ve not started that yet as I’m treating my Sibo first using the 2 week elemental diet. Should help to weaken blasto too

    • Sarah, you mentioned ‘very strong enzymes’. This is possibly the only thing I haven’t tried, but it sounds like a great idea. Could you please tell me the name/s of the enzymes so that I can order them from my naturopathic supplier? This would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Wow, that’s crazy. The reaction I had to Septra/Septrin/Bactrim just on its own was similar – racing heart and sleep apnea (basically I forgot to breathe when I fell asleep!) It was scary. I read some really terrible things about that drug. That’s why I cannot imagine taking three things at once. I didn’t have those problems with the Metro-followed-by-Paro combo. Just bowel pain (for obvious reasons), and some mild joint pain, which happens whenever I take any strong, irritating medication. I am prone to fibromyalgia pains anyways.

  105. Here it is. You have to follow for 4 weeks, then stop for two weeks and start again for another month

    Oreganol Super Strength


    • Oil of Wild Oregano
    • Wild Mediterranean Handpicked P73
    • Guaranteed Wild Non-GMO
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    NAH&S was the first to develop an edible oregano oil blend—all others are imitations. Oreganol P73 Super Strength is made from the original wild, high-mountain Mediterranean oregano. It is handpicked from remote, pristine regions which are pollution and pesticide free. Oreganol P73 Super Strength is three times more powerful (increased wild oregano oil per mg weight) than regular strength.

    Suggested Use Take one or more softgels daily with meals or juice.

    Other Ingredients Softgels made from 100% beef gelatin (BSE free) non-GMO

    Visit Manufacturer’s Website
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 softgel
    Servings Per Container: 60

    Amount Per Serving
    %Daily Value
    Proprietary blend in certified organic e.v. olive oil
    140 mg

    Wild oregano oil P73

    *Daily Value not established

    Zymessence 180 Capsules

    Zymessence is a powerful systemic enzyme supplement created by Dr. William Wong ND, Phd. With an advanced enteric technology capsule and strong potency.
    Manufacturer: WAM Essentials
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    Dose: 1 x3 daily with meals

    The New & Improved Zymessence® capsules with the new advanced enteric protection are even stronger than the original formulation, and are the only systemic enzymes that have been developed by Dr William Wong in the US. Ingredients: Serrapeptidase Bromelain Papain Calcium Magnesium Pancreatin – Lipase, Amylase, Protease

    Gluten Free Precautions Don’t use the product if you are a hemophiliac or are on prescription blood thinners without direct medical supervision. The enzymes cause the drugs to work better so there is the possibility of thinning the blood too much.

    GI Microb-X

    GI Microb-X is a blend of botanical extracts with a long history of use as natural antimicrobials. The ingredients provide a broad spectrum of activity against the most common pathogens present in the human GI tract in conditions of dysbiosis, while being relatively sparing of normal flora. The botanical substances in GI Microb-X are also commonly represented on sensitivity testing provided by the major functional laboratories performing stool analysis.

    GI Microb-X is a blend of botanical extracts with a long history of use as natural antimicrobials. The ingredients provide a broad spectrum of activity against the most common pathogens present in the human GI tract in conditions of dysbiosis, while being relatively sparing of normal flora. The botanical substances in GI Microb-X are also commonly represented on sensitivity testing provided by the major functional laboratories performing stool analysis.

  106. nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂 I think I’m fine with antibiotics for now. I’ve taken metronitazol so many times, or never goes well either…(I get vertigo). My stomach is so destroyed from all the meds. I think if anyone is doing this for the first time they should defo fobrhe metro paro combo as u have…it seems to work. I’ll update in a few months if the herbal thing works 🙂

    • Oh for sure, I think pharmacists and doctors don’t realize how often side effects actually occur as a direct result of the meds they prescribe.

  107. I can’t stress enough how important testing for Sibo is. I wish I had known sooner. My stomach pain has gone, my brain fog has lifted and even my bowels have become normal again. My dr thinks Sibo was causing all my pain rather than the blasto. Will be interesting to see if my food intolerances go when I resume eating gluten and dairy.

    I’ve done antibiotics 3 times and and each time Ive been so ill and weak that I’ve been off work for 3 months. However I know not everyone suffers to such an extent, so don’t base your decision on my experience 🙂 definitely test for Sibo it could be the culprit and is much easier to treat 🙂

    • You’re saying your naturopath tested you for that? And you are treating it naturally? I tried taking oregano pills and they right messed me up. Aggravated my fibromyalgia and gave me depressive feelings and headache. I now eat garlic all the time, and I feel like that is very beneficial. If its good enough for East Indians, I say. I also tried that classically touted wormwood/clove/black walnut combo in a tincture, and it REALLY messed me up. Same thing happened with another ‘herbal’ combination that contained goldenseal and four other things including grapefruit seed extract. I don’t believe that taking things in pill form is realistic to how you would eat it naturally. That’s why I prefer eating garlic, as a whole food, not as something that’s been distilled and refined to a dosage that may not agree with my body. You can’t really predict your reaction when its coming in a pill form. And you know its going to be a much higher dosage than that which you would eat if it were in its original, whole food format.

      Also, I’ve been gluten-free for over 12 years, and not going back ever. it caused me so much leaky gut syndrome and it messed up my immune system. I had some really great years of health after I kicked it altogether. I can only recommend the same for anyone else with stomach issues. My family is prone to gall bladder dysfunction and heartburn (my father had his gall bladder removed due to gall stones, and my paternal grandmother had esophagus cancer – both I believe because of their reaction to gluten, as it specifically causes acid reflux and gall bladder dysfunction by reducing the secretion of your essential stomach acid and bile, (which I also experienced while eating gluten for 24 years), which is incredibly important in digesting food properly – that’s why so many people take “enzymes” – because their stomach and gall bladder are not secreting enough of those chemicals themselves, why?, because of simple diet choices. You can also drink a bit of apple cider vinegar in water before a meal to promote digestive juices flowing (this also helps to kick start your metabolism in the morning). That’s why so many cultures start their meals with a salad or with ‘tapas’ or ‘antipasto’ which usually includes some kind of fermented vegetable or fresh vegetables in vinegar-based dressing. Or, they drink “bitters” (alcoholic herbal drink) to do the same thing. Its so smart if you think about it. That’s why modern ‘fast’ food has so little benefit.

      • Not to mention the fact that these ‘starter’ foods are fermented (either the vinegar in the dressing, if its organic and not pasteurized, or the fermented vegetables) they also contain both natural enzymes and probiotics to digest food properly and create a nice “terrain” for your stomach to digest the rest of your food. i.e. kimchi, sauerkraut, antipasto, etc. My naturopath suggested I do the apple cider vinegar shot before each meal, or, I could take an enzyme. They both work similarly.

      • (Just make sure the apple cider vinegar is organic and not pasteurized, otherwise it loses its natural benefits.)

    • Also, just to add, cause I know this for myself, stress impairs digestion by reducing amount of stomach acid, so that’s when you get loose stools. So eating a digestive and/or enzymes helps to compensate what you’re missing at the time. Stress therefore leads to malabsorbtion because your body doesn’t have time/energy to devote to proper digestive functions. Stress also affects the motility of your digestion, the physical process, cause your muscles are all bunched up or stuck and not moving properly. Yoga and exercise helps make the muscles more engaged, and reduces stress…note to self!

  108. Sounds like you have really been through it. Did you test positively for Sibo?

    My natropath had me tested, it came back positive at 145 which is very high. Because my stomach was so damaged and I suffered with acid reflux and leaky gut I could not take herbal antibiotics. I was depressed and anxious duevto my stomach not being able to absorb any nutrition. She put me on the elemental diet which has been scientifically searched and tested. People who did this for 2 weeks had a 85% success rate compared to those who did antibiotics from M.D. Doing it for 3 weeks had 100% success. This diet starve the bacteria while allowing your stomach to heal and also enables you to absorb the nutrients you’ve been lacking. Awesome! I feel great!

    After the elemental diet you have to go on the fodmap diet for a month while working to increase your stomach acid etc. If you still have Sibo give this a try.

    • I’ve never heard of the elemental diet. I will have to look that up. I’ve heard of the fodmaps diet. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Hm, just looked up elemental diet and basically its something in liquid that doctors feed to patients waking up from intestinal surgeries, and its explicitly stated that “it is extreme” and “do not try this at home without doctor supervision”. Wouldn’t eating a 100% all cooked (and probably fermented) vegetable diet do the same thing? I’ve heard of a cult like group that declare this is the ‘cure all’ to whatever ails you, in the short term. I can’t argue against vegetables. They really are the best.

    • I know I could not survive this ‘elemental diet’ because I would be bed-bound with zero energy and losing my mind. Not to mention, not eating food sends my immune system down and I would be prone to catching an illness a lot faster. I fasted for a colonoscopy this year, and that part was worse than the procedure itself. I’d rather just eat 100% vegetables for a month. I’d probably feel better too.

  109. It’s basically feeding tube food, however you can also eat lean chicken and lean steak. Its very important to do this under supervision. As I say this a fad diet or something someone created, it’s been scientifically researched. Antibiotics for this have a 50% success rate compared to 85% with this diet. You cannot eat veg. The idea is to starve the bacteria and bacteria feeds off anthing that can ferment in the gut. You must avoid probiotics too until the 2 weeks are over. After loosing 30lbs due to Sibo I’ve now been able to put a bit of weight back on. As I say contact a dr or natropath to do this.

    • That’s a bit of a contradiction to be able to eat chicken and lean steak while drinking feeding tube liquid…meat ferments in the gut if its not being aided by enzymes from vegetables, or other digestive catalysts…I don’t think I have SIBO, I think I just need to clean up my diet, and focus on adding terrain-enhancing foods and remove the bad foods, even though my diet is very clean already having kicked gluten and not eating any junk food. I know I could eat way more vegetables. My weight has not changed. Sounds like you had a bad case of SIBO and that this helped you a bit. So that’s good. Not related, but when I was eating gluten, I became 15 pounds overweight at 24 years old. When I stopped eating it, my digestion improved, no more bloating, I lost 15 pounds, my skin cleared up, lost my thyroid goiter, my mood improved, less food sensitivities, less seasonal illnesses, and no more acid reflux. It was a real revelation.

  110. I’m not here to convince anyone, Just simply sharing what I have done and what I have learnt. I’m not a scientist so I can’t explain why eating lean meat is ok but not veg, all I know is that it proven to work.

  111. I am getting good results on the low lectin diet to heal gut wall. check out plant paradox by Dr Gundry. Quite an improvement over paleo and fod mop.

  112. Thanks for your informations.
    I am in my second Antibiotics Metronidazole 400mg, same as Flagyl.
    And still not much better?
    Do you think a different ANTIBIOTICS would be better for me?
    I look forward hearing from you, and for any other advice please.

    • Hi Georgette, you need to pair one course of Metro with one course of Paromomycin. Using Metro by itself will not work. If you can get a bottle of Paromomycin to use immediately after your Metro course, then that may work if you have the timing right.

    • Search this page for mentions of “Paromomycin” ( ctrl + F ) and you can read about the specific dosage information for the Metronidazole + Paromomycin treatment (mentioned in above posts).

      • Hey Em,
        I read every single post of yours since I have had Blastocysytic Hominis for over 4 years now. I also live in Canada and have had around three Metronidazole treatment courses ( 10 day each, spaced around several months). Metro never cured me so now I have finally decided to go your route, i.e trying Paromomycin (500 mg) three times for 10 days right after I finish my 10 day Metro course. I am almost done with the Metro course . And you’re so right doctors don’t prescribe Paromomycin in Canada usually, its the infectionist who can prescribe it. I asked my practitioner to give me Paromomycin before referring me to an infectionist and I am glad he did.
        I am crossing my fingers to finally get treated after 4 years of continuous suffering from Blaso. I will keep you updated. I will do two stool tests at two different timings, one after few days of the Metro/Paro course and another in 3 months. I will keep you updated. I am really hoping this helps me finally.

      • Hi Tosif Aw,

        I posted something yesterday but I guess it didn’t show up…I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had this for so long and that the multiple courses of just metronidazole did nothing for you. Yes, Paromomycin is not as widely available as metronidazole in Canada, but, it is available! The Shoppers Drug Mart that I went to said they had to get it shipped from another store location, and I eventually got it, I think a day later. I hope that you can get your hands on it, so you can take it in conjunction with metronidazole, and I sincerely hope that this works for you. And yes, be sure to follow up with tests at 3 months or later, so you can allow time for possible re-growth, if that happens. That way you know for sure if it worked, and it will help you avoid getting a false negative result.

  113. Thanks Em, Yes I got my hands on Paromomycin (also got it from shoppers and they had to order it from a different store) but I am not taking it together with Metronidazole. My 10 day Metronidazole (500 mg) course ends today and I will start taking Paromomycin (500mg) 3 times/day for the next 10 days from tomorrow on. Isn’t that what you did as well? I find it very hard to take 2 antibiotics together so I am doing Metro course followed by Paromomycin course. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Tosif Aw,

      Yes! Not both at the same time, one after the other. First the metro, then the paro. They are already very strong on their own! Wishing you luck!

      • Thank you for your kind words Em. By the way now that you are Blasto free, have your symptoms completely gone?
        I am done my Metro course but my symptoms are still there, hopefully they get better after I have Paromomycin course done.

      • Hi Tosif Aw,
        Yes, my symptoms are gone now. But, I will tell you, it took me about 3 to 4 months after the metro/paro treatment to feel a bit “normal” again. I thought that meant the treatment hadn’t worked, but I think it was the stress of the drugs on my system. It took a while to heal fully and for my immune system to cool down. So don’t get discouraged if you still feel “the same” after. Recovery takes time, and self care, and only the test can tell you for sure. Just be sure to wait at least 3 whole months to retest again. I know it feels like a long time to wait but that’s the only way to avoid getting a flase negative result.

  114. Hi Em,
    Makes total sense! Thanks! You have to get your immune system in shape to fight it. I am glad it worked out well for you 🙂 I am also gonna just think positive and be hopeful that I will eradicate it out from my system after this course.

    • I hope it goes well for you. Try to stay away from alcohol for a while. That kills off good bacteria. And consider taking an antibiotic resistant “probiotic”. I took lots of Sacharomyces Boulardii by AOR. Google it. Its high quality, high count and is antibiotic resistant (because its actually a probiotic yeast and not targeted by antibiotics). And studies show it is beneficial for people with blasto. Good luck!

      • Thanks for adding that. Yes! I have just got “Florastor Max Probiotic” and its basically Sacharomyces Boulardii (10 billion cells per sachet). I am going to take it for 7 days since that’s what the usage instructions say. I guess 10 billion cells is a lot that’s why its prescribed only for one week.
        Anyways thanks so much. Had I not come across your post, I’d have completely lost my way fighting Blasto especially given the the fact that we have to wait 3 months to see the infection specialist.

      • That’s great! You are all set.
        I know all too well the frustration of not being able to find answers and “the truth” about blasto online, or talking to doctors and specialists and getting nowhere or being shut down, so if posting this info can help someone else find their answers, then I feel good about that.

  115. Hi Tosif Aw,
    Please update… did the 2 drugs back-to-back cure you? I’m going through the same thing as you , also in Canada, and would love to hear if you had success like Em did. Thanks!

    • Hi L.A,
      I am sorry that you are going through the trouble of Blasto but hey don’t worry, its certainly curable. I just did my test yesterday after 10 days of finishing the metor/Paro drug course. Its negative! but like Em mentioned it could be false negative. I will get another test done in July and that will be more like an official one since you have to wait a few months to confirm whether you’ve completely eradicated them. I am feeling a lot better after the course, got some of my energy back but I still feel 50% well right now. Like Em mentioned, it takes some while to fully heal so I am not worried about not feeling 100% well at the moment. I will say, the course helped me a lot though and I hope I have gotten rid of Blasto completely. I will post here again from time to time to update everyone on my treatment results.
      I wish you all the best with your treatment as well. Any questions post here any time. Also we got amazing people like Em on here who are very supportive and helpful 🙂

  116. Thank you so much for responding. It is very promising that both you and Em seem to have success with the 2 drug combo. I hope that I can get a dr here in Ontario to prescribe both to me and also that I can tolerate the course (I seemed to have an allergic reaction to the sulfa-bactrim that I tried a few months ago, I got very sick with a full-body rash and I think paromomycin is a also a sulfa type drug??). Anyway, to hear of others being cured is very encouraging so thank you for posting!

    • Hi L.A.

      Neither meteonidazole or paromomycin are sulfa drugs. So you can rest assured they are fairly tolerable. I actually have a sulfa drug allergy as well. I once tried a single dose of Septra for a different infection and I remember that it made my heart flutter and made me forget to breathe when I was trying to sleep…! Was pretty disturbing. Also can’t take other sulfa-conjugated antibiotics, I get crazy reactions. Good luck getting the pair for yourself.

    • (fyi, Bactrim is another word for Septra)

      And if you think you’ll have any trouble getting them from your doctor, go in there with a print-out of the Merck page on ameobiasis that I posted somewhere above which clearly states the recommended medications as metronidazole and paromomycin taken in succession.

      • I’d say the same thing as mentioned by Em. I am not sure about the allergic reactions. Everyone is different. I tried some probiotics a week ago and they caused some sort of a reaction, I started having heart burn problems so I had to stop it. You can talk to your doctor. I told my doctor straight up that Metronidazole by itself didn’t treat me even after two courses. And I told him how Paromomycin has shown a superior success rate com according to the latest findings.

      • Thank you both for the advice. I will try what you suggest. Fingers crossed it will work out for me and can put this nightmare behind me at some point soon.

    • Hey all,
      Sorry for the delayed response. So I am glad to tell you guys that I believe I’ve gotten rid of blastocystis hominis finally after 4 long years. Metro and Paro combination worked well for me I believe. I am not a doctor but still I think it’s a good way to get rid of this parasite. Thanks to Em and everyone for her support. Please feel free to post should you guys have any questions for me

  117. Great news Tosif, I am so happy for you, and thank you for the update! I recently tried the combo and it’s been two weeks since I finished, I still have daily nausea, bloating, so am afraid it didn’t work…. unless you also still had some symptoms after completing the treatment?

    • Hi Emi, when I finished the combo, I also felt very crappy still. I thought that it didn’t work because my body didn’t immediately spring back to being normal again. But realistically, it will take time for your body (and immune system) to heal from the infection *and* from the harsh medications. It took me about 3 months to feel sorta normal again, and a year later, I felt a lot better still. It’s definitely not overnight, but if the medication did work then you should start to feel better in time. For your peace of mind, I would go for another stool test in 2-3 months from now to check that your tests come back negative. Don’t go back sooner, because you might get a false negative. You want to allow adequate time between the medication and your follow-up test to make sure nothing has grown back. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery phase.

    • Hey Emi,
      I agree with Em. For me, it also took around 6 weeks to start feeling better. I feel a lot better now since it has been 3+ months now. I’d say give it a time and don’t panic. I’m positive you’ll get well with time as well. And like Em mentioned go for another stool test in 3 months to verify that medication did work.

  118. I just got my blood test results back and there is still an infection. Unfortunately the combo didn’t work for me. Will let you know If I end up finding something that gets rid of this bug.
    Thank you for your answers and support.

    • Hi Emi – you said you got blood tests to test for an infection of the gut? You need to get a stool test, not blood tests. Did the blood test show presence of blasto in your blood? Or did it show presence of elevated antibodies? I’m a bit confused as to why a blood test was taken and not a stool test. You will likely still have elevated antibodies well after finishing the medication, and that would explain why your immune system is still looking for any blasto, and why you still feel off. Your antibodies don’t just snap back to normal levels, if that is what you are measuring. Perhaps you can clarify the purpose of the blood test and what was found?

  119. Thank you for your message Em. The stool test is on its way…. my doctor wanted to check first if there was still a sign of infection.

    • Ah, I see. There’s still a chance you are negative, depending on the stool test. I wouldn’t place too much authority on the blood test. If it’s measuring antibodies, then I’d bet your antibodies are still raised, just due to the nature of the situation, and it’s not helpful in diagnosing your status. That’s my guess. Crossing fingers for you.

  120. 1st stool test clear of blasto 2,5 weeks after ending metro & paro treatment! this is the first positive news in months. Still having daily nausea and bloating so only time will tell if I have really gotten rid of the bug. Will keep you posted! Thank you so much for your encouragements and support!

    • Congrats Emi, that’s good news.

      I just want to caution you, I had a false negative result when I only took one course of Metronidazole, and I tested too early to have conclusive results (I tested again about a month after medication, and it was ‘negative’), and it grew back months later. So, be sure to go for a second stool test in about *3 months*, so you give yourself time to see if there is any regrowth. That is when you’ll know for sure.

      Again, best of luck! And let us know how your second test goes in about 3 months.

  121. yes, I know to be cautious and I am since still feeling quite awful… I will let you know how the 2nd stool test goes in a few months.

    • Sounds good. Take care of yourself. And remember, spicy foods are a bad idea during this time…I personally had to stay away from anything with raw onions, raw garlic, and spicy foods like curries and hot pepper stuff. Same goes for alcohol and too much coffee.

      Make sure you also buy a good probiotic to replenish your gut biome – saccharomyces boulardii by AOR is good

      and other high quality acidophilus strains like BioK 50 billion are good to use.

      I have used and recommend both. The former is actually a probiotic yeast that is not killed by antibiotics and is good for taking to prevent traveller’s diarrhea, and the latter is a high quality, high volume probiotic bacteria formula.

  122. Thank you for your advice. I have been taking probiotics daily for 4 months now, and will keep doing so. I have also been on a gluten-sugar-dairy free diet for several months as well. I am having a colonoscopy done tomorrow, just to make sure there is nothing else happening in there. Will give you a feed-back in a while.

  123. I originally published my experience of the triple antibiotic therapy for treatment for blasto and dientomaeoba on this blog in Sept 2015. So it has now been 3 years!

    I would say that things have improved overall, but most of the gains came within a few months of the treatment. I have much better digestion and feel good 90% of the time, with a few off days here and there.

    I still have food intolerances to a number of food groups including salycilates, gluten, and dairy. Actually, I had an extensive and expensive ige food panel test done by my gp to test for allergies. Very interesting- it confirmed mostly.what I already knew which is that dairy and gluten are not good for me. But it not only identified them as allergies (which I thought were only intoleranes) but that dairy was much worse than gluten. This makes sense because my throat swrlls when I have dairy and I have trouble breathing! , whereas I only feel mildly nauseas on gluten. The test didn’t pick up salycilates at all, probably because that is an intolerance not an allergy.

    A couple of surprises. Corn, eggs and gluten all mild allergies, but almonds and dairy highly allergic. Interesting because after bacon and eggs and/or almond flour cakes I always feel pretty off immediately off like when I have gluten. Never would have made that connection before.

    One positive is that I don’t have any allergy to oats, which I have reintroduced and feel fine when I eat. This is good because I really like oats and it is a good fibre source.

    Since my parasite treatment I have become more tolerant to sals, and pretty much eating what I like including spicy foods with only the odd issue when overdoing it. But I must have taken things a bit far since lately I have gotten GERD and a very sore rear end. I decided to back off in the sals for a while and within a week those symptoms virtually stopped. After a month or so, I will reintroduce some sals again slowly to rebuild my tolerance. It is difficult when tou have so mamy food issues like I do as my diet is pretty boring. For now though it is nice to have a clear head and feel normal again. That makes the food boredom it worth it.

    Again, the best source of info about intolerances is from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Dietitians who have a great program you can buy cheaply. It includes the Food Friendly Cookbook and Diet Elimination Handbook (google if interested). I have read many other sources about food intolerances, and most of the information about food chemicals/lists is just plain wrong and not backed up by science like it is from the RPAH.

    Anyway. Thought I’d just update you all as I have lived with these issues for 10yrs now and covered a fair bit of territory. You can go back to my original post in Sep 2015 and follow my posts if you are interested. I think That despite not over coming my food issues, I have certainly learned to manage them and successfully gone back to work and reengaged with exercise and life in general. That might be the best I can expect and if so, I am good with that.

    Feel free to contact me on my email if you want to chat. I also get notifications on this forum.

    All the best

    • Opps. I also meant to add that I have continued to have a dry mouth, which I reported on previously. As a result I kept getting decay in my teeth. However I went to a specialist dentist, who is also a professor of dentistry in Newcastle Australia, and he suggested I try introducing a tsp of xylitol into my diet as they have had excellent success for over 60 years and reduced tooth decay in Scandinavian countries in children. It has worked a treat and over the last 12 mo ths I have not had any further decay! It is pretty much a miracle in that respect because I did everything right before but still had decay.

      Like any ‘alternative’ therapy, there is a lot of negative hype around xylitol, with some quacks trying to suggest that it is a neurotoxin, which is complete rubbish. Read the science, not someone’s opinion and you will see that it is actually a grest way of killing bad bacteria in your mouth and gut, and at the same time nurturing the good bacteria.


  124. Em & Tosif, I am sorry to “bug” you, but am starting to get worried again. I finished the metro + paro combo 5 weeks ago. 1st stool test showed negative 15 days after treatment. I have some energy back, stools are looking better, but still urgent bowel movement and daily nausea and/or bloating. Did you guys really still have so many symptoms 5 weeks after the end of the treatment? How long after treatment did you start feeling better in you stomach? Thank you again for your answers and support….

    • Hi Emi – (for some reason, this didn’t post the first time, so trying again – apologies for multiple posts) – I know the recovery is very tough. I felt the exact same way. I did not feel normal or back to my old self by any means! I still felt sketchy 3 months after, and VERY paranoid. I am an anxious, obsessive person by nature, so this was really hard. You have to understand, you JUST took two very STRONG medications that obliterated the bad and good things living in your gut. Your immune system is FRIED. Your gut bacteria is toast. In many ways, you have a new hurdle to get over, after you have jumped the first one. Your recovery is not done yet. You have to be very gentle with what you eat, drink, sleep and how stressed you are. Exercise is very important – it actually helps tone your gut. You have to focus on rebuilding yourself, getting back to health, using exercise, rest, good foods, probacteria, and wellbeing to feel better. The “magic pills” killed off the bad stuff, but you still need to *heal* yourself. And the healing process takes time and work…and most importantly time. It is not an overnight thing. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be patient with your body, and understand it’s journey, and help it along with whatever you can. And I know it’s hard, but try to occupy your mind with other things in the meantime. Remember, you did everything in your power to get better, and now you just need to allow your body the time it needs to get to where you need to be. Easier said than done, I know. But take one day at a time, and try to do a few positive things for yourself each day, things that lead towards better health and wellbeing, like take a probiotic, avoid too much stress, avoid alcohol, caffeine/coffee, junk foods, sleep more, relax, exercise, eat quality foods. Give yourself a month to see how you feel, and then re-evaluate yourself on how you feel now versus a month ago. Try to notice the things that make you feel good and make you feel bad, and tweak your self-care as needed. I know this stage is difficult and full of anxiety, because you don’t feel back to normal yet, and that is normal! All you have to do right now is focus on self-care for 2-3 months, before you get your next test done. Empathize for your physical body, the hurdles it has overcome with you, and take care of yourself. You are doing everything you possibly can, so allow yourself to take satisfaction in that.

      • thank you Em. It is so comforting to read you, and to feel you know exactly what it’s like (physically & psychologically). You are right, there isn’t much more I can do just now. And at least even if the blasto is back by the next stool test, I still have the triple therapy to fall back on.
        Keep taking good care of yourself and thank you so much for your kind support.

    • Hello everyone!
      I posted over a year ago on here in hopes of finding a cure. I found this blog very very helpful in my journey and to not feel like I was totally crazy. I was misdiagnosed 8 years ago with a fructose intolerance (16 years old and never left Australia) and then found out June 2017 it was actually Blasto. I was eating extremely healthy and always had. I went to many doctors and several told me that ‘it doesn’t cause symptoms’ – ‘don’t get your hopes up because you probably have a fructose intolerance or IBS’ – ‘your crazy!!’……
      I was fresh out of my bachelor of Science at uni and read every scientific study I could find that was published to find out everything I possibly could and I knew, I just knew it was the parasite causing my bloating, irregular bowel movements, chronic fatigue, brain fog, weakened immune system (i was getting sick for months at a time with things like the flu and bronchitis) but was told ‘I must just have bad luck’.

      I was prescribed Metronidazole and hadn’t done as much research at that point, I got my hands on Bactrim and took them both twice a day for 10 days – I tried to get paromomycin but it is near impossible to get in Australia. A couple of studies had good results with metro and bactrim so i gave it a shot. I was better for about 1.5 months and then quickly went back to being unbearably sick and even worse than before. After all of my research I found the Centre of Digestive Diseases in Sydney with the triple drug therapy. They have different therapies for each parasite or combo of parasites that are prescribes and they work closely with West Lindfield Pharmacy – Sydney.

      Long story short, I managed to get my hands on some ‘doctors only’ information and figured out what I needed. I took all of my research, all of the studies and the anti-biotic protocol I wanted: Paromomycin, Secnidazole and Nitazoxanide – 3x per day for 10 days.
      So my doctor (who was just a general free GP in Melbourne) was required to call West Lindfield Pharmacy, they gave her a username + password to get onto their protocol list provided in conjunction with Centre of Digestive diseases, she then prescribed it, they compounded it and express shipped it to me within 2 days (as I live in Melbourne).
      I took the antibiotics and felt extremely ill during the process, my stool was black for most of the time and I vomited on numerous occasions (I believe because my body was getting rid of the parasite for good). Then afterward my stomach was still pretty weak but no where near as bad as before. So I went on a leaky gut diet to heal my stomach wall and get it as strong as possible.
      I took L-Glutamine – amino acid: – to rebuild the stomach wall.
      Day 1 – 10g
      Day 2 – 20g
      Day 3 – 30g
      Day 4 – 40g
      Day 5 – day 10 – 50g
      Then 10g for 2 months but I have taken it every day since.

      I took digestive enzymes for 30 days after to allow my stomach to work less and allow time to heal. I took a good probiotic and saccharomyces boulardii throughout the antibiotics and afterward for 3 months to rebuild the microbiome.
      I took vitamin tablets and still do.
      First two weeks: eating only greens, and vegetables recommended for leaky gut diet, apples, bananas, coconut products, fermented foods, activated nuts, sprouted seeds, eggs. And all in very simple meals so it is easy to digest.
      3rd week: introduced legumes and other vegetables
      4th week: introduced grains and seeds
      5th week: introduced pasta and rice ect.
      at no point did i eat refined sugar, coffee, alcohol, or anything toxic like that!
      – I didn’t eat meat either, although, in terms of healing the stomach meat is okay to eat, I just don’t eat it 🙂

      After this I left and went traveling in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. I felt completely better, sometimes had the occasion off stomach but that is just life in those countries. Every travellers does!

      I returned two months ago, went back to my normal vegetarian, balanced diet but eating pretty much anything and I am 100% better.
      I got my test results a few days ago and I am parasite free and completely healthy again, I am 24 and this is the first time I can say that since I was 16 years old.

      Parasites harm your body and potentially gives you symptoms, maybe for some people not every day or not at all SO FAR. But the definition of a parasite is ‘an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense’ – key word at the other’s expense. So whether or they feel it or not, it IS harming your body otherwise it would not be called a parasite and would not be a parasite.

      I am sharing this story to give anyone hope that is still fighting this battle! People thought i was crazy, that I was exaggerating, that I was making myself sick, that I had ‘chronic fatigue, IBS AND a fructose intolerance’ or that I just wasn’t sick at all – I would like to openly say to them all a big FUCK YOU! but also thank you for motivating me to prove you all wrong. I WAS sick and it was detrimental to my later high school years, my uni degree and my young adulthood until I was 23! I had a parasite and it made me so unbearably sick and now I am better! I can eat bread, garlic, apples, onion, pasta! anything I want really.
      So don’t give up hope, it is curable because it is a parasite. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Fight it, fight it so hard until it is dead, gone and never ever returning.

      The CDD in Sydney works with people from other countries all the time and I know that this pharmacy ships internationally. So if you haven’t found something that works yet and you aren’t in Australia, you just need a doctor to listen to you and want to help you, to make the call to the West Linfield Pharmacy and they will send you these antibiotics or if you have DF too then there are 4 different ones to take! or if you have any other parasites, they have a protocol for all of them. They actually have multiple protocols for back up just in case your in the 10% of people it doesn’t work for.

      Good luck! and feel free to message me if you have any questions 🙂
      you can get me on my email:
      If I don’t see messages here for some reason.

      Much love to all my past, present and future blasto friends!

      • I took multiple antibiotics for this parasite and was left with nerve damage and neurotoxicity. My doc recently offered me paromycin however of this escapes from the gut it can cause perm deafness and liver damage. I’m pretty sure I have leaky gut. I’m so happy you managed to get well. However for me I now have mast cell activation. Whenever I eat high histamine foods I get stomach pain, bloating, flushing and even tachycardia. I’m now working with a biome doc. I took a Ubiome test which tells you how healthy your gut is. Basically my results showed that I have several types of bad bacteria which are at unhealthy levels. It also showed I have severely low levels of some strains of good bacteria. This never showed up on any of my stool tests ran by regular doc. We also know I have tested positive for SIBO. My biome doc says that he’s treated many people for blasto and they remain sick. He said often it because the gut is out of balance to begin with. Sometimes the aggressive antibiotcs kill the bad bacteria and sibo which is why people feel better. However I’ve been speaking with some in the blasti fb group and some said they worked with a biome doc and and feel better and can eat normal food again but still have blasto. My biome doc states that blasto is like a shark in the gut it’s fine doing it’s own thing and keeps away a lot of the more serious invaders that cause crohns and colitis etc. I’m not an expert and I’m still sick.. iv just started this biome gut protocol so will report back once I’m better. But I can say that the diet they’ve put me on has reduced my diarrhea significantly.

      • Great news, Maisy! Glad you conquered it. I know the frustration and anger you describe when dealing with medical professionals who are not well-versed on this particular infection, telling you they symptoms are just IBS, it’s not a real pathogen, that your results don’t mean anything, etc etc.

        Personally, I would not have been able to do the ‘triple therapy’ because I am really sensitive to antibiotics, and I could not imagine taking three at a time! And because the original/primary ‘triple’ combination that they were promoting at the time was not sulpha-free, and I am reactive to sulpha drugs. And because I just would not have been able to get my hands on all of them, depending on their availability in Canada. Hence why I used the Merck Manual’s recommendation of Metrondinazole, followed by Paromomycin. (Nitazoxanide is not available in Canada).

        Interesting to note that your ‘triple’ combination included Paromomycin (which is not absorbed into the bloodstream and targets the cysts), as well as Nitazoxanide (which is absorbed into the bloodstream, and which I believe targets non-cyst forms (which is what Metronidazole does), and reinforces why it’s essential to take a blood-absorbed, and non-blood absorbed medication together, as they work synergistically). I am not familiar with the action of Secnidazole. From what I understand, each ‘triple’ therapy (or double combination) incorporates medications that tackle the cyst and non-cyst forms. I actually ordered Nitazoxanide from Mexico’s MexMeds as a back-up in case the Metronidazole and Paromomycin combination did not work, based on some research and a review (at the start of the post) that an extended dose of Nitazoxanide achieved the same thing (which I still have doubts about, and don’t have a lot of info to back up this claim). But I’m glad I didn’t have to.

        A big virtual ‘high five’ to you! Thanks for sharing your update!

      • Hi Sarah,

        I would seriously question whether your “biome” doctor has your best interest at heart if he is promoting living with blasto and using his treatments as some kind of band-aid solution.

        I’m sorry to hear that you suffered side effects from the medications you were on previously. I am very sensitive to antibiotics myself, and have had numerous adverse reactions when I had a leaky gut and still consuming gluten in my diet.
        However, I survived my 10 days of Metronidazole followed by my 10 days of Paromomycin (both sulfa-free), now that I am gluten-free for 14 years. I am also reactive to sulfa drugs, but that is not related to gluten or leaky gut.

        I agree that SIBO and gut imbalances might be to blame for your discomfort, as much as the blasto, but if you do have blasto, it is a huge, if not the primary cause of gut imbalance in the first place – remove the pathogen, and you have a chance to restore balance, and overcome the SIBO as well. The fact that he is saying that living with blasto means that you “keep the other bad things at bay”, is a really false statement, given the fact that living with a parasite is the reason why you are not able to restore balance and health to your gut in the first place.

        I understand the risks you mention regarding the Paromomycing escaping the gut due to leaky gut. I experienced leaky gut and similar side effects from medications (including to Metronidazole, ages ago) when I was eating gluten and not realizing it contributed to my leaky gut and bad medication reactions (even to Advil!). So I really sympathize with you on that. Are you 100% gluten-free? Gluten was the primary cause of my leaky gut, and 14 years later living gluten-free, I don’t have those issues any more. You don’t realize how bad of a problem it is until you eliminate it from your diet completely. The only reactions I have to drugs now is if they are sulfa drugs, which has been true for me since childhood.

        Is it possible for you to eliminate gluten for several months (i.e. 3-6 months), heal your leaky gut, and then consider the Paromomycin/Metronidazole therapy, since your doctor is offering it? If you’ve had issues in the past with medications side effects due to leaky gut, then I would be inclined to say you should try to heal the leaky gut before you try this therapy, due to your concerns, which I understand and sympathize with.

      • It’s difficult. We are all so desperate to get well. I just think you have to be objective in research. I thought 100% blasto was my issue….until I saw my biome results. It does make you wonder why do so many people live with blasto without any issues? As I said there are so many who treated blasto and were still very ill. Those who chose not to treat but instead went down the biome root got better could eat everything again but still had blasto too.

        I haven’t eaten gluten or dairy for 3 years. My gut is still a mess. I took metronidazole twice and it caused neuro toxicity, vertigo and nerve damage. My docs have now said it’s caused POTS and Mast cell. Which is why I can’t walk and have developed so many food intolerances. These drugs are strong. My biome results showed just how low and messed up my good bacteria was. Most people have 6% bifdo bacteria I have .01% if I took more antibiotics I would likely need a fecal transplant afterwards. I think my biome doc is being very sensible.

        But I think those who are going to treat and take antibiotcs should ensure they take the right drugs the first time to avoid wiping out their biome and causing heaps of damage like I did. I wish I had known about paromycin the first time. I took 4 courses of difference antibiotcs and they just destroyed my body. If I could go back in time I would have research before I put anything in my body.

        You must be enjoying being back to full health. So fantastic! Enjoy living and eating 🙂

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      • I’m so sorry. Four rounds is nuclear. I took Metronidazole twice, the second time with Paromomycin, and even without a leaky gut, it physically wreaked havoc on me too. I feel like most of my recovery was getting over the drugs. You have to do what you feel is right for you.

        I hope you can rebuild your gut. Don’t forget Sacharomyces Boulardii by AOR (an antibiotic resistant pro-yeast) – and check out the similar articles on the right column – I always check PubMed-NCBI database for actual medical research. Good resource if you want accurate medical/health info. And also don’t forget L-Glutamine, as mentioned above by Maisy.

        I remember when I was sick, I tried eating raw garlic to ‘kill’ the blasto, but it just really irritated my gut. After getting over blasto, I can now eat raw garlic without major issues. Garlic, as I understand it, is a pre-biotic and nurtures good bacterial growth. It’s also great for zapping colds, bacteria and viruses. I believe onions (I prefer cooked – raw or pickled onions create a lot of gas) also have a similar pre-biotic effect, and help balance your gut.

        Speaking of pre-biotic foods:

  125. Hi there. Feedback time. So my stool tests 11 wks after ending Metro + Paro antibiotic ttt is negative (3 stool samples): no more blasto! The combination seems to work. However, my symptoms haven’t evolved one bit, and might even be getting worse (or I am getting tired): daily bloating and nausea, undigested food in stool…. Even though I am taking probiotics, L-glutamine, on gluten-dairy-sugar free diet, resting, exercising….. I guess I am battling something else now but no one seems to know what or how to help me! If any one has been through something similar, always interested to hear about your experience. Emi

    • I’m telling you, you need a biome doc. I keep seeing so many people who keep trying to kill blast and stay in pain. You need to renounce the bacteria in your gut. I did a Ubiome test and found I had wiped out all my good strains of bacteria. I’m now working with a biome doc in Skype who is helping rebuild the good bacteria while reducing the histamine load (as that gives me nausea). My diareah has stopped. The pain is now and again instead of every day. I still have a ways to go but it’s working. Get tested for sibo and do a Ubiome. All those antibiotcs are wiping all the good bacteria out allowing other things room to grow.

    • Yay! That’s great news!

      Just want to let you know that I also felt “worse” after the drugs. So much so that when I saw my doctor at the follow up, I said I still felt “sick” and that led them to say, “Oh, then I guess it wasn’t the blasto then now was it”. This made me very angry because I knew it was, and I didn’t like that they were brushing it off like it was nothing. The drugs were very hard on the system. Both on the tissues and the biome.

      And I can’t tell you how important good diet is to shift things to the better. I didn’t eat very well that year following, due to going back to school for a year, and eating unhealthy campus food, and being under stress, and sitting too much and not exercising. I developed a case of hemorrhoids as a result of stress, no exercise and bad food. So you need to do the complete opposite of all that. 🙂 Reduce stress, eat well, and seriously, exercise, even just walking for 30 minutes – this helps tone the gut.

      Make sure you eat food that forms good stool and contain prebiotics, such as fibrous vegetables and fruits, including garlic and onions – those are good prebiotic foods. Prunes are great too, especially if you struggle with irregularity or straining, and Magnesium Citrate capsules are also excellent for this. Prunes, Magnesium Citrate, and believe it or not, licorice tea, are very good for the gut. There is absolutely no need to take man-made medications for irregularity – nature provides all this with food forms. You just have to know what actually works.

      Just make sure you’re eating well, reducing stress, and exercising. It will take time, but you will get there.

    • And for the record, if it wasn’t evident in my earlier reply, I’m feeling much better, and back to normal now. That’s over two years later. I also had a high histamine load afterward for a while, and I’m really histamine-sensitive, and it has gone down since then. You just have to keep working, day by day, at feeling better. I feel that the simpler the method is, and the more straightforward the method, the better – exercise, good wholesome foods (including sources of probiotics and prebiotics), and rest/relaxation. And remember that it’s not an overnight thing – it takes time.

      • Thank you for your fast answers. I am doing exactly what you recommend, and have been for 7 months (even before taking meds), I just don’t understand why NOTHING is improving at ALL. It’s been 3 months since I finished the drugs…. and for the record I had a great digestion before blasto. No sensitivities at all. I live in Switzerland and they don’t know much about SIBO but will try getting a test….

      • Hi Emi,

        Three months 🙂 That’s when I was telling the doctor I was “still feeling sick”, even with a negative test result. You are in the “peak recovery time” – you will definitely still feel bad, even if you were doing “good things” before taking the meds. It’s the post-medication time that really will have an impact on how you feel. So three months is just the beginning of getting over this.

        I guarantee you that your immune system is still “reacting” and being hyper-vigilant, meaning it’s out in full force, patrolling your body – it has not calmed down yet, and that is why you feel “sick” still. The infection has left, but your body is still healing and your immune system is still on high alert, trying to make sure you don’t get any more invaders. Your body is still trying to regain the balance that you had before you got sick. This will take months. (Just so you have an idea, when I stopped eating gluten after I discovered I was gluten-intollerant, it took my body about 6-8 months to feel healthy – my immune system needed to calm down and I needed time to heal – again, this takes longer than you might expect).

        If nothing else is showing as a problem (i.e. nothing is reading positive) on your parasite or bacterial infection (stool) tests, then I would venture to say that you might want to try taking a food sensitivities test – even though you say that you don’t have any. I have a friend who actually had Giardia, which is more severe than Blasto, and he said that he developed food intolerances afterward that never went away.

        Also, google a list of “histamine-producing foods”, and try not to eat any for the time being. I had to stay away from those foods because it would aggravate me when I was already very high in histamine during my recovery.

      • When you are histamine sensitive it’s because there’s gut damage. Leaky gut usually/ sibo etc. If you’ve done many antibiotcs over the years it will have wiped out most good bacteria too. So many people have got well by rebalancing the gut and the ph and they still have blasto. I think you have to acknowledge that blasto isn’t the issue for everyone. Yes when it gets out of control it can be an issue. But when you rebalance the gut it will be able to reduce its numbers. I’ve met so many people who can now eat anything and have norma bowel movements that gave up trying to treat blasto and just focused on rebalancing the gut. CHeck of the work of Jason hawlek the biome doc in Australia he’s amazing! For years he focused just in eradicating blasto in his patients until he noticed they were not actually getting better. He has spent 20yrs it this topic and has a PhD in gut health. He now focuses on reducing the bad bacteria and rebuilding certain strains of good bacteria and people regain their health. I use to advocate that blasto was all of my health issues but then I realized it really wasn’t.

      • Hi Emi,

        Also perhaps try to stay away from foods high in salicylates – this may also aggravate you at this time.

      • Hi Sarah,

        I understand what you’re trying to say, however, I know that for me, removing blasto from my body made me better. However as my doctor said himself, there may have been lots of other bad things that grew out of control along with the blasto, but it was only the blasto that showed up on tests as the indicator (like a canary in the coal mine), because that’s all they were actually testing for. My blasto counts were very high on tests, so that indicated something was wrong, and I had symptoms to prove it. It may very well be that the Metro / Paro combo wiped out all the bad stuff, not just the blasto, and then I healed from that after. Personally, if I were to do it over again, I would still do the Metro / Paro combination, because medically, I have no guarantees of anything else. Healing post-blasto-elimination, just like I healed post-gluten-elimination, took time for the body to adjust, regardless. It’s still a healing process, whether you attempt to rid yourself of blasto symptoms and still live with blaso by going a natural route as you advocate, or with medication that has measurable results and actually eliminates the blasto. I know for me, I needed to eliminate the blasto, just like I needed to eliminate the gluten.

      • I feel it is prudent to add that leaky gut is caused by your immune system’s reaction to a foreign particle, i.e. blasto, gluten, any other SIBO pathogen, and it is the body’s accumulated immune response over time that creates an overload of inflammation and histamine circulating in your blood and tissues. That is why some people are not bothered by blasto, gluten or other pathogens, and some people are. It is dependent on how their immune system reacts. Some people do have to eliminate these things entirely in order to de-escalate the body’s immune response, so that their inflammation and histamine can go down, and return to a healthy state. Otherwise, if the offending particle or pathogen is still present, then the body will continue to react, and you will not heal, regardless of how many things you “add” to your biome.

      • Can I ask what your back ground is re education, Doctor or naturalopath? Or what is your evidence? I’m asking kindly not argumentatively. Honestly I sang the exact song last year. I was getting sicker and sicker. I too have really high numbers of blasto. But Jason is the first person that I actually believe understands this. I believe science and evidence based medicine. I’ve taken no herbs and no further antibiotics and I’m not in pain and now having regular bathroom habits again. He’s spent 20 yrs researching all this. You even said yourself it’s taken several months of restoring the gut to get well afterwards too. I just think anyone who is stuck and ill and fed up of taking antibiotics and getting sicker like I was should explore such non evasive options. Many of the docs who treat blasto say if you get a few clear tests it will regrow, once you have blasto you will never be 100% clear of it. I’m happy to send you the email I received from the top blastocystis researcher who said this to me.

      • I also believe in science and evidence-based medicine, and that is why I took the Metro / Paro combo, straight from the pages of the Merck manual, and why I rely on the evidence of consecutive laboratory tests. And by that same token, I also believe in the health benefits of proper nutrition, natural prevention, exercise and rest.

        Honestly, I think the only person here you’re trying to convince of this “natural route” that involves living with blasto is yourself, since you admitted in an earlier post that you were still sick, and were not able to take any more antibiotics because you were afraid you would suffer side effects due to your existing leaky gut, so you’ve resolved yourself to “living with blasto” rather than actually curing it. No offense, but that doctor you’re seeing is profiting off of you staying ill.

        And in this post, you claim you are feeling better. Interesting how your story has changed. What I hear is you trying to justify why living with blasto is better than curing blasto. Can you accept that some people don’t want to live with blasto?

        There is a big difference between taking too many (of the wrong) antibiotics (in your case), versus taking a measured amount of the correct, targeted antibiotics to solve a problematic infection. There are certainly benefits to taking the correct medications when they yield the anticipated result. And there are certainly negative effects from taking too many of the wrong medications.

        If you’ve done your research, you would know that blasto feeds off of SIBO bacterias, and therefore if you have high blasto, you have SIBO, and the Metro / Paro combo eliminates these pathogens together, so you are not left chasing your tail with other less effective methods.

        And yes, I did say it took several months to restore balance in my gut after the medication and after the infection was resolved, but that doesn’t prove that this method is ineffective, it just proves that this is par the course for any healing process. I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here.

      • Wow so defensive and rude. Please dont accuse me of first lying by changing my story, or convincing myself lol I’ve seen enourmous changes in my Ubiome results and bathroom habits.

        Sorry what was your back ground in education again? As for my leaky gut, I’m super happy I avoided a 5th round of antibiotcs since my doctors confirmed metronidazole caused
        nerve damage and left me unable to walk for 10 months. I’m glad I didn’t take paromycin as here’s a significant chance it would have made me deaf. Keep pushing your agenda though 👏

        What I’ve noticed is when people get rude and defensive they’re usually off their trollies. Too many people with blasto are completely brain washed that this is the root of all their ill health. If that was the truth then why aren’t the tropical disease doctors jumping to help treat this? Of course you know more than them and even the naturopaths 👍 perhaps if you had taken a ubiome test you would have seen an imbalance of bacteria you might have seen certain strains of bad bacteria that causes issues. Me pointing out that blasto is generally not the cause of ill health shouldn’t get you so upset. Have a wonderful life. Please don’t waste time responding as I won’t be reading. Leaving this forum as apparently people don’t wish to help other unless it involves pushing that blasto is a pathogen and must be treated with antibiotics. P.s histamine intolerance is often an issue with mast cells namely mast cell activation. There’s so much more to a broken gut than blasto. Did you know that blastocystis actually keeps pathogens that cause crohns and colitis away? It’s not considered harmful by 90% of doctors

      • That’s great Sarah. Pointing out the inconsistencies in your claims is important (not rude) simply because they are inconsistent, and nobody should base life decisions on claims that are obviously biased or rooted in pride.

        Just because you’re miserable and living with blasto doesn’t mean everyone else wants to join you there. You even admitted your doctor recommended Paromomycin for your condition, but you declined the offer and have instead pursued some hippie-dippie natural doctor who profits off your illness and doesn’t believe in laboratory tests because apparently “it just grows back, so don’t bother trying to get better.” Let’s pull that blindfold on tighter why don’t we.

        “Did you know that blastocystis actually keeps pathogens that cause crohns and colitis away?” – Who sold you that pack of lies?

        I’m on here responding and saying what actually eliminated my blasto because I don’t want people to succumb to misinformation (like you have), taking the wrong medications (like you did), and because I know how damaging and frustrating living with blasto is (which is clear from your emotional response).

        Oh, yes, and – “If that was the truth then why aren’t the tropical disease doctors jumping to help treat this?” – Infectious disease specialists do treat this. You need to get a referral from your family doctor to see one. They will prescribe you Paromomycin. Metro plus Paro, if you’re lucky. Anything else?

      • Oh lady calm down.

        Firstly I went to the tropical disease doc in Toronto the best in Canada. I went asking for this Med. He said that blasto is unlikely to be the issue but give me the prescription I asked for. After getting the prescription I read about deafness. My doctor said maybe being deaf would be worth it, but they were doubtful blasto was my issue and I sure if I would be any better after treating. Hmm I really don’t know why I’m wasting my time defending myself to you. In the last month I’ve had significant improvements. But I think you just want to call me a liar to support your own case. Whatever works for you. People will figure out what works for them. Every case is different. Hence why you can’t push that blasto is the root cause. Saying that I’m miserable and unhappy, Jeese you couldn’t be more wrong. Life is very good 😁 (apart from this convo). Lol

        The top scientist as the blastocystis reasearch foundation stated “Since we published our conspicuous observations in 2015, many researchers have now corroborated our findings: Blastocystis is typically linked to increased microbiota richness and diversity; – something, which is generally considered a benefit and which is linked not only to gut health, but also to leanness.”

        So getting rid of blasto might cause weight gain and a less diverse Microbiome!

        Two scientists have told me hat once you have blasto you will never be completely free of it. You can reduce the numbers and live with it. Perhaps retest in a 2 yrs and see if it’s positive. Also a doctor I saw privately in the UK said the same. We can never eliminate it entirely. Now please remove me from your awful website.

        I’m actually pretty happy apart from the nerve damage. That sucks. But really don’t need abuse from one track minded people. Enjoy you blasto party 😜

      • “It’s not considered harmful by 90% of doctors” – Peanuts are also harmless to a majority of the population, except to those few people who have a more severe immune response to peanut protein. As it is with blasto. Therefore this statement is misleading.

      • I’m guessing your an angry lady going through the menopause or something. Hormones can be rough to deal with.

        Having a difference in opinion should not result in weird statements you have made. Try and be more professional. I’m all about good vibes and positivity not this neg crap. As I keep saying please remove me from your web I really don’t want to keep this lovely convo going 🙂

      • Hey, if you enjoy living with blasto, Sarah, then go for it! Nobody is stopping you.

        But don’t call me a liar, because here are your exact words:

        “I’m not an expert and I’m still sick.. iv just started this biome gut protocol so will report back once I’m better. But I can say that the diet they’ve put me on has reduced my diarrhea significantly.”

        You’re still sick. Check. You still have diarrhea. Check. So you can see, I was not being rude, I was pointing out your inconsistent story.

        Also – “Can I ask what your back ground is re education, Doctor or naturalopath? Or what is your evidence? I’m asking kindly not argumentatively.” – Usually people who challenge other people are not doing that with the intent to be kind, but rather as a precursor to an argument.

      • “I’m guessing your an angry lady going through the menopause or something. Hormones can be rough to deal with.” – This sounds like you’re projecting your issues onto me. I’m not menopausal, but it’s interesting you would blindly make that judgement.

        “As I keep saying please remove me from your web I really don’t want to keep this lovely convo going” – I don’t own this website – you have a wordpress subscription to this page, so only you can unsubscribe.

      • See it’s not nice when people make weird assumptions is if?

        I’m too young for menopause so again nope youre wrong…not projecting.

      • Goodbye, Sarah.

        1. click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the posts received at the very bottom of the emails.
        2. go here >!/read/edit/ locate and click the “x” next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in the Reader or by email.
        3. go to the blog in question and click the unfollow/follow link on your Admin bar.

      • Thank you Em for all of your advice. People have different opinions and I appreciate your willingness to give your opinion.

        Hi Sarah:
        I live in the GTA and I would love to chat sometime. 647-667-4875 is my cell. I am dealing with blasto as well. Please reach out to me.

        If anyone else is willing to reach out to me, please do.

      • Hi Rammy. My “advice” and “opinions” are based on my personal experience of curing blasto using Metronidazole and Paromomycin, the details of which you can find within this blog post.

      • Hi Em, so after you took the metro/paromomycin combination, how long did it take you to feel well enough to be able to work a full time job? For how long did you (if at all) maintain a carb/sugar free diet after completing the 2 antibiotics?

      • Hi Rammy. To answer your question, yes, it was Humatin (Paromomycin) two 250mg caps, three times a day, for ten days.

        I was working the entire time. And I am not big on sugar usually, so I was mindful of not consuming straight (refined) sugar during this time. I don’t drink pop or sodas or juices, and I don’t drink coffee or alcohol (just tea), I stayed away from those. Actually, when I did randomly indulge in some Moscato wine, I did notice my stomach did not like it the next day, and same if I drank some coffee. I did make fresh fruit smoothies and eat fresh fruit here and there, and that seemed to be fine. I stuck to whole (gluten free) foods that were not overly sweetened. I also tried to eat lots of vegetables. I found that sticking to a whole food diet was the best. If it comes in a box with a long list of ingredients, then it’s probably not the best for you.

      • Oh, and I avoid raw fish sushi. I used to eat that before but after this, I decided to avoid it completely. I will still have some vegetarian sushi, but no raw meat.

      • Hi Rammy. I eat basically whatever I want, but I have a pretty healthy diet to begin with, with some restrictions. No refined sugars, low caffeine, very little to zero alcohol, few sweets, no deep fried foods. I try not to indulge in too many spicy foods, as spices aggravate me (i.e. spicy curry). I don’t eat that much dairy, but when I do, I try to make it organic (milk or cheese). I do however enjoy some organic Kefir here and there (probiotics). And I also like Kombucha (probiotics). Keep in mind, my diet is gluten-free and it has been since 2004 when I discovered I had a severe gluten intolerance.

      • Em- can you tolerate chocolate and pop?
        You said you dont consume refined sugars so it sounds like you can’t

      • Yes, I enjoy chocolate. But I don’t pig out on it – eat too much chocolate and you’ll get constipated.

        I never drank pop, ever. So I don’t drink it now. I find it disgusting. I’ve never liked the idea of consuming plain sugar, so I’ve never done that. Whatever sugar I do eat, I have no problem with it.
        But I’m not someone who pours it in my tea or coffee, that’s gross. It’s more that I know that it’s generally bad for me, so I just choose to avoid it. I don’t want to be fat or have diabetes. And I really don’t enjoy blood sugar crashes, which I will experience if I overdo it on sugar, so I don’t.

        So yes, I can tolerate both. I just chose chocolate in moderation, and generally most of the time avoid lots of sugar.

      • Why do you ask? Are you trying to see if it’s worth taking the medications to get better? Because I can assure you, it is. You’ll feel better than you feel now. I certainly do.

      • Pushing your opinions and beliefs on others should be completely banned. It’s dangerous! If this person suffered serious long lasting effects you could be held liable. Becareful, I’m sure you only have good intentions and are trying to help. However every single case is different. 10 people might test positive for blasto but it doesn’t mean that those same 10 people are all ill because of blasto. You’re well why not go enjoy life rather than hanging on this forum?

      • First of all, nobody asked you, Sarah. You’ve been trolling since you got here, and complained that you’re sick and have diarrhea from the blasto, and now, because you realize you messed up your body with too many of the wrong antibiotics, you declare that you feel great, because you’re choosing to live with blasto, even though it’s obvious from the diarrhea that your immune system is reacting to it, and you’re trying to convince everyone else that they shouldn’t seek treatment either. You’re the one pushing people to not seek medical treatment. I’d say that’s pretty harmful. I’m not pushing anyone to do anything. I’m answering questions, providing my knowledge and experience from extensive research and a negative diagnosis. Why should anyone believe anything you say? What is your problem? Are you bitter because you believe you can’t take the Paromomycin and get better? Seriously, your manipulation and trolling is very transparent, and nobody is benefiting from it. This page is for people who are seeking treatment. Not people who want to stay ill. So if you fall into the latter group, then I suggest you leave.

      • I was asked. I’m literally not reading your response. I find you rude and opinionated, I’m a professional and don’t deal with “drama”. If you look back through all my comments I have never trolled anyone since being a member. I’ve objected to you that is all. Every case is different.

        I don’t know why you keep insisting I’m so ill with diareah. Those comments were posted before I started with my biome doctor. Please get perspective. Perhaps you’re still not well hence why you are unable to eat anything you wish and stay on this site. Good day, lady Em.

        P.s Incase anyone is interested people with blasto had been excluded from providing samples for FMT, however never they are considering including them. Something that would never be allowed if this was a pathogen.


      • What were you asked, Sarah? Nothing, last I checked.

        Haha. What are you a “professional” at? Trolling? Spreading misinformation, lies, ignorance? You, m’am, are the personification of drama itself.

        Haha! You are hilarious. Did you and Rammy have a little chit chat on the phone, and then you sicced her on me like a little dog to do your bidding? For your information, I’m healthy, blasto-free and I eat whatever I want (except evil gluten). I’m not a fatso and I don’t drink pop or eat sugary foods. Last I checked, lots of healthy people don’t drink pop or eat a lot of sugar, duh. LOL. God, you’re so pathetic.

        Also, work on your grammar. Your writing is unintelligible.

        And the only reason I’m on this site is because out of the goodness of my heart, because I once too was sick and had no answers and needed the truth on how to cure blasto. Maybe if you had read my posts before you ate all the wrong antibiotics, you wouldn’t be sick, bitter and trolling on this site. Shame on you for trying to make others join you in your misery by convincing them they don’t need help if they are suffering. Shame on you. That’s extremely selfish.

      • Oh dear, this is really not how I like to communicate. No that didn’t happen at all. If you knew me you would know I’m not that type of person.

        Please take a step back and look at this all again. I’m not against antibiotics, I don’t push anything on anyone. Please calm down and gain perspective, your messages look a little insane. I’m not trying to upset anyone, please know that.

        I’ve suffered nerve damage and now have POTS from taking metronidazole, hence my reason for caution. Also all I have said is that my stomach issues are so much better since working with biome doc, which makes me think blasto isn’t my issue. It seems it was some bad bacteria and histamine issues all along.

        This thread is getting out of hand. So I wish you the very best, sincerely.

      • Sarah, because you need this explained to you:

        Blasto is included on the Parasite Fecal Test **because it is a parasite**. Period. I’m going to dispel your little “blasto is ok for everyone” narrative right now.

        Blasto is included on the Parasite Fecal Test **because it is a parasite**. That’s how YOU found out you have blasto in the first place! Don’t be a hypocrite.

        Now, the reason *some* people can live normal lives with blasto in their bodies is because their immune systems are not fighting it. Got it? For the same reason, some people cannot tolerate milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts, etc. Those people don’t have a reaction to milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts, etc. However, that doesn’t mean milk, eggs, gluten, peanuts are not very harmful to some people in the population! Which is exactly what my family doctor said to me – if it causes you symptoms, then it is a problem!

        You, Sarah, are probably not someone who can live a healthy life with blasto. You, along with a lot of people on this site, would benefit from eliminating it from your gut, and many of them have. But, since you messed up your body by taking too many of the wrong antibiotics, and now refuse to take Paromomycin which could solve your problem, you are now flogging the narrative that blasto is ok for everyone. Well, it’s not. And you need to stop trying to convince other people that they don’t need help, when they might need help. Got it?

      • Again I’m not convincing anyone that. I’m merely giving people another perspective. Ask Ramos, I never said not to take the meds. I actually said it might be worth it.

        Please stop making assumptions. You don’t know me or my situation. Youre an online bully it seems. An angry bad crazy lady.

        Please feel free to have the last word. As I am over and out and finally deleting this crazy account ✌️

        P.s from the blastocystis foundation

        “Hi Sarah. As a rule, I’d not recommend treatment. Most carriers do not have symptoms. Those who DO have symptoms may have symptoms due to reasons other than Blastocystis. For more info, please visit” from Christian Rune

      • Haha, changing your story again, are we? You are the one making ridiculous assumptions about me. I’m simply quoting your contradictory posting history. Anyone here can read it for themselves.

        I think you enjoy spreading misinformation too much to delete this account. You’ll be here tomorrow, lurking, thinking of other ways to taunt me. I know your kind. You thrive off of ticking people like me off.

      • Can I ask why am I “ticking” you off? Why are you getting so abusive? Because we have a difference in opinion?

        I’m not changing my story. Would you like to see my notes with doctors to see my progress, I’m actually happy to provide. I posted comments prior to working with biome doc, I think I’ve said this several times. Why would I share what is working for me, if it isn’t really working? I would never ever want anyone to remain ill. I know how difficult having bad for health can be.

      • Oh, but Sarah, you have changed your story. Several times in fact. From starting off saying you are sick, with diarrhea, and then saying you’re stuck with blasto cause you messed up your body by taking too many of the wrong antibiotics, and then you decided you’re going to try and live with it, and now you claim you’re feeling great, even though only several posts ago, you said you are feeling sick. Sounds like that doctor is really brainwashing you good. You are posting, falsely, that you are doing well, because you want people to applaud you, and you want the attention, because if people validate what you’re saying as true, then you’ll believe what you’re saying, and you’ll feel better about living with blasto.

        Your exact words: “I still can’t believe how many doctors don’t accept this parasite as an issue. Either we are all being horribly misdiagnosed or the medical system works wide sucks!”

        It’s actually sad to read all your old posts here. You were taking all the wrong meds.

      • It’s obvious why you don’t trust what I’m saying, it’s because of how many doctors failed you by prescribing you all the wrong medications. Why should you trust anyone.

      • Maybe if I took paromycin first I would be singing a different tune. That’s why I say to others, it might be a good thing for some. It if your gut is permeable becareful.

        I would never ever want anyone to suffer with nerve damage like I have.

        But currently I’m doing ok, I’m not back to normal guy health. But I’ve had a massive improvement in the last several months which I’m extremely grateful for.

        Sometimes I wonder if I had done all this to begin with maybe I wouldn’t have nerve damage.

      • Em and Sarah, thank you for giving information on both sides of the matter.

        Metro and paromomycin combo seems like a good option because it seems it has worked for people in this forum.
        But as Sarah mentioned, it carries risks, so it may be a good idea to explore other safe routes of treatment first.

        Whether blasto is a pathogen remains a debate, but even if it isn’t, paromomycin may still eliminate an unknown pathogen in our bodies that present scientific study has yet to identify. This could lead to resolution of symptoms.

        Lets leave it at that. No need to accuse each other of negativity, when both of you are actually trying to do good.

      • Rammy, you’re not really helping:

        Contrary to what you just said, Sarah did NOT take Metronidazole *and* Paromomycin, so when you say “it carries risks”, you are again misleading readers by referring to both Metro and Paro, when you should actually be referring to the multiple rounds of Metro, 27 days of Nitazoxanide, and everything else she took in a short period of time, as possible reasons for her alleged side effects. Heck, there’s no proof she even developed those problems from the drugs. But you haven’t been on this site long enough to know that.

        Also, I will correct your other misleading statement – Make no mistake, blasto is a pathogen because it is on a Fecal Parasite Test. Otherwise, it would not be on a Fecal Parasite Test! The fact that some people can live with it without symptoms does not mean that the people who do have symptoms from blasto should live with it. And the people who are on this page are the people who have symptoms.

        Maybe sit back and read the rest of the site before you comment, mkay?

      • Em, I would appreciate if you could also connect with me at my cell # 647-667-4875. Send me a message if you are okay with that. Whatsapp would work to avoid long distance charges, if you are outside of Canada.

      • Do you trust the Merck Medical Manual Professional Edition’s directions on how to treat blasto? It’s online. Accessible to anyone with a google search. And it’s what your doctor should have been referring to.

        And I quote: “Amebiasis…is commonly asymptomatic, but symptoms ranging from mild diarrhea to severe dysentery may occur. …Treatment for symptomatic disease is with metronidazole or tinidazole followed by paromomycin or another drug active against cysts in the lumen of the colon.”

        (Blasto belongs to the Amoeba parasite family, and Amebiasis means infection with amoeba)

        Note that Amebiasis is “commonly asymptomatic” – so yes, some people can live with it – and some people cannot. People do need treatment when they show symptoms, as the manual reads. And the treatment is metronidazole (or tinidazole) followed by Paromomycin. Just as I have said.

        Therefore, people with blasto that have symptoms, should consider treatment if they want to get better.

        I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. But, you, with your obvious symptoms, should be the last person urging people not to seek treatment if they have symptoms. Don’t punish other people for your mistakes.

      • Also, I hope you realize there is a difference between what I “tolerate” and what I choose to eat or not eat. The only thing I absolutely cannot eat is gluten, because it gives me leaky gut and a host of terrible other problems. So I eat none of that, since 2004. I can eat everything else. And everything else that I choose to eat is based on personal preference, and what I want my diet to look like. FYI.

        Again, it sounds like you’re on the fence about seeking treatment and you’re trying to gauge, with your many questions, if you should go through with it.

  126. I am debating with myself on whether to attempt to use a natural route of treatment for blasto vs. using paromomycin alone or with metronidazole. I will post any relevant updates here if anything works for me, or if anything fails for me for the benefit of others. My friend also has blasto and he will likely follow the same treatment plan as me. Personally, I strongly believe that Blasto can be a pathogen as I am a spiritual person and it has been shown to me so many times in dreams to try and treat it.

    • That’s interesting. Well, I’ll say what I say to everyone: Good luck with your doctor.

      And you can probably judge by reading this page that there are lots of natural things you can do to support your recovery, in addition to medication. Natural solutions (i.e. food, supplements) can be used in conjunction with conventional medication. There is room for both when they are focused on remedying the same problem. Doesn’t have to be one or the other.

      • Em, I would appreciate if you could also connect with me at my cell # 647-667-4875. Send me a message if you are okay with that. Whatsapp would work to avoid long distance charges, if you are outside of Canada.

      • Whilst I don’t want to get involved in the ‘shit fight’ that has been going on (pun intended lol), my doc who is a qualified gp and naturopath and doing a PhD in the area said to me that the ONLY way to get rid of blasto is through a triple shot of antibiotics. He wasn’t lying because it definitely got rid of it.

        My digestion improved immediately, but hasn’t made any difference to my food intolerances and allergies. Makes me think that blasto is not the root of the entire problem. He did also say that for some people blasto is a problem, but for others not necessarily and it should be treated on a contingent basis. His attitude was “well we have tried everything else, so it is worth trying to eliminate it”


      • Hi Chris,

        That’s great that the “triple therapy” worked for you. But it’s not the “only” solution to this problem. Saying that is factually untrue. I’m not saying your doctor is lying, I’m saying that it’s not the “only” way, and I will elaborate on this below.

        Are you in Australia? Jackie, the site admin for is an advocate for the Centre for Digestive Disease – the CDD is a medical business in Australia that treats people with the “triple therapy”.
        Actually, I believe Jackie is on their payroll so she’s basically hired by them to spread the word about the triple treatment and drum up some business for them

        The triple therapy is not the only way. The Merck Manual cites the use of Metronidazole and Paromomycin. I would assume that Merck is a USA-based publication. That’s what the infectious disease doctor prescribed me here, in Canada.

        Keep in mind that some drugs are not available in all countries, and that some treatment options are based on what is available. For example, I cannot get Nitazoxanide or Tinidazole in Canada. But I can get Metronidazole and Paromomycin. I don’t know the availability of drugs in Australia, but I assume the triple therapy uses what is available there. And I will explain below how the Metro / Paro combo works so you understand why it is effective, and equally as effective a as the touted “triple therapy”.

        When I was sick, I did extensive research on PubMed (published medical studies that you can read and search through yourself). Guess what I found. I found that most studies concluded that using Metronidazole alone was not sufficient. In fact, this article states clearly that Metronidazole actually stimulates “hatching” of blasto cysts (think of them like eggs), creating a greater regrowth, post-treatment – this is like a defense mechanism for the blasto. That’s why usually, one does of Metro only makes things worse, and why even the CDD and Jackie do not recommend Metronidazole by itself.

        Metronidazole (and it’s alternative, Tinidazole – not available in Canada) is however part of the Merck Manual treatment – why you ask?

        Because Blasto is a tricky bugger. It has two forms.

        Yes, blasto has two forms – the hatched blastocyst (the hatchling), and the cyst (the egg). Metronidazole kills the hatched blastocyst. Metronidazole also permeates the intestinal barrier, and enters the bloodstream, so it kills any travelling blastocysts that escaped your intestines due to a leaky gut. Paromomycin on the other hand does not permeate your intestinal barrier. It works by killing the cysts, something Metro *cannot* do. That is the logic behind taking more than one drug – some drugs permeate the intestinal wall and kill travelling blastocysts, and some drugs do not permeate the intestinal wall and kill the cysts.

        And that is why the triple therapy uses more than one agent – a combo of two intestine-permeating drugs and one non-permeating, or vice versa, depending on the particular combo (there’s more than one combo of triple therapy drugs) – because just like the Metro / Paro combo, it is purposely designed to attack both forms of blasto, in both the inner and outer intestinal environments, to get both the egg and the hatchling forms.

        When I asked Jackie for the CDD’s triple therapy drug combos, she sent me the details, and I researched the drugs. I found that the triple therapy uses both kinds of medications to do the same thing as Metro / Paro does. And that is why it is effective. Because it targets both forms of blasto, not just one.

        Here is a medical article citing Paromomycin as the best choice for curing blasto

        Here is a medical article citing Blasto as an “unrecognized” parasite

        And hey, here’s an article for all you people who talk about blasto being in asymptomatic people, and not being a problem – but guess what – that’s because, have you considered, that their stomach environments can handle it? When you go to Mexico, do you drink the water? No! Because, you will come down with the sh*ts. Traveller’s diarrhea. Why? Because unlike the locals who live there and drink the water no problem, your body, your immune system, and your microbiome are not made to handle what they can handle!! You were not raised in that environment, ergo, your body has not adapted to cultivating and living with blasto in a peaceful manner.

        And lastly, blaso is said to “graze on bacteria”. So anyone who has symptoms, and has high blasto count, can logically conclude that if they have high blasto, they also have high bacterial counts (cause that’s what it’s feeding on!) so as long as Paromomycin kills “all the bad stuff” including blasto, then that’s all the more reason to use it for treatment. Because you’re killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

        Please, everyone, if you’re going to throw information around willy nilly and pretend you’re being accurate and factual, do us a favor and back things up with actual evidence. Cite a medical study. Post a link. It makes my head hurt to read people just throwing out vague assumptions with nothing to back it up.

        So Chris, that’s great that you got rid of your blasto with the triple therapy. Because it can work for people! Just like the Metro / Paro worked for me. There is more than one way to skin a cat, in this case!

  127. I’m afraid I don’t agree with al of this.

    It’s fine to tell people what worked for them but telling people they won’t be well unless they take both these meds is wrong. No one can know that. I’ve also read a lot of people on the Facebook group who have eliminated this just with paromycin.

    Sarah might not have taken Paromycin, but it’s well known that it can cause permanent deafness and liver damage if it escapes the gut. I’ve also heard of multiple people with issues from Metronitazole. So there is reason to have caution. However if nothing else has worked perhaps it’s worth the risk of potentially being deaf.

    I think the last comment is right on the money. It’s a case by case situation.

    Sarah can you tell me exactly what your gut doctor has done? Is it Jason you’re seeing? I read another lady on the blastocystis hominis Facebook group had great success and regained full health with him too.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Please see my lengthy reply to Chris’ post above. I explain the rationale behind Metro and Paro, and behind the triple therapy, and why they are both prescribed for blasto.

      In a nutshell: It’s possible you could get better using just Paro, if your gut has not been compromised or is leaky. But statistically, there is higher success if you use the combo, for the reasons that blasto has two forms – the hatched blasto, and the cysts (the eggs). Metro kills the hatched forms and cannot kill cysts. Paro kills the cysts. If you use Metro by itself, you actually stimulate the blasto to create more cysts that will hatch post-treatment (as it’s defense mechanism), and then you’ll have higher regrowth. Paro comes in and kills all those cysts that Metro doesn’t kill. That is the logic behind any combination treatment for blasto. You need meds that target both forms.

    • It seems my comment to Chris is in limbo. Let’s see if I can repost here. Essentially, it’s a longer-winded version of what I just posted. Enjoy.

      Hi Chris,

      That’s great that the “triple therapy” worked for you. But it’s not the “only” solution to this problem. Saying that is factually untrue. I’m not saying your doctor is lying, I’m saying that it’s not the “only” way, and I will elaborate on this below.

      Are you in Australia? Jackie, the site admin for is an advocate for the Centre for Digestive Disease – the CDD is a medical business in Australia that treats people with the “triple therapy”.
      Actually, I believe Jackie is on their payroll so she’s basically hired by them to spread the word about the triple treatment and drum up some business for them

      The triple therapy is not the only way. The Merck Manual cites the use of Metronidazole and Paromomycin. I would assume that Merck is a USA-based publication. That’s what the infectious disease doctor prescribed me here, in Canada.

      Keep in mind that some drugs are not available in all countries, and that some treatment options are based on what is available. For example, I cannot get Nitazoxanide or Tinidazole in Canada. But I can get Metronidazole and Paromomycin. I don’t know the availability of drugs in Australia, but I assume the triple therapy uses what is available there. And I will explain below how the Metro / Paro combo works so you understand why it is effective, and equally as effective a as the touted “triple therapy”.

      When I was sick, I did extensive research on PubMed (published medical studies that you can read and search through yourself). Guess what I found. I found that most studies concluded that using Metronidazole alone was not sufficient. In fact, this article states clearly that Metronidazole actually stimulates “hatching” of blasto cysts (think of them like eggs), creating a greater regrowth, post-treatment – this is like a defense mechanism for the blasto. That’s why usually, one does of Metro only makes things worse, and why even the CDD and Jackie do not recommend Metronidazole by itself.

      Metronidazole (and it’s alternative, Tinidazole – not available in Canada) is however part of the Merck Manual treatment – why you ask?

      Because Blasto is a tricky bugger. It has two forms.

      Yes, blasto has two forms – the hatched blastocyst (the hatchling), and the cyst (the egg). Metronidazole kills the hatched blastocyst. Metronidazole also permeates the intestinal barrier, and enters the bloodstream, so it kills any travelling blastocysts that escaped your intestines due to a leaky gut. Paromomycin on the other hand does not permeate your intestinal barrier. It works by killing the cysts, something Metro *cannot* do. That is the logic behind taking more than one drug – some drugs permeate the intestinal wall and kill travelling blastocysts, and some drugs do not permeate the intestinal wall and kill the cysts.

      And that is why the triple therapy uses more than one agent – a combo of two intestine-permeating drugs and one non-permeating, or vice versa, depending on the particular combo (there’s more than one combo of triple therapy drugs) – because just like the Metro / Paro combo, it is purposely designed to attack both forms of blasto, in both the inner and outer intestinal environments, to get both the egg and the hatchling forms.

      When I asked Jackie for the CDD’s triple therapy drug combos, she sent me the details, and I researched the drugs. I found that the triple therapy uses both kinds of medications to do the same thing as Metro / Paro does. And that is why it is effective. Because it targets both forms of blasto, not just one.

      Here is a medical article citing Paromomycin as the best choice for curing blasto

      Here is a medical article citing Blasto as an “unrecognized” parasite

      And hey, here’s an article for all you people who talk about blasto being in asymptomatic people, and not being a problem – but guess what – that’s because, have you considered, that their stomach environments can handle it? When you go to Mexico, do you drink the water? No! Because, you will come down with the sh*ts. Traveller’s diarrhea. Why? Because unlike the locals who live there and drink the water no problem, your body, your immune system, and your microbiome are not made to handle what they can handle!! You were not raised in that environment, ergo, your body has not adapted to cultivating and living with blasto in a peaceful manner.

      And lastly, blaso is said to “graze on bacteria”. So anyone who has symptoms, and has high blasto count, can logically conclude that if they have high blasto, they also have high bacterial counts (cause that’s what it’s feeding on!) so as long as Paromomycin kills “all the bad stuff” including blasto, then that’s all the more reason to use it for treatment. Because you’re killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

      Please, everyone, if you’re going to throw information around willy nilly and pretend you’re being accurate and factual, do us a favor and back things up with actual evidence. Cite a medical study. Post a link. It makes my head hurt to read people just throwing out vague assumptions with nothing to back it up.

      So Chris, that’s great that you got rid of your blasto with the triple therapy. Because it can work for people! Just like the Metro / Paro worked for me. There is more than one way to skin a cat, in this case!

    • It looks like wordpress doesn’t like long posts with a lot of external links. Which is unfortunate because I included scientific links that support my statements, as everyone should. :/ I spent enough time typing this…one last try. I don’t think the moderator on this site is even present. I’ll repost and remove the links. Sorry for the repeat posts if the others do go through!! Yeesh, this is what you get when you’re trying to help…

      Hi Chris,

      That’s great that the “triple therapy” worked for you. But it’s not the “only” solution to this problem. Saying that is factually untrue. I’m not saying your doctor is lying, I’m saying that it’s not the “only” way, and I will elaborate on this below.

      Are you in Australia? Jackie, the site admin for is an advocate for the Centre for Digestive Disease [link removed] – the CDD is a medical business in Australia that treats people with the “triple therapy”.
      Actually, I believe Jackie is on their payroll so she’s basically hired by them to spread the word about the triple treatment and drum up some business for them [link removed]

      The triple therapy is not the only way. The Merck Manual cites the use of Metronidazole and Paromomycin. [link removed] I would assume that Merck is a USA-based publication. That’s what the infectious disease doctor prescribed me here, in Canada.

      Keep in mind that some drugs are not available in all countries, and that some treatment options are based on what is available. For example, I cannot get Nitazoxanide or Tinidazole in Canada. But I can get Metronidazole and Paromomycin. I don’t know the availability of drugs in Australia, but I assume the triple therapy uses what is available there. And I will explain below how the Metro / Paro combo works so you understand why it is effective, and equally as effective a as the touted “triple therapy”.

      When I was sick, I did extensive research on PubMed (published medical studies that you can read and search through yourself). Guess what I found. I found that most studies concluded that using Metronidazole alone was not sufficient. In fact, this article states clearly that Metronidazole actually stimulates “hatching” of blasto cysts (think of them like eggs), creating a greater regrowth, post-treatment – this is like a defense mechanism for the blasto. That’s why usually, one does of Metro only makes things worse, and why even the CDD and Jackie do not recommend Metronidazole by itself. [link removed]

      Metronidazole (and it’s alternative, Tinidazole – not available in Canada) is however part of the Merck Manual treatment – why you ask?

      Because Blasto is a tricky bugger. It has two forms.

      Yes, blasto has two forms – the hatched blastocyst (the hatchling), and the cyst (the egg). Metronidazole kills the hatched blastocyst. Metronidazole also permeates the intestinal barrier, and enters the bloodstream, so it kills any travelling blastocysts that escaped your intestines due to a leaky gut. Paromomycin on the other hand does not permeate your intestinal barrier. It works by killing the cysts, something Metro *cannot* do. That is the logic behind taking more than one drug – some drugs permeate the intestinal wall and kill travelling blastocysts, and some drugs do not permeate the intestinal wall and kill the cysts.

      And that is why the triple therapy uses more than one agent – a combo of two intestine-permeating drugs and one non-permeating, or vice versa, depending on the particular combo (there’s more than one combo of triple therapy drugs) – because just like the Metro / Paro combo, it is purposely designed to attack both forms of blasto, in both the inner and outer intestinal environments, to get both the egg and the hatchling forms.

      When I asked Jackie for the CDD’s triple therapy drug combos, she sent me the details, and I researched the drugs. I found that the triple therapy uses both kinds of medications to do the same thing as Metro / Paro does. And that is why it is effective. Because it targets both forms of blasto, not just one.

      Here is a medical article citing Paromomycin as the best choice for curing blasto
      [link removed]

      Here is a medical article citing Blasto as an “unrecognized” parasite [link removed]

      And hey, here’s an article for all you people who talk about blasto being in asymptomatic people, and not being a problem – but guess what – that’s because, have you considered, that their stomach environments can handle it? When you go to Mexico, do you drink the water? No! Because, you will come down with the sh*ts. Traveller’s diarrhea. Why? Because unlike the locals who live there and drink the water no problem, your body, your immune system, and your microbiome are not made to handle what they can handle!! You were not raised in that environment, ergo, your body has not adapted to cultivating and living with blasto in a peaceful manner.
      [link removed]

      And lastly, blaso is said to “graze on bacteria”. So anyone who has symptoms, and has high blasto count, can logically conclude that if they have high blasto, they also have high bacterial counts (cause that’s what it’s feeding on!) so as long as Paromomycin kills “all the bad stuff” including blasto, then that’s all the more reason to use it for treatment. Because you’re killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

      Please, everyone, if you’re going to throw information around willy nilly and pretend you’re being accurate and factual, do us a favor and back things up with actual evidence. Cite a medical study. Post a link. It makes my head hurt to read people just throwing out vague assumptions with nothing to back it up. [no longer applies since wordpress doesn’t like me posting a lot of supportive links!]

      So Chris, that’s great that you got rid of your blasto with the triple therapy. Because it can work for people! Just like the Metro / Paro worked for me. There is more than one way to skin a cat, in this case!

      • Hi Em,

        I appreciate that you have done your research and it is good that you are educating yourself – I am totally in favour of being an advocate for my own health. I admire you interest in the area…BUT..

        I trust my GP and the reason I do is because he has multiple degrees in the area as a medico, is across all of the scientific literature from his PhD studies and also a qualified Naturopath. I challenge anyone to find a more qualified person in this area. To suggest that he would be influenced unduly by person’s sales pitch regarding the use of a antibiotics is a little insulting and I reject that suggestion completely.

        I have a PhD myself in the social sciences, and I know that there is a big difference between reading a few articles on a topic and reviewing an entire body of knowledge and interpreting it (esp when you already have a medical background). I would advise you to be cautious in interpreting people’s symptoms giving strong opinions about what people should and should not do to resolve their conditions.

        I think it is fine to share your own experiences like I have, but I feel that you are overstepping that boundary. Yes you have some basic knowledge in the area, but you are framing yourself as an expert in this area which it doesn’t sound like you are…at least you haven’t declared that you have a medical or scientific background.

        There is a reason that people spend 5 years at medical school and then another 4 doing a PhD. Unless you have done that kind of training, it is a little presumptuous of you to be telling others that they should be citing studies from scientific literature. It comes across as very arrogant, egocentric and could be dangerous if others relied on what you said.

        BTW. I have made plenty of contributions to this forum and am not troll.


      • Hi Chris,

        Earlier, I had communicated with Rammy over text, and I basically answered her questions as to why Metro by itself is ineffective and needs to be used with Paro, that the Australian triple therapy mimics the effects of Metro/Paro (by employing meds that 1) kill the cysts 2) kill the non-cysts 3) kill the bad bacteria that lives with blasto), why more than one drug is necessary for eliminating blasto, and that yes, blasto is part of the amoeba family. I am more than happy to post that exchange here. I tend to come across as less bitchy when I’m not being challenged on the information that I know is true, based on my research, and based on my lived experience. And while we’re tossing out credentials, I have a degree in Research Analysis. No, that doesn’t make me a doctor. No more than a PhD in social sciences makes you a doctor. So I don’t know why we’re making this a pissing contest.

        And that’s great that you have stumbled upon a doctor you trust and that has some knowledge and confidence in treating blasto. I did not. I was on my own. That’s why I had to fend for myself, and do lots of reading on the subject, email people like Jackie at, etc. and come to my own conclusions, and then present them to my doctor at the time. I was given the choice of Nitazoxanide (which is not available in Canada and I would have to petition the Canadian government to give me less dosage than I actually required, because they wouldn’t give me more, and pay $800 CAD for that privilege) or Paromomycin (with Metro). We all have our journeys. This is my journey, and what I found to help me. So I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to take it upon yourself to try to throw shade on it.

        And for the record, I never said that the triple therapy didn’t work, because it’s worked for other people, and it’s worked for you, but it is not widely available to people who have blasto in North America, at least not in Canada. That’s why Metro and Paro are the local options here. You specifically used language in your earlier post that stated that the triple therapy was the “only” thing that works, when according to the infectious disease doctor I saw, and my own research and lived experience, that is NOT true, so I felt the need to correct that. There is more than one solution that works. I’m merely touting the one that worked for me, and I would ask you to be more open-minded to the possibility that there are other ways to treat blasto than the triple therapy. Maybe do some research on amoebas and realize that they are an organism that changes forms, specifically, they have a cyst and a non-cyst form, and the logic behind the multiple medications that are prescribed for both forms, as I stated above.

        Asking people to cite studies to back up their personal assumptions is not presumptuous. Heck, you asked me to, and I did. If you are going to say “X doesn’t work because I say so”, then at least have the decency to back it up with evidence or reasoning of some kind. I am trying to protect my contributions to this blog, and to bring attention to the people who are trying to contradict me, or who themselves are dangerously misinformed, and ready to act on bad information.

        You see what bad information does – look at Sarah. She trusted doctors who dosed her repeatedly with the wrong medication. I feel bad for her. I really do. I know she was upset that she didn’t take the right medications at the start, but she took that frustration out on me. I’m not here to be an emotional punching bag, ok? I have zero tolerance for that. I stayed on this forum to answer questions that came from people who are searching for answers they’re not getting from their doctors or WebMD. And you know what, I can’t make everyone trust me. All I can say is what worked for me, and the logic and reasons behind that decision. And I will defend my statements.

      • Hi Em

        I am not turning this into a pissing context and I am certainly not presenting myself as an expert on this topic at all. All I did was rely what an expert in the area said to me. I also said that I have PhD in the social sciences to indicate that I have extensive scientific training – why are you so defensive about that?

        But the difference is that you are presenting yourself as an expert on this topic and you are so reactive to other people challenging you. Several people have basically echoed my sentiments in the last few days, but you get defensive each time. I wonder why that is?

        Some questions for your own personal reflection:

        Why would you feel the need to present yourself as an expert on this topic?

        Why would you discount the value of actual medical professionals who do have a legitimate base of training and expertise?

        Why would you discount other people’s opinions and tell them to cite evidence in a personal sharing forum?

        Why would you not seek out an academic or scientific forum to share your ideas and have them tested in a reputable journal instead of this forum?

        I don’t know if you are aware of your own level of defensiveness and behaviour, but it comes across as a little self-focused and not is that helpful in a forum like this.


      • If you may recall, I was incorrectly prescribed only Metronidazole BY A DOCTOR. Should you trust all doctors? No. I don’t. Because they are human. Be realistic. And general practitioners aka GPs are NOT experts. They are GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and the only thing they are experts in is giving you a referral TO AN EXPERT, and prescribing meds for very run-of-the-mill maladies like diabetes or high blood pressure. I’ve often asked my doctor a pointed question and his answer – “I can’t say for sure”. Cool. So I have to be my own health advocate. And so should everyone else. Don’t trust someone just because they have a fancy office. Do your own research to the point that you are an expert in your own health! To the point where you know more about the subject than your GP. Why are people scared of finding the truth? Because it will make them feel insecure that they put their lives in the hands of another mere human like themselves? Maybe reflect on that, Chris. And from what I can see, there are some people here who are not experts on the subject. Listen to what I have to say, or go find your own answers through focused research. You already found what works for you, so what do you care.

        Further to my point – guess who prescribed Sarah all the wrong medications for her illness? That’s right. A DOCTOR. Probably more than one, too.

        So therefore, not all doctors do the correct thing. Some do. Some don’t. Some are not experts in a niche field like amebiasis. That should be fairly obvious to you now.

        Why do I ask people here to cite evidence? Because more than half the statements here have been unfounded and based purely on biased opinions. We live in an information age. Use it.

        Lastly, I don’t need to test my ideas because I’ve already confirmed them through medical research on PubMed, which I have posted for your reading enjoyment, but you clearly haven’t acknowledged those posts. PubMed is there for everyone to read themselves if they can tear themselves away from watching American Idol. Sorry, not everyone is a nerd, I forgot. Why am I reactive to people challenging me with ridiculous claims? Because I’ve already found the truth, and hearing other unresearched people trying to tell me I’m wrong is laughable.

        We’re all “self-focused”, Chris. The reason you responded is cause you’re enjoying throwing out your PhD. And now you’re trying to be all “social sciences” on me. Come on. What’s your point.

      • Or were they for your sanctimonious enjoyment? Is your ego satisfied?

        I see you’re conveniently avoiding acknowledging the points I made. You can’t find any issues with my assertions, because there aren’t any. You just don’t like the delivery. Maybe reflect on that.

      • And to add, having a medical degree of any kind does not make you an expert on Blasto – my doctor with an MD didn’t know anything about it. He just prescribed Metro. It grew back. I got a referral to an infectious disease specialist. She gave me the Metro Paro. So no, having a medical degree doesn’t mean I will trust what you say, nor does it make you an expert on treating blasto. I don’t care how long you went to medical school. If you don’t know about blasto, then you don’t know about blasto, regardless of the letters at the end of your name.

        And specifically, your doctor may be an expert in this area, but he doesn’t live in Canada, so he’s not going to push the same medical solutions that are available here. Again, try to have an open mind that other countries use different protocols, based on medical consensus and treatment availability. So if he says it’s the “only” solution, maybe put that into the context that it’s the “only” solution that HE administers, where you live, with the medications that are available.

  128. Guys! Lets not argue with each other. We are all here to fight this nasty parasite. I had this parasite for almost 3 long years. Over the course, I had 3 different 10 day courses of Metronidazole and it didn’t treat me. I would grow it back after couple months and again, the same symptoms would re-appear such as: bloated stomach, brain fog, fatigue and what not.Tried Paromomycin and Metronidazole as mentioned by Em,and finally got rid of the parasite. It has been 8 months since I am Blasto-free.I occasionally have some of the symptoms but its usually when I eat too much sweet/milky stuff, overall I am fine. I would say Paromomycin and Metro together can be a good treatment to get rid of this parasite but again you have to first talk to your doctor, seek their advice, make sure you don’t have any allergies. Apparently I heard Paromomycin can also cause some serious side effects. There are of course other treatment methods like the triple therapy prescribed by centre of digestive disease in Australia.
    Hope it helps everyone

    • Thanks for your comment, Tosif. Glad you’re doing well.

      From my personal experience, I found the Metro to be much more unpleasant than the Paromomycin, when I used one after the other. But don’t let that discourage anyone from trying this. You will bounce back. I would wager it’s much easier to accomplish than taking three drugs at once.

  129. Initial symptoms: 30 minute bowel movements twice per day

    Initial lab test 2016: Moderate Blasto

    In 2016, I took Metronidazole 500MG 2-3 times per day for 7 days.

    Followup symptoms: Diarrhea; many bowel movements per day

    Followup lab test: Moderate Blasto

    In August 2018, I took Metronidazole 500MG 3 times per day for 10 days.

    Followup symptoms: Diarrhea; many bowel movements per day

    Followup lab test: Numerous Blasto

    Symptoms: Diarrhea; many bowel movements per day

    I have been on a very restricted diet avoiding sugar, starch, yeast, refined carbs, wheat, and alcohol. I have been taking some oregano oil occasionally.

    Jan 27th-Feb 10th 2019, I have just completed 4.67 days of metronidazole at 500MG 3 times per day followed by Paromomycin at 750MG 3 times per day for 9 days. Throughout the process, I have been taking Saccoromyces Boulardi 10Billion CFU 1-3 times per day, Oregano Oil 200MG 0-2 times per day, Probiotics 100-700 Billion CFU per day. I have also been taking Milk Thistle supplementation as a liver protector and L-Glutamine as a supplement for leaky gut. I have been taking vitamin K supplements as well (as advised by the instructions for Paromomycin).

    Current symptoms during and after treatment: Still having diarrhea; many bowel movements per day

    I intend to continue some form of supplementation and restricted diet and will be retesting soon for Blasto.

    I am suspecting that the diarrhea may be due to the blasto which has now been eradicated, but I need to give my body time to recover from all the irritation that blasto has caused to it. (I suspect this could be something known as “post infectious irritable bowel syndrome” which might be a condition where even after your body has eliminated an infection, the IBS continues for some period of time, as it takes time for inflammation and immune response in the body to subside.) But first will need to verify that the blasto has been eradicated.

    I will give an update when I have it.

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