day 27

:: 9h30am: 2 free-range eggs + 1 zucchini + coconut oil

:: 1pm: grass-fed beef  + curry + green beans + butter

::3h30pm: celery stick + sun-dried tomato

::5h30pm: grass-fed beef + eggplant + mesclun + balsamic (I wish I could’ve had the avocado + homemade ketchup my boyfriend had, but these foods are high in FODMAPs, so I skipped them)

::6h00pm: jap pumpkin + nutmeg + cinnamon

day 23

today was Brussels sprouts & bacon day! =)

45 min walk

*** I had my breakfast quite early because I had an f/u appointment with my gastro-enterologist… was prescribed another type of antiobiotics (Flagyl) to take for the next 7 days to try to eradicate this parasite that is still causing symptoms… we’ll see how it goes, I don’t like antibiotics but I don’t have other option at this point. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to eat my daily dose of raw organic sauerkraut & take my yeast probiotics Floractive (known as Florastor in the USA).

:: 8am: sauerkraut + 2 free-range hard-boiled eggs + free-range bacon

:: 12h30pm: grass-fed beef  + onions + Brussels sprouts + turnips

:: 3h30pm: soaked almonds

::5h30pm: free-range chicken + free-range bacon + avocado + Brussels sprouts + leeks