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I am a Registered Dietitian but I no longer believe in the traditional nutritional dogma that grains are good and fats are bad. I used to work as a diabetes educator, recommended the low-fat high-carb diet and feel terribly bad about it. I have been re-educating myself, challenging my own training and beliefs and am now in the process of becoming a Paleo dietitian. I have adopted some of the Paleo diet principles since mid-2010, but have had some gluten, dairy or sugar sneaked in my diet once in a while… I did a 30 day challenge, completely eliminating all grains, gluten, dairy, legumes, soy, peanut and sugar at the beginning of 2011. 

I am looking forward to start a new career in low-carb and Paleolithic nutrition and I really want to help change the conventional wisdom that is unfortunately omnipresent in our societies. If you have any paleo questions or need help getting started with Paleo, please head over to my new website paleo-dietitian.com where I offer lots of free information and will soon start offering my services.

Why am I doing this? First, I just wanted to get healthier. Then I found out I was infected by a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis and after two different antiobiotic treatment, my symptoms didn’t improve and I am now trying to figure out whether I have fructose malabsorption by following a low-FODMAP diet. Then I thought I was reacting to food chemicals (salicylates, amines and glutamates) and adapted my Paleo diet to be FAILSAFE before discovering most of my GI problems were due to SIBO (small intestinal bateria overgrowth). Combining the Paleo diet with the GAPS nutritional approach was key toward my recovery. Unfortunately, I found later in 2011 that I was also dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovarian symdrome). I have been sticking to a low-carb Paleo/GAPS diet since because I strongly believe it is my path back to health.

If you are looking for books, I recommend you head over to this page to discover the great books I have read and enjoyed (from Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution” to Nora Gedgaudas’ “Primal Mind, Primal Body” and Paleo cookbooks, you’ll find many of good resources here.

I now offer individual online nutrition consultations! Meet me via skype or consult by email! Click here for more info!

Get healthier with the help of Aglaee the Paleo dietitian!

Get healthier with the help of Aglaee the Paleo dietitian!

25 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hey there! I sure was glad to come across your blog….I am also an RD on the Paleo diet (about 3 weeks in)!! Since this gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free concept was introduced to me about 2 months ago, I’ve been in such inner turmoil. I’m newly credentialed (took my exam last September) but have always felt like the accepted nutrition teachings are slightly behind-the-times as far as what we really should be telling our clients and patients to do. However, I also feel bound by my professionalism to continue to teach what is accepted as correct, even though I’m starting to realize more and more how wrong the food pyramid truly is! I was teaching a class for cardiac patients this weekend, and I really wasn’t sure what I should recommend. One side of me is trying to continue as always, spitting out the same ol’ same ol’ low-fat, low-cholesterol recommendations while the other side of me is thinking I might just be prescribing their death sentence by letting them continue on with their grain-based diet!!! How are you handling these two opposing forces? Do we tell them what we are now learning, or do we tell them what the ADA would want us to say?

    On another note, your food looks delicious…I’m going to have to start making my own mayo as well. That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. Any pointers? I made it once in class and it turned out kinda unappetizing. I’m sorry to hear that your GI issues are still bothersome. I think I noticed a difference within days, especially when I let myself cheat one night and eat Phyllo-Wrapped Brie for dinner.

    Take care, good luck with the diet, and if you have time please write back 🙂


      • Hi! I’d love to hear your response as well. I am also a new RD (became registered last year) and am going through the same struggles.


  2. Hi Alison & other RDs interested in finding the truth-

    I believe we, dietitians, need to stick together because we can feel quite lonely in this world of conventional wisdom…. I completely understand your frustrations and “obligations” to follow the current guidelines. I am not currently employed, but I had the same dilemma when delivering diabetes classes and recommending them a high-carb, low-fat diet. The reason why I don’t really work as a dietitian at the moment is because I have been traveling for almost 6 months and have now moved from Canada to Australia and am looking for a job here, while freelance writing. My freelance writing job allows me to write on the Paleo diet, low-carb diets and how saturated fats are not evil, providing I have scientific evidence to back up what I write about.

    However, I am afraid I will have to follow the current guidelines if I find a “traditional” RD job, although I may try to point clients in the right direction depending on their interest. For example, if I work with people with type 2 diabetes, I may indicate what are the current carb recommendations, but mentions that some people see very good results by decreasing their carbs. With cardiac patients, maybe you can put the emphasis on triglycerides and HDL cholesterol levels, which can be improved on a low-carb, higher-fat diet, instead of focusing on LDL cholesterol. I don’t know what your job is like exactly and if you could propose changes to the current education program, but if you can, I would suggest you do. Suggest updates and go gradually. But you can start by starting clarifying the connection between fats and heart disease… Depending on the job I will find, this is what I intend to do but I know it is now necessarily easy, especially if you really need that job to live! I am contemplating starting my own practice so I do not have to worry about this, but it is absolutely impossible for me to do now. First, I just moved to a new country and I don’t know enough about the way of living here. Second, although I have been reading and re-educating myself for about 6 months now, I feel like I still have so much to learn and read before feeling completely ready to go ahead and practice the Paleo way… What have you read so far and how have you been learning about the Paleo diet?

    Sorry for this very long email, but it feels good to be able to share with another RD =) And please do not hesitate to contact me at adietitiangonepaleo [at] gmail [dot] com.


  3. Hi Aglaee and All,

    I am surprised and excited to see all of you RDs going Paleo! I am a naturopathic medical student gone Paleo, and there aren’t many of us either- it is also against the grain of our training.

    If anyone is in the Pacific Northwest of the US and wants to consider working together in the future, feel free to contact me!


    • Are you a student @ Bastyr, Olif? I graduated from Bastyr in June 2010 w/my Master’s in Nutrition and just earned my RD this June. Although we certainly learned to practice differently than conventionally trained nutrition students, I feel like this realm of nutrition was completely overlooked. I’m attempting to navigate and integrate Paleo nutrition and the many other eating patterns about which I’ve previously learned.

      Sometimes I feel like the more I learn the more confused I become!


  4. I have to say how delighted I am to see that there is a movement within the educators. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes and was told told the same low fat high carb, talk. Seniors in classes were told to eat fish and chips and drink diet soda. Are you kidding me? Use aspartame and splenda? Sad!
    I revolted and I am no longer considered diabetic. Just trying to eat healthy. Low carb GF and good fats.

  5. Hi,

    I have just stumble onto your blog and I am curious for an update on how things are going for you.

    I am also in Melbourne (down on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula) and have been paleo for around 10 months now. It has been quite a journey for me and although I did not have any specific underlying inflammatory issues, I have noticed huge benefits to my general health, mood, skin and body weight.

    It has also re-ignited my interest in nutrition and I have enrolled to study nutrition post-grad @ Deakin next year.

    Do you have any advice for someone who is very much of the paleo-persuasion, looking to study nutrition and spread the paleo good-word?

    • Hi Crystal!
      Nice to know there are other Paleo-ers in the city! 😉 Good luck with your studies in nutrition, we need more people to spread the good word! As for advice, stay open-minded and always back up your ideas with scientific studies and facts and nobody will be able to argue with what you have to say! It might be tough and people may not be ready to hear your message, but I see it as planting a little seed and little by little, the seed grows in their mind and they will become more open to other non-mainstream ideas. 😉

  6. YES! Thank you for this site. It is similar to something I have considered creating myself. I am a licensed registered dietitian. The further I got in my degree and the more outside reading I did, the more depressed I became. I went into nutrition with an active interest in learning about what a healthy diet can do to improve the lives of others. I feel cheated in the education (which was accredited – you know the gold standard!) that I received. Many aspects were barely mentioned, including food intolerance discussed for about 10 minutes one day (an emphasis on lactose intolerance of course – the only one many people seem to acknowledge). The reductionism is rampant and the corruption of the American Dietetic Association (grrrr!) deplorable. Food guide pyramid = USDA trying to sell us shit. It’s important that dietitians speak out about these things as we are deemed to be the “nutrition experts”. I feel that dietitians must take it upon themselves to delve further into alternative research in order to achieve the greatest good for those who seek our advice. Questioning conventional wisdom is too taboo for some, but it’s a way of life for me.
    I sent this to you (the author) separately, but I wanted to share it with everyone.

  7. hi there, came across your blog as im searching for an online site to purchase organic grass fed food rom, i want it to be an australian site, i want to purchase pure ghee and almond milk, heavy cream, raw milk (cow or goats) coconut oil, beef, chicken, eggs, ALL has to be 100% organic and grass fed, can u reccommend any?

  8. Hi,

    I would love to hear from you if you are still looking for ‘patients’ to transform!

    I have a considerable amount of weight to lose and after much research, I really believe i this way of eating and would like to use it to regain my health, energy and waist line!

    I have read and purchased many of the books but am feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start! Some guidance (and encouragment along the way!!??) would be most helpful!

    Let me know what you think?

    Thanks, Bec

  9. Hi Aglaee,

    I came across your site and I’m so glad I did. If you’re willing to provide support to another paleo beginner, I’d really appreciate it.

    I kind of started last week (but not strictly). My husband and I have started paleo as of this Monday following on a strict level. There’s been some symptoms of nausea…I’m finding online that it is a side effect as our body is reacting to the lack of carbs/gluten..

    Would love to hear from you and learn from your experience and expertise.


    • HI Emmy,

      SO glad you and your husband are getting started with the Paleo lifestyle! =) You are right, symptoms of nausea and dizziness can be normal during the 2-3 first weeks. It could be due to the fat adaptation process, withdrawal of gluten, or both. I am not sure how your diet was prior to starting the Paleo diet, but it is important that you drink plenty of water, don’t exercise too much/intensively during the first weeks and include plenty of fat (coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, animal fat, eggs) in your diet. If you are doing a low-carb version of the Paleo diet (restricting your tubers, starchy vegetables and fruits), which many people do when trying to lose weight, you could also benefit from adding 1/2 tsp of sodium to your diet (as recommended by Dr Jeff Volek & Dr Stephen Phinney in “The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living”; http://www.artandscienceoflowcarb.com/). Choose unprocessed salt, such as Celtic salt, Himalayan salt or other mineral-rich salt and add 1/2 tsp a day to your meals. It will probably help. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly at adietitiangonepaleo [at] wordpress [dot] com.



      • Hi, I am wondering if the paleo way may be useful for me?? I currently have type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, have had gastroparesis, IBS, SIBO, thrush (14 years), digestive issues, bloating, pain etc. since 16 (am now 39!), fructose malabsorption, intolerance to dairy, gluten, preservatives, sulphites etc.
        I don’t know if all of the above can be helped or alleviated by going paleo, I would truly welcome and appreciate any thoughts or advice you may give, as i have very little energy and feel bloated, sore & ‘flat’ pretty much all the time! No way to live. Thank you 🙂

      • Hi Katie, I think you would greatly benefit from using the principles of the Paleo diet. I highly recommend that you seek a Paleo-friendly practitioner (using the Paleo Physician Network or Primal Docs website). Alternatively, you might want to join one of my programs. I have a 1-month REAL food challenge (http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/realfoodchallenge.html) and a 3- month Digestive Health with REAL Food group (http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/digestive-health-with-REAL-food-the-community.html). You’re welcome to join either one for January! 🙂

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  11. Last April I had a heart attack with 100prcrnt blockage of front artery. I didn’t know anything about Paleo, but decided to eat only fresh fruits and veggies, egg whites for breakfast, sardines for lunch and salmon everyday for dinner and a handful of nuts. Before the MI I had gained 100 lbs and lost 60 on this diet in 6 months. Also, no more bad gas, swelling tummy and bad breath. I’ve got 40 lbs to go and have learned about omega 3 & 6 ratio. So, I have added 4 tbsp of Chia gel every morning. At last check I was snit low in iron, so I am taking a supplement. I would like to go more Paleo, but I feel this is really good and I am not bored. Any advice?

  12. Hi,
    I have struggled with my digestive health for over 10 years and I am only 23. Last year I was diagnosed with Sibo and in addition to antibiotics, I have been following a strict gluten, dairy, soy, nut, nightshade, basically everything free diet. I now that my Sibo has been greatly improved ( I beleive completely gone), I am still struggling with digestion.. I am thinking definitely fructose malabsorption. I just figured out that squash and carrots are a huge contributor to water retention and gas. My question is how do you get enough fiber to beat the ibs-C when you can’t tolerate most vegetables? I am basically only eating meat, egg whites, coconut oil, lettuce and puréed green beans. I would really love your help!!

    Young and hungry

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