7 thoughts on “Paleo ice cream (dairy-free and sugar-free!)

    • Where did you see RULES about what IS and IS NOT Paleo? The Paleo diet is a template you can use to build your personal optimal diet. If you are fine with dark chocolate and choose organic, fair-trade chocolate, especially if it doesn’t contain any processed ingredients, I don’t see what’s NOT Paleo about it!

      • Simply the fact that the Paleo Diet is revolved around the concept of foods from the PALEOLITHIC ERA. It’s not about “unprocessed foods”. It’s about modeling a diet around those of our ancestors. It’s a HEALTHY diet, yes, but doesn’t follow the “requirements” of the Paleo Diet. That’s like saying you can be skateboarding when you’re really riding roller blades, as long as they have four wheels and you are good at it. I’m not trying to offend you, it just is breaking the very specific rules to be considered Paleo, right?


      • I have to respectfully disagree here. Yes the Paleo diet is mostly based on foods our ancestors used to eat during the paleolithic era, but NONE OF THESE FOODS are available today! We simply use these principles as a starting point to build a diet that works for each one of us. It is not enough to say that our ancestors did not eat white potato to state that modern humans should not eat it. For example, white potatoes are pretty benign. Low in antinutrients if you remove the skin and mainly starches, which is fine in reasonable amount in people without metabolic derangements who are active and lean. The same is true for dark chocolate. Our ancesteros did not eat it, but they did not eat beef, pork or modern vegetables like we have now. It is just a matter of using that information as a template to aim for optimal health and longevitiy! 🙂

  1. Yes, I believe you are right in that sense. The Paleo Diet IS a template. However, there are specific rules and guidelines that MUST be followed to be considered “Paleo”. If you break those guidelines, you are just “eating healthy” not eating Paleo. If you look at Walter L. Voegtlin’s research at all (the “founder” of the Paleo Diet), for it to be considered Paleo, you absolutely CANNOT have: Grains, Potatoes, Legumes, Dairy Products, Salt, Refined Sugar, and Processed Oils. If these basic guidelines are not followed, it is not considered Paleo in any sense of the word, whether or not it is healthy for you.


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