Paleo toothpaste

Make your own toothpaste with coconut oil and baking soda to save money and avoid the fluoride and chemicals used in commercial toothpaste. It is super easy and it works well! Add a few drops of peppermint oil if you want to have a fresh taste in your mouth, but even without it, I feel like my mouth is clean and fresh after brushing my teeth with this Paleo toothpaste!

I keep a little jar of the coconut oil and baking soda mixture in my bathroom. I just mix it before using (the baking soda sinks a the bottom).

Ask your dentist to make sure it is safe for you. Baking soda is an abrasive so use it sparingly, in small amounts, no more than twice a day. You probably won’t feel the need to brush your teeth as often anyway if your diet is lower in carbs by avoiding grains and sugary foods.

Please note that baking soda can apparently dissolve orthodontic glue. Don’t use if you wear braces or any other kind of permanent/fixed dental correctors.

Let me know how it works for you!

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Paleo deodorant!

Why not make your own deodorant? Commercial deodorants are filled with chemicals that can be carcinogenic (cancer-promoting) and endocrine disruptors (mess up your hormones). I recently tried making my own deodorant, simply with coconut oil and baking soda and it WORKS GREAT (see details on the picture below)!

I was very surprised myself because I was the one that had to put on a lot of deodorant to try to hide my body odor… I don’t know if it has to do with PCOS and hormonal imbalance… In any case, I was trying to use more natural deodorants and it wasn’t working. Prior to realizing how bad regular deodorants and antiperspirants were, I used to buy the “clinical” and “strong” versions with lots of aluminum and even then I was still sweating a lot.

I find that my natural homemade deodorant is VERY effective. Surprisingly effective. Baking soda is naturally antimicrobial and prevent the bacteria that cause body odor from multiplying under your arms. Don’t apply too much and allow 1-2 minute for your body to absorb the coconut oil before putting on your clothes.

Let me know how it works for you!

paleo deodorant – homemade