leptin reset update (1 week) and eating Paleo in Berlin

I have been following the leptin reset protocol for a week today and already notice a big decrease in my cravings / hunger. It is nice to not think about food as much as I used to. I was not used to eating breakfast that early and my breakfast would usually be my smallest meal, but now I am now very much looking forward to my big breakfast every morning!

Here is what my typical breakfast looks like:

leptin reset breakfast at home!

I took advantage of the long weekend here in Germany (labor day) to visit Berlin. It is a vibrant city, so different from Munich. I loved it!


Even away from home and without a kitchen, I was able to stick to my leptin reset breakfast, with about 50 grams of protein and a bit of grass-fed butter to round up my meal. Eating 2 whole cans (BPA-free) of sardines/tuna/salmon is not as easy as eating my typical breakfast, but it worked well too! I felt full enough that I didn’t have to stop for lunch, which left me more time (and money) to do other things!

leptin reset breakfast on the go!

While in Berlin, I HAD to go to SAUVAGE restaurant, Europe’s first Paleo restaurant. We actually went 2 nights in a row. The quality of the food was AMAZING. It was so nice not to have to worry at all about having gluten, grains or any other ingredients that I don’t tolerate well. I ordered without asking any questions and didn’t have any bad reactions! Although the restaurant is located a bit further away from the city center, it is definitely worth the detour. I so wish we had a restaurant like that closer to where we live! 😉

Paleo restaurant SAUVAGE in Berlin

8 thoughts on “leptin reset update (1 week) and eating Paleo in Berlin

  1. Been following your blog for a while because I’ve been dealing with similar issues. I live literally two blocks from Sauvage but haven’t made it over there yet. You might have just pushed me to finally go try it out!

    • Seriously!? You definitely should! If you have digestive issues similar to mine, eating out is really challenging and even scary, but I can assure you there is nothing to worry about if you eat at Sauvage! They are very transparent with all the ingredients they use and their food is SOOooooOOO delicious! 😉 Let me know what you think after you try it!

      • I think I’ll take a visiting friend there for dinner this weekend since she’s curious about my “caveman diet.” I have fructose malabsorption but also increasing intolerance to other low-FODMAP grains and sugars, which led me to a paleo approach. Felt so much better once I went 100% grain-free a month ago that I realized gluten might also be a problem, so I’m getting the biopsy tomorrow to rule out celiac (if I’ve not been gluten-free too long already!).

        Either way, a trip to Sauvage to celebrate!

        Thanks for your blog! It really helped me put the pieces together when I was investigating my diet and it was a great resource when I was deciding whether and how to go paleo!

      • I am glad my blog helped you Nicole! 🙂

        How long have you been gluten-free? Have you had a blood test to check for gluten sensitivity/celiac disease? Stephen Wangen, an expert in gluten, IBS and related disorders, believe that biopsy can really be a hit and miss when diagnosing celiac disease. And even if they don’t find anything, it doesn’t rule out non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Anyway, good luck with your plans and I am really happy that you are getting better and healthier! 🙂

  2. That plate of food looks great. I think eggs are great. I try to get “omega-3 enriched eggs” which has the bright yellow yolks like the ones in your photo. I also like your Kerry Gold butter since they are made from grass-fed animals.

  3. This leptin resistance stuff is soo interesting. I have been on the GAPS diet for a while now and I notice that when I increase good fats (free range animal fat, coconut oil, ghee) I gain weight! I am trying to heal my severe digestive issues so the more fat the better you would think.

    I am constantly hungry even though eating such a nutritious diet (free range meat and eggs, healthy fats, fermented vegetables, cooked and pureed vegetables and bananas and berries for carbs). I have low energy and my muscles often feel weak. I have a hard time mustering up enough energy to exercise and now that increased fat intake is making me gain weight, it is NOT a good feeling 😦 How are you finding the leptin resistance protocol, are things getting even better?

    • I think it is worth trying. It wasn’t for me though. I did it religiously for 5 weeks and didn’t pay attention to my calories/ fat intake at all, like Dr Kruse recommends, and ended up gaining a significant amount of weight. Not sure how much since I don’t own a scale. But enough that some of my pants didn’t fit anymore. I went off the protocol and am now exercising more and monitoring my fat intake and slowly losing the weight again. Let me know how it works for you! It seems to work for many people… maybe I needed to do it longer? I just wasn’t feeling good in my body and felt like I really needed to stop… 😉

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