leptin reset experiment – PCOS , weight and craving control while keeping my gut healthy

Although I have been having very good success with my low-carb / Paleo / GAPS diet to improve my PCOS and control my weight, I think that it is time for me to switch things up.

My weight went up during winter (without any changes to my diet / exercise of course, thanks to PCOS!) and I managed to lose part of it without doing anything special and just eating my same usual diet.

However, I have been stuck at a higher weight than I would like to. About 10-15 lbs or so. I don’t know for sure since I don’t have a scale anymore, but I have some of my old smaller size jeans that I used to fit in last year, albeit for a short period of time, that I would like to fit in again.

The other problem I have is that I am almost always constantly hungry and craving foods. I manage to control myself and fill me up with low-carb Paleo & GAPS-friendly foods, especially zucchini, eggs, ghee and mashed carrots with coconut oil and cinnamon, but I am just tired of having to restrict myself so much. I often feel like I could eat all day!!! Even with such a restricted, limited and boring diet, I can’t seem to get enough. Of course, I have tried increasing my fat intake and it works to some level… but it makes me gain weight!

Obviously, there is still something wrong with my hormones. I decided to do an experiment and give the leptin reset protocol elaborated by neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse a try. Here is what I will do, starting tomorrow:

  • Eat within 30 minutes of rising
    • Make sure breakfast is little to no carbs (less that 50 grams)
    • LOTS of protein (50-75 grams)
    • Overweight: limit carbs to 25 grams
    • Fit: less than 30 carbs
    • DO NOT count calories
  • How to eat/use your fuel (most important)
    • NO SNACKING! Snacking destroys timing and circadian clocks that work in unison with Leptin
    • Most will notice a change in cravings within 4-6 weeks
    • Eat 3 meals a day initially (as your hunger and cravings fade you can adapt to 2 a day)
  • Other DOs and DON’Ts
    • Do not work out before or after breakfast (if you must work out do it after 5pm)
    • Do allow 4-5 hours between dinner and bedtime
    • Trouble sleeping? Do 3-5 minutes of body weight exercises (i.e. pushups or squats)

I usually have breakfast later in the morning and it is usually my most light meal of the day so getting 50 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up will probably be a challenge in the first few days, but I am definitely curious to see whether it helps me keep my mind off food for the rest of the day…

I had also been spreading my food into 4-5 times a day in an attempt to keep cravings at bay, but it is obviously not working. I will basically be eating the same thing and same amount of food, but the timing will be very different. Let’s see if it is the missing ingredient for me!

I’ll keep you posted….! =)

Have you tried the leptin reset? Did it work for you?

9 thoughts on “leptin reset experiment – PCOS , weight and craving control while keeping my gut healthy

  1. I’ve lost weight and balanced my hormones with supplements and by doing <16 grams of carbs per meal and less than 9 per snack. I don't count calories..and sometimes eat chocolate. 😉

    Had HUGE luck also with DIM. I assumed I was estrogen dominant. Took me JAN, FEB, MAR, and it's amazing the results of the stuff. The healing is so very slow, but my fibroids are shrinking and my cycle (April) was NORMAL AND my anemia is gone! Sore swollen breasts…GONE…puffiness and cramps…GONE. Amazing stuff.

  2. That is awesome! I am already very low carb, with less than 50 grams a day…. all from non-starchy vegetables… (including the fiber, so less than 30 grams of available carbs) I have already tried DIM and in any case, my latest saliva hormone tests do not reveal high estrogen levels at all, so that explains why it did nothing except for making my wallet lighter… 😦 Everybody is different and I am glad that you have found something that works for you, especially after all your past struggles. Keep going! =)

    • no worries! 😉 And yes I have. My TSH, T3 and T4 are seem relatively fine, but I might have a bit of hypothyroidism according to the functional range recommended by Dr. Kharrazian in his thyroid book :
      TSH: 1.4 mIU/L (functional range = 1.8-3.0) LOW
      free T4: 1.1 ng/dL (functional range = 1.0-1.5) NORMAL
      free T3: 260 pg/dL (functional range = 300-400) LOW

  3. Hi, just found your blog (love it!) and actually linked it back to Jack Kruse`s forum for someone who will be travelling to Prague soon.
    just a note on your thyroid numbers wow, definite thyroid conversion problem, suspect if you were to get a reverse T3 test the ratio of FT3 to RT3 would be low. this indicates a conversionn problem usually centered in the liver. optimal FT3 levels are about 3/4 of the range fwiw
    are you taking milk thistle and selenium? milk thistle helps clear RT3 and the selenium is needed for conversion.
    you may also want to check your ferritin numbers as well as low conversion can result from lack of iron too.
    apologies for the unsolicited advice from a fellow gluten intolerant, low thyroid canuck!

    • Hi Colleen! I always love unsolicited advice, especially from a fellow gluten intolerant, low thyroid canuck!
      Thank you for hacking my thyroid numbers…. I really thought something was not optimal even though my naturopathic doctor said they were fine. My ferritine is around 99 though (tested in January at the same time as thyroid hormones), so no low iron for me! 😉 I will look into getting some milk thistle and selenium. Do you think that the leptin reset alone could take care of this stuff?

      • Kruse says it can but then qualifies it by saying it could take years to correct with LR. the latest is that CT will fix you faster if you combine it with LR. for me the jury’s still out on that but I am giving CT a try to see if it helps. I can say that doing LR since October I am on less T3 than before and have a good level of energy so that is a positive.

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