SIBO and the Paleo diet

Learn more about SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and my approach to getting under control with a combination of the Paleo / SCD / GAPS diet with my latest article on my new website Click here to read it.

My article also includes a free PDF food list that you can download to help you determine what should and shouldn’t eat in addition to lots of important tips to manage SIBO.

5 thoughts on “SIBO and the Paleo diet

  1. What would be the factors that deferenciatte between fodmaps issue and sibo? I am trying to determine which route is the best. I have been following the mainstream fodmap free diet that includes gluten free grains. I do o.k on this, but any slight, and I mean slight slip up and I have a flare with bloating and constipation that can last up to 4days. fructans are a big trigger, but am finding that I am getting more sensitive to all the groups as time goes by. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Angela! Usually, people with SIBO will also react to “safe” low-FODMAP carbohydrates, such as white potato, white rice, regular sugar and even dextrose. However, I believe that FODMAP and SIBO probably coexist more often than not or that one can lead to the other. Following the approach describe in the SIBO page of my website ( might be the best way to get a hold of your symptoms in the long term and hopefully improve your tolerance. Good luck!

      • Thank-you, this is such a challenge. I get overwhelmed with how fast the info is changing. I just found your site, and yours makes the most sense. Is there a cleanse that you might recommend or protocol? I am doing black walnut tincture and oil of oregano. Did pepermint oil and it did nothing. Is there any fiber source that i can use, I get constipated very easily. How about coconut flour? Thanks again.

      • Sorry, I don’t have any cleanse to recommend. I was successful with ADP oil of oregano, but it can depend on if you have multiples bacteria/parasite infecting your intestines and your own individual response… it is probably best to work with a naturopathic doctor on that side. If you get constipated, I would suggest taking probiotic, increasing your fat intake or taking magnesium (Natural Calm for example) at bedtime, these 3 factors have more impact than fiber to get things moving. Coconut flour is a good flour to use, but I believe it can be harsh on damaged intestines. I don’t tolerate it myself.

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