getting better

After a few weeks now following my ~quite strict~ elimination diet to find out what foods I am intolerant to, I have finally managed to get most of my symptoms in control. Until I decided to take a daily cup of homemade chicken broth (made with no vegetables, but only chicken carcass, water and salt). I thought it would be a good idea since it is an important component of the gut-healing GAPS diet… However, I started feeling sick again and realized that chicken broth is rich in amines and other natural food chemicals…

homemade chicken broth contains amines                                                               as well as salicylates and glutamates

I had been using salt only for seasoning my foods and decided to do a salicylates challenge. It consists in taking foods that contain salicylates, but not other problematic sugars or food chemicals. I thought, or rather hoped, that only amines and glutamates were problematic for me. So this morning, I added pepper, thyme and basil to my eggs… It was delicious! …but felt sick after a few hours… so salicylates are out of question of me too… at least I know, but it leaves me very few options now…

pepper, thyme and basil contain salicylates

I am going on vacations to Tasmania and around the state of Victoria to explore this wonderful country I have the opportunity to live in this year, so I will stick to my strict diet. I don’t want to be feeling unwell while traveling! However, when I return, I want to do some more challenges to see whether I can reintroduce some foods to my diet. For example, I want to re-test fructans, sorbitol, amines and glutamates individually to make sure I really react to each of these elements. I’ll let you know how it goes….

I have stopped a lot of supplements to make sure none of them were contributing to my symptoms but am currently taking about 1 tsp. of magnesium (Natural Calm) a day and 3 super enzymes per meal. It seems to be helping with my digestion and they seem safe for me.

At least, the good thing is that grocery shopping is super easy for me with only 5 ingredients to think of: eggs, chicken, beef, light olive oil and salt!I wish I could do organ meats, pork, fish or wild games, but they are also high in amines… so not for now.

my ~only~ safe foods

I must say that it is not always easy to stick to these foods. Especially when I don’t feel good, I feel like eating a bit of chocolate, coconut or vegetables couldn’t make me feel any worse… but I remember giving in in the last weeks and ending up feeling even worse, so no excuse unfortunately.

My boyfriend doesn’t have any of these intolerances and although he eats Paleo, it is very hard sometimes to see him it so many foods…. I just hope things will get better soon…

At least, going on holidays will take my mind off food for a while! =)

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12 thoughts on “getting better

  1. I hope that with adhering to your diet for a bit longer, you will be able to do your challenges after your vacation and then ADD things back into your diet. Watching those closest to us eat “normally” is so challenging! We don’t want to change them, but it does stink when they enjoy things we can’t!

    Enjoy your vacation! Let the joy of feeling well and being away heal you physically and emotionally!

  2. Have a wonderful time on your trip.
    I hope when you return you will be able to do more of the challenges and figure out that you can eat more.
    I’m thinking about you!

    You are an inspiration, to keep persevering, and finding solutions!

  3. Can you eat ghee?

    Are reactions to salicylates different from reactions to fructose? I think some spices are bothering me, but I am not sure. Once I went gluten free, I could tolerate amines.

    I’ve added some supplements suggested on the salicylate sensitivity forum and they seem to be helping. I think the magnesium sulfate is key, because I think epsom salt baths helped too.

    Most of my reactions are skin (acne, ezcema, itching) or insomnia. The GI stuff is pretty rare, because I am not eating a lot of any kind of carb.

    • Yes, I have stated making my own ghee and it seems fine. Reactions to salicylates include IBS-like symptoms, but can also cause neurological problems like headaches, skin issues (hives, eczema) and respiratory problems.

  4. How did you prepare, the chicken broth? Did you boil the chicken with the skin on? Was it an organic chicken? How much time passed, from completion of the broth, to the time you consumed it? Did the broth, get frozen, and then thawed? Thank you, very much, for your time.

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