Paleo + FODMAP + FAILSAFE diet – day 1 without butter

After almost 2 more weeks doing this elimination diet to try to eat safe foods only and get rid of all my symptoms, I still haven’t managed to have more than 1.5 good day in a row…

I have learned a few things though. In addition to foods containing short-chain fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs) like fructose, fructans, lactose and polyols, I believe I am also sensitive to some natural food chemicals present in foods (salicylates, amines and glutamates), which is also called FAILSAFE diet.

I don’t tolerate:

  • coconut oil (eliminated a week ago;  rich in salicylates and amines)
  • butter (eliminated yesterday; contains traces of lactose and casein)
  • any nuts (eliminated 1.5 week ago; rich in salicylates and amines)
  • macadamia oil (eliminated a week ago; rich in salicylates and amines)
  • pork (eliminated a week ago; rich in amines)
  • bacon (tried once 1.5 week ago; rich in amines)
  • maple syrup (even 1 tsp. made me feel bad, or maybe it was the butter I had with it? will have to test in the future)
  • fruit tea, green tea (eliminated over a week ago; high in salicylates)
  • balsamic vinegar or any vinegar (eliminated over a week ago; high in salicylates and amines)
The last 7 days I ate only chicken, beef, eggs and butter. But since I eliminated butter yesterday, I am eating 4 foods: chicken, beef, eggs and light (tasteless) olive oil. Up to yesterday, butter was my main fat, but I think it prevented me from getting better… I was so sad and although I suspected butter was causing problems, I still continued eating it for one more week before finally ditching it yesterday… That was part of the grieving process I guess!
Because I cannot only eat protein, I had to find another fat and the best option I found is light olive oil. Extra virgin and regular olive oils are high in salicylates, and light olive oil, additive-free, is lower, so it will be my choice for now. THe other low-chemical oils are canola, sunflower, rice bran oil and soybean oils, which I really DON”T WANT to have in my diet AT ALL because of their high polyunsaturated fat content.
My only seasoning is salt, because pepper, herbs and spices are high in salicylates, amines and glutamates. With the exception of parsley, which can be used in small amounts. I need to get some.
My only beverage is water. I used to enjoy green tea, but it is also rich in salicylates.
Still had some pain today… probably because I just eliminated butter last night… might take a few days to eliminate it completely out of my system.
Here’s what my food looked today:
My plan is to continue this plan, without the butter, for a week and see if I improve. If I can have 3-5 days in a row without symptoms, I’ll try a low-FODMAP, low-chemical vegetable… If things doesn’t improve before the end of June, I’ll make another appointment with my gastroenterologist… 😦

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12 thoughts on “Paleo + FODMAP + FAILSAFE diet – day 1 without butter

  1. UGH Aglaee. I’m so sorry. Thing is, I think we are a lot alike in diet. Only I keep trying and am still in denial. My husband brought it to my attention last night. I said, “I guess I can’t even eat white rice or potatoes…” He said, “I KNOW. I was wondering when you would stop trying.” 😦 It’s AWFUL. I’ve said before the only truly safe food for me is grilled meat. I really do hope that is not the case with you. I’m not looney tunes, but I’m just not sure I can live like that.

    Warm wishes, high hopes,

  2. Thinking of you! I just don’t know what else to say. I am crossing my fingers that you will soon see better days.

  3. I too can only say, I’m thinking of you and hoping you see better days soon.

    I’m doing better, but need to try to figure out how to lose some weight. It’s hard to give up potatoes when it’s one of the only things that don’t make you sick. (I think I’m going to start a go of it starting next week. Too much going on to try to make a change this week.)

    I had 2 small pieces of broccoli yesterday and I’ve been tooting ever since. *sigh*

    I hope this works SOON!

  4. Thank you Melanie, FructyLisa and Wendy for your good words, it’s good to fee like I am not alone! I feel so pathetic because I dream of the time I will have 10 foods on my safe food list!!! …. lol better laugh than cry! 😉

  5. I feel really sorry for you, but I must say that I feel a bit exited watching your diet as it looks almost as boring as mine…

    I have PI-IBS and GERD and just started the low FODMAP diet yesterday, but it’s not very different to what I have been eating for the last year, hopefully I will get results by quiting the gluten aswell.

    I hope you will get results from your diet, and thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone 🙂

  6. Hi
    I’m testing Paleo + low FODMAP too !!
    i eat raw beef, white egg, parsley, spinach, olive oil and raw animal fat (but only from cow or lamb i don’t know how it cald in enghlish…);p
    i think you should add parsley or spinach to your diet fot some witamins and minerals….
    I also recomend drinking ONLY DISTILLED WATER !!
    i hate the way i feel after mineral, spring or tap water … terrible…water is very important !!

    • i forgot to add that i only tolerate raw meat and fats…after boiling or something i feel seek ,, after yolk egg too .. white egg i eat boiled… spinach too … i suplied myself with clean GLUCOSE sugar

    • Thanks for your comment RubiAgnes. I did try parsley too, but didn’t feel too good with it. I don’t dare trying spinach since it is in the very high column for salicylates + amines + glutamates… You can handle it?

  7. Have you tried Ghee rather than butter? I have been paleo for almost 4 months now, on GAPS for 3 months, and just a couple days ago started looking into low FODMAP. I can’t do dairy at all, not even 24-hour fermented raw milk yogurt, but I CAN do ghee. Basically you put a bunch of butter in a glass pyrex type dish, put it in the oven at 250 for 45 minutes, then strain the golden ghee into a container to save, discarding the milk solids that either sink to the bottom or float to the top (depending on the butter). Trying rendered beef tallow might also be an option, not sure though.

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