elimination diet – day 7

symptoms: all of my yesterday’s symptoms were gone by the time I woke up and I felt good until a couple of hours after lunch.

I started feeling tired, so I had a spoonful of coconut oil to give me energy, but it kept getting worse and soon I had brain fog + abdominal pain + bloating.

I couldn’t figure out what I could have eaten… but then realized that the beef I had at lunch was cooked in a broth with turnips. I was careful about removing all the turnip and not having the broth, because FODMAPs are water-soluble, but I guess there were enough FODMAPs that made their way in the meat to make me sick… Something I ‘ll sure remember next time…

4 thoughts on “elimination diet – day 7

  1. Do you think that once you/we eat right for a certain amount of time, our intestinal lining will heal and we can digest these ‘normal’ foods again?

    • I think this is a very good question and the answer probably varies from on person to another. I think that it is probably wise to try some new foods once in a while just to test if your tolerance has improved. However, I guess it is good to first restore a baseline levels, free of symptoms, for a few weeks before challenging yourself with ”unsafe” foods. =) I certainly hope it will get better with time for me and for all of us…

  2. Besides increasing your energy, what does the coconut oil “do” for you? I have never heard of that until your blog/posts and am always in search of widening my list of tolerable food items. I am glad that you have a dietary background and can also speak to issues such as FM from both a personal as well as dietary point of view!

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