elimination diet – day 6

symptoms: great start of the day, but I think that the turnip didn’t agree with me… I kept the amount very small, at 1/4 cup , but according to the data, they do contain small amounts of sorbitol and I guess my GI tract doesn’t like polyols at all… unless it is my little bit of lettuce from yesterday?

Well, I think I’ll keep the veggies out for now… It is hard and I feel so limited in my food choices and am cravings veggies so bad! lol

No dinner tonight, not hungry, had heartburn, nausea, extreme fatigue, brain fog, abdominal pain and discomfort and bloating…

I may have a spoonful of coconut oil a bit later this evening.

6 thoughts on “elimination diet – day 6

  1. If you can find a vegetable that works for you, I’d try to just eat it for a while instead of trying different things. I can eat kale cooked with leeks. I sautee them together in either butter or toasted sesame oil. Sometimes I add a little GF tamari. I can also tolerate potatoes very well, but I know you don’t want to eat much of those. I probably need to cut back on them to loose weight, but it’s hard.

    I hope you can find a veggie that you can tolerate.

    • Thank you Wendy – I am glad I only had a very small amount, so I was back to normal the next morning… I wish I can find a veggie that works for me and kale will be next on my list (if I manage to find it here, doesn’t seem as common in OZ). Will let you know! =)

  2. Glad you felt better fast!
    I’m new to your blog, but have you tried green beans? I can seem to eat canned ones well, frozen…not tested much – but I know not all can eat them.

    What good does the coconut oil do for you?

    Thanks for blogging.


    • Thanks! 😉
      I tried 5 green beans last Friday for dinner and I was sick, but I think it was due to the almonds… or maybe the nori sheets? I tried these 3 foods on the same day, not a very smart thing to do! Maybe I’ll give them another try and make sure it is the only “new” food I have that day to make sure. Greens beans are easier to find than kale for me here.

      Coconut oil is a good fat with so many good properties. One of them is that it is antimicrobial and since I had a parasite infection and many antibiotic treatments, I think it can help. Also, it is a very good source of energy, especially if following a very low-carb diet like I am and it helps you stay in ketosis, or fat-burning mode.


  3. At about my 6th or 7th day all-protein and fat and no FODMAPS, I was soooo sick. I felt almost motion-sick, made it home just in time to vomit violently :S It passed just as quick thankfully. But I almost lost faith in my diet change. And a few days after I broke out all over in pustules. Things felt all wrong for the first two weeks but it’s great now.

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