elimination diet – day 4 [update]


Just a quick update to yesterday’s post. A bit later in the evening, I was very hungry and decided to try about 10 blanched and soaked almonds. What the heck, it was Friday night after all! lol It was good and calmed my hunger.

However, this morning I woke up bloated (slight to medium) and with abdominal discomfort. Mental clarity still there luckily! 😉 Since I added 3 different foods to my diet yesterday [2 nori sheets, 5 green beans and 10 almonds], it’s hard to know what to blame…

I know, it was a bit stupid of me to add more than one food at once, but we learn.

I want to believe it is the almonds so I won’t try them again anytime soon… Will feed them to my boyfriend! lol

7 thoughts on “elimination diet – day 4 [update]

  1. That was probably the almonds.
    10 almonds is the highest amount someone with FM should have, according to monash uni.
    Also: not more than 10 hazelnuts, and stay away from pistachios. All other nuts are safe, more or less. (blanch the walnuts, just in case 😉 )

    Kia Kaha


    • Thanks Sechmeth! But I just had 10… geez, less than that shouldn’t even be considered eating almonds! lol No more for me, I’ll think that I will go for macadamia nuts next time, they are a safer option and I love them!

  2. The issue with these intolerances is that everyone has different levels pf degrees of tolerances therefore some can tolerate small amounts of food that others cannot.

    Beans however seem to be off the map.

    The best of course is the undertake an elimination diet and include foods slowly.

    For me as I eat out a lot and love to experiment with food find it too difficult to do this. However I am going to a practitioner who specialises in Chinese medicine and she is giving me acupuncture and herbs that she says will increase my tolerance.


  3. During this stage of elimination for me, nuts caused the worst bloating! I was so surprised and disappointed to be bloated after having those first few, awesome days

    • Good to know! What kind of nuts have you tried? I was thinking of giving macadamia nuts a try since they are supposed to be better tolerated than almonds… 😉

      • I tried them all but avoided peanuts. I have never tried tolerance-testing one at a time. Now I avoid all nuts as I suspect an inflamed intestinal system needs lots of time to heal.

  4. You seem to have very similar tolerances as I do. I call it Pandora’s gut. Lay off of one food only to find out that the foods you’re compensating with are even worse. So, I’m basically doing a backwards elimination diet. I take out or add in one item at a time. As a result, I am sporadically finding that “feeling better” is a hidden, available possibility and that when I feel better, there’s a distinct improvement in my children’s autism and ADHD. (btw: many of the things I cannot tolerate are loaded in vaccines).
    I saw your packages of meat and wanted to let you know that vacuum packed foods increase amine levels greatly. So do leftovers unless frozen (not refrigerated).Also, pepper tends to bother a lot of people.
    In case it helps…
    Gluten greatly exasperates my Fibromyalgia.
    Dairy makes my way too emotional. I look for reasons to get upset.
    Salicylates give me crazy little muscle twitches, make my ears ring, and make my gums hurt.
    Amines and salicylates both make me unnaturally fatigued. I feel like my air is made of molasses.
    Oxylates makes my stomach hurt like nothing ever has before.
    Nightshades just make everything a little worse.

    The only thing that I have been able to think of that is organic, grass-fed, drug-free, etc. are… vegans.

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