elimination diet – day 4

symptoms: today was good! minimal bloating after meals, but no pain, no brain fog, I could concentrate easily and had plenty of energy! I guess I am going in the right direction and felt good enough to have 5 green beans for dinner! So yummy!

6 thoughts on “elimination diet – day 4

  1. KUDOS TO YOU!!!

    Funny, huh, how excited we get over 5 green beans! I was so thrilled to discover I could eat 3 strawberries. I have 5 now! :p

  2. I read that mannitol is extracted from seaweed, so perhaps Nori is one the seaweeds rich in mannitol and hence undesirable for that reason, if one is sensitive to all polyols, as well as Fructose….? I am not sure what is meant by a “chemical sensitivity however, since everything we consume has a chemical composition. Do you mean manmade chemical contamination??
    Best wishes, Sarah.

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