elimination diet – day 1

symptoms: distended stomach, abdominal discomfort and pain, fatigue and brain fog

*** I started feeling bad 2 days ago 1 hour after taking a probiotic supplement [which I stopped] and maybe exacerbated by the balsamic vinegar I had yesterday??? I realized my balsamic vinegar actually has 8.7 g of carbs and 6.2 g of sugar, which is a lot… wrote to the company to have the breakdown of glucose to fructose, but have decided to stay away from vinegar during my elimination diet anyway to decrease the number of variables…

link to my elimination diet: initially and updated.

7 thoughts on “elimination diet – day 1

  1. Hi, I have fructose malabsorption (diagnosed with a breath test), and gluten intolerance.

    I noticed you ate cucumbers. I cannot tolerate cucumbers. Also, pay close attention to how much vegetables you eat. Even when they say the veggie is safe, many can only have small amounts. And at the beginning, I couldn’t eat anything raw.

    I hope things start straightening out soon. Going completely free of something is much easier to me. But doing this Low FODMAPS has been so hard. Trying to figure out the amounts I can eat safely, that’s tricky. Especially since many of my symptoms don’t happen immediately, it can take up to 3 days.

    Good luck to you!
    I’m very glad I found your blog.

    • Thanks for the tip Wendy… I thought they were pretty safe, but I will eliminate them from now on… I used to eat like 2 cups of vegetables per meal, so I thought my servings were quite small! lol I’ll dial it back even more, especially that I have been feeling bad for 3 days – 3 nighs in a row now… I think I’ll stick to mostly meat, eggs & fat for today. It is so frustrating because I manage to feel good a few times last week and I just want to feel as good again but something seems to be keeping me in the fog…

  2. I too used to eat a lot of veggies all the time. Mostly veggies actually. I’ve only been trying the low FODMAPS for a little over a month. I was given a different diet from my doctor, my nutritionist, I joined the site Food Intol and got their diet (I do NOT recommend trying that), and then I’ve been researching FODMAPS.
    None of these list have been the same! Needless to say I’ve been so confused!
    I am feeling better now. I found a couple of veggies I could tolerate well and I’ve been sticking with that. I’ve been eating a lot of Kale. I seem to tolerate the dark green leafy veggies like Kale and spinach pretty well. I really like having eggs with spinach and cheese for breakfast. I also make blueberry pancakes sometimes. (but I know you aren’t doing any grains, I don’t do a lot, but I do have some now and then. I did the Paleo diet before I found out what was wrong. I also tried going vegan….)
    I don’t know if you have been a big onion and garlic fan before or not, I was! Some people with FM can tolerate some garlic, but I haven’t really tried much yet. I do however heat garlic cloves in oil and make garlic infused oil and will use that for flavor. You can also cut up big hunks of onion and put it in things for flavor, then take out the onion.
    I wrote to Sue Shepherd about a couple of things that were so confusing on my lists, she said leeks are ok. I’ve been using them with no trouble. If you look at my blog you’ll see a recipe I make sauteeing Kale and leeks and potatoes…. I really do like it! It’s also good without potatoes if you aren’t eating them. I can tolerate mushrooms once in a while, but some can’t. they have polyols, but not fructose and fructans. (I only have them once a week, tops)
    I saw what you said about vinegar. I’ve found I tolerate rice vinegar pretty well.

    As I think I said, for the first month I found a few veggies that I could tolerate and stuck to them, in small amounts. I can eat the dark greens, and summer squashes (yellow squash and zuchinni), and potatoes. I’m starting to add in some new veggies now. Just one per week to make sure I can tolerate it before moving on. Only 1/2 cup every other day for that trial week. The amount thing is hard to get right. I can tolerate asparagus, about 5-8 stalks at a time, every other day. More than that…nope.

    I’m sad about how I’ve had to drastically reduce the amount of veggies I’ve been eating. I’m hoping to be able to increase them.

    I hate it when they say that FM is much more prominent now because of the amount of HFCS we consume today. I haven’t eaten any HFCS in many years, and I’ve been gluten free for over 6 years. I have hypoglycemia so I haven’t eaten much sugar or fruit for years. It’s confusing.

    I think many of the times over the past few years that I thought I accidentally had gluten I was really having a fructose reaction. Last year in August I started having diarrhea daily. After two months of running constantly, I had gained 20 pounds. I continued to have diarrhea every day until March. (I gained about 30 pounds all together.) I went through so many tests and they found nothing. The fructose intolerance test was the very last test they had to run on me. I don’t think my doctor expected to find anything after all those tests.

    Sorry this is running very long.
    I can’t wait to see what you will be eating. As you said, most of what I’ve been eating has been pretty repetitious for a while now.

    Good luck to you.

    • Thanks Wendy, I am glad you have found my blog. It feels good to have someone that truly understands the frustration and struggle. I only have the Monash booklet and according to this booklet, I could eat regular servings of the safe vegetables, but I think many people are a lot more sensitive than what their diet is designed for. Thanks for all the veggies tip, that is really the sad part having to give up many veggies. I liked filling my plate with them… Not anymore! I will keep my veggie consumption VERY LOW for now, but will be following your tip when I am ready to do so. =) Thanks.

      It is very interesting that you mention the weight gain, despite the GI troubles. After I was treated for my parasite infection with antibiotics, I started gaining weight and gained about 12 lbs. in a little over a month!!! (without eating differently) Anyway, I have easily lost about 2/3 of that weight since trying to lower my FODMAP intake. I agree with you, I have not been eating much sugar or HFCS, and in my case I suspect the parasite altered my gut function.

      Take care,


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