day 27

:: 9h30am: 2 free-range eggs + 1 zucchini + coconut oil

:: 1pm: grass-fed beef  + curry + green beans + butter

::3h30pm: celery stick + sun-dried tomato

::5h30pm: grass-fed beef + eggplant + mesclun + balsamic (I wish I could’ve had the avocado + homemade ketchup my boyfriend had, but these foods are high in FODMAPs, so I skipped them)

::6h00pm: jap pumpkin + nutmeg + cinnamon

2 thoughts on “day 27

    • Hi Danielle! I just sliced an eggplant and grilled the slices in the oven at high temperatures for about 15 minutes or so. You can drizzle them with olive oil and seasonings prior to grilling for a boost of flavors! =)

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