day 15

:: 10h00am: sauerkraut + 1 sl. free-range bacon + 4 free-range eggs

:: 12h30pm: grass-fed beef + Brussels sprouts + onions + turnips + a big handful of macadamia nuts

::5h30pm: grass-fed beef cooked in bacon fat + red bell pepper + mushrooms + avocado

*** no exercise today. I am not feeling very good. tired. no concentration. brain fog. depressed. and as soon as I eat, my belly swells 3 inches and stay swollen for the rest of the day. headaches, on and off. no pain though, just vague discomfort in my abdomen. is the parasite still causing problems??! I am getting very tired of this, whenever I seem to be getting better, it never seems to be over. Going for some blood work tomorrow and will see my gastro-enterologist for a F/U appt next week…

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