day 10

*** now that I am starting to have more energy, my goal is to go for an hour walk before breakfast 4 times a week and I started this am! It is so nice to walk early, the weather is great (10-15 C or 50 to 60 F) and it is so nice to start the day by getting some fresh air! =)

60-min walk before breakfast

:: 9am: sauerkraut + 2 free-range eggs + cherry tomatoes

:: 12h30: big salad: free-range chicken breast + mesclun + 1/2 avocado + organic sun-dried tomatoes + avocado & macadamia oil + balsamic vinegar

:: 5h15pm: grass-fed beef rolled with sun-dried tomatoes with balsamic glaze+ broccoli + mushrooms

30-min walk 

*** I also want to try IF for about 16 hours between my dinner and breakfast to see if it helps me lose the fat I put on in the last month because of my lack of physical activity

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