day 7

:: 9am: at the B&B – gluten-free bread (it was my first time ever, not bad but just very weird to eat bread) + ham + 1 egg + tomato + 1/4 tsp of vegemite (to taste for the 1st time – and definitely awful stuff, never again!)

*** gluten-free bread + only 1 egg = not very satisfying breakfast, I was starving!

:: 12: 3 free-range eggs in gluten-free tamari sauce

:: 1-5pm: 5 wineries = sampled many wines, but probably had less than 2 glasses of wine in total + about 1 oz. of delicious grass-fed goat cheese! (I hadn’t had cheese since March 7, it was Soooo good!)

:: 7pm: chargrilled grass-fed Black Angus rib eye steak (the best steak I EVER had) + broccoli and almonds salad with white balsamic vinegar

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