day 1

:: 9h30am: silverbeet frittata (I had the equivalent of 2 free-range eggs) + 1/4 avocado + 1/2 cup homemade sauerkraut (which I always have about 5-10 minutes before eating the rest of my breakfast)

:: 1pm: free-range chicken leg with turmeric + red curry + broccoli + red bell pepper

:: 6pm: grass-fed beef + mushrooms + mesclun + balsamic vinegar + organic sun-dried tomatoes

:: 6h30pm: 4 squares (20 g or about 100 calories) dark chocolate with a little bit of organic raw cocoa nibs *** since I am doing this new 30-day challenge sans coconut products, with the exception of coconut oil, and sans nuts (to which I believe I currently have a hypersensitivity due to the damages caused by my lovely parasite friend), I will allow myself to have dark chocolate! 😉 I will re-evaluate my progress in a couple of weeks to see whether it seems to be causing problems or not.

3 thoughts on “day 1

    • Thanks Jen! I had seen my previous template being used by too many other people so I wanted something different! =) How are things going for you? Still doing the challenge?

      • I did around 20 days of the 30 day but I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted so added butter and cream, still have only lost 3 lbs but I continue to experiment that’s why I like watching others like you. I have invested in a slow cooker and so far cooked lamb and pork and a lovely beef stew, going to try goulash next I think ! It’s an interesting journey and I feel great. I can honestly say I don’t miss chocolate or biscuits and cakes, they just don’t interest me at all….very odd indeed !!

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