day 12

1-hour walk before breakfast

:: 11h30am: sauerkraut

:: 12h00: 3 free-range eggs + 2 slices of free-range bacon + 1/2 avocado + lettuce + balsamic vinegar

*** last night, I had a bite of my boyfriend’s chocolate Easter’s bunny and this afternoon I felt SO AWFUL! When looking at the ingredients more closely, I realized there was wheat in it… 😦 Spent the afternoon in bed, very tired, extremely bloated and had abdominal pain… all of that for a piece of cheap chocolate that wasn’t even good… god, need to think more before I eat! this is why I wasn’t hungry for dinner and only add veggies + coconut oil + avocado…

:: 6h30pm: zucchini + red bell pepper cooked in coconut oil + avocado

::8h00pm: 2 hard-boiled eggs (I got so hungry so had to eat a little something!)

day 11

1-hour walk before breakfast

:: 9h30am: sauerkraut + 2 free-range eggs + broccoli

:: 12h30: onions + red bell pepper + tomatoes + free-range chicken + broccoli

:: 3pm: leftover broccoli + balsamic vinegar

:: 5h15pm: grass-fed beef + garlic + red wine vinegar + Dijon + mushrooms + leafy greens + cherry tomatoes + avocado + balsamic vinegar

30-min walk

::8h30pm: about 50 g of dark chocolate + organic raw cocoa nibs (while watching the royal wedding live! such a special occasion warranted a little treat… any excuse works!)

day 10

*** now that I am starting to have more energy, my goal is to go for an hour walk before breakfast 4 times a week and I started this am! It is so nice to walk early, the weather is great (10-15 C or 50 to 60 F) and it is so nice to start the day by getting some fresh air! =)

60-min walk before breakfast

:: 9am: sauerkraut + 2 free-range eggs + cherry tomatoes

:: 12h30: big salad: free-range chicken breast + mesclun + 1/2 avocado + organic sun-dried tomatoes + avocado & macadamia oil + balsamic vinegar

:: 5h15pm: grass-fed beef rolled with sun-dried tomatoes with balsamic glaze+ broccoli + mushrooms

30-min walk 

*** I also want to try IF for about 16 hours between my dinner and breakfast to see if it helps me lose the fat I put on in the last month because of my lack of physical activity

day 9

:: 9am: sauerkraut + silverbeet frittata (equivalent of 2 free-range eggs)

:: 12h30: meat loaf (free-range Otway pork + spinach + tomato paste + seasonings) + Brussels sprouts + coconut oil

:: 3pm: more Brussels sprouts + balsamic vinegar + a few spoonful of dried coconut!

:: 6h30pm: free-range chicken + cauliflower + green beans + gluten-free tamari sauce + fresh grated ginger

day 8

:: 9am: sauerkraut + silverbeet frittata (equivalent of 2 free-range eggs)

:: 12h30: mesclun + free-range chicken + avocado + sun-dried tomatoes + balsamic vinegar + avocado oil + 2 cherry tomatoes

:: 3pm: 2 free-range eggs + gluten-free tamari sauce

:: 5h30pm: meat loaf (free-range Otway pork + spinach + tomato paste + seasonings) + green beans + coconut oil + avocado

*** today was difficult! After eating more carbohydrates than usual last weekend (because of the gluten-free bread and pancakes I was served at the B&B), eating cheese and drinking wine, I had awful cravings today and am happy to be back to my routine and healthy foods! =)

day 7

:: 9am: at the B&B – gluten-free bread (it was my first time ever, not bad but just very weird to eat bread) + ham + 1 egg + tomato + 1/4 tsp of vegemite (to taste for the 1st time – and definitely awful stuff, never again!)

*** gluten-free bread + only 1 egg = not very satisfying breakfast, I was starving!

:: 12: 3 free-range eggs in gluten-free tamari sauce

:: 1-5pm: 5 wineries = sampled many wines, but probably had less than 2 glasses of wine in total + about 1 oz. of delicious grass-fed goat cheese! (I hadn’t had cheese since March 7, it was Soooo good!)

:: 7pm: chargrilled grass-fed Black Angus rib eye steak (the best steak I EVER had) + broccoli and almonds salad with white balsamic vinegar

day 6

:: 10am: 1 slice free-range bacon + 1 free-range gluten-free chicken sausage + broccoli

*** we were on the road today and I had prepared our lunch & dinner in advance! =) We had a very nice walk when we arrived at our B&B in Healesville, about an hour out of Melbourne CBD, where we saw wild kangaroos and the most beautiful sceneries!

:: 2pm: free-range chicken salad with free-range bacon + bacon fat salad dressing inspired by balancedbites

:: 6pm: sushi with smoked salmon, avocado, cauliflower rice and gluten-free tamari sauce

:: 7pm: our last Kallari chocolate bar, brought directly from Ecuador =)