day 19

breakfast [10h30am: leafy greens + free-range chicken leg + balsamic vinegar]


snack [3h00pm: coconut cream + organic dried coconut + 1 fig + handful soaked insecticide-free almonds]


dinner [5h30pm: 2 “fajitas” with lettuce leaves + free-range ground beef + tomatoes + guacamole]


dessert [6h30pm: 4 squares dark chocolate]


I have decided to allow myself to have some chocolate. I am going through a pretty rough patch right now health-wise and this is something that helps me feel better, so I’ll have it if I feel like it! I realize I may have to start my 30 day challenge all over again after my health issues get sorted out because I haven’t been able to benefit from eating Paleo at all (or maybe it would have been worse if I hadn’t, who knows?) Anyway, my gastroenterologist called me this am to tell me that my blood liver enzymes and pancreatic enzymes are elevated and I will have an ultrasound this Monday. I feel like a third-world kit, with a huge belly. I have no energy and in pain most of the day. My appetite, especially in the morning is almost non-existent but I force myself to eat a little as it always seems to make me feel slightly better afterwards. Anyway, I can’t wait ’till this get sorted out and I will try the 30 day challenge, take 2! =)

2 thoughts on “day 19

  1. I think starting the challenge confirmed you had a bigger problem so it wasn’t wasted. Glad you feel happier now you know a professional agrees with you and it’s not ‘just all in your mind’.
    Hope you feel 100% better soon

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