day 18

breakfast [9h00am: 1 hard-boiled free-range egg + free-range chicken mixed with homemade mayo]


lunch [12h30: salad + free-range chicken + sun-dried tomatoes + avocado + balsamic vinegar + extra virgin olive oil]


pm [3h00pm: 2 free-range hard-boiled eggs + gluten-free tamari sauce + 1 spoonful coconut butter]


dinner [5h30pm: grass-fed beef + sun-dried tomatoes + avocado + broccoli + mushroom + balsamic vinegar]


dessert [6h00pm: 4 squares dark chocolate]


I have been feeling pretty bad today, especially after taking the medication I was prescribed yesterday. I felt soooo tired and dizzy at time and my stomach was upset so I felt like I deserved that chocolate! 😉 Hopefully, things will be better tomorrow…. and I really hope that my problem was due to a nasty bug and that the Rx killed it! Note to myself: buy probiotics to take after the 2nd dose of these meds.

2 thoughts on “day 18

  1. yes, I have read about this too! I haven’t seen it at the grocery store and never had it in my whole life… I’ll see but I think I’d rather pop a probiotic pill! =)

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