day 17

I finally saw a gastroenterologist today and I am glad she agreed that the “Western diet” label the vegan doctor I saw last week put on my file was quite irrelevant. We actually had a good laugh at it.  Anyway, I was happy she took my concerns seriously and she feels quite positive I may have a parasite or other similar infections in my intestines. What a nice souvenir from South America! lol Anyway, I will be taking some anti-parasitic drugs after I get some stool samples and blood work done. I really hope that this will be the end of my GI issues and that I will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of Paleo eating very soon!! =)


breakfast [8h30am: diced free-range chicken breast + avocado + homemade sun-dried tomato & basil mayo]


lunch [12h30: leftovers from yesterday]


dinner [6h00pm: broccoli + mushrooms + red bell pepper + free-range beef + ginger + rice vinegar + gluten-free tamari sauce + sesame oil]


dessert [6h30pm: 1 spoonful (or 2) of coconut butter! 😉 ]


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