day 15

I have completed 2 weeks now! However, I have decided not to weight myself because I am still feeling awfully bloated and I know I can gain between 2 to 5 lbs. and don’t want to get frustrated over it. I am feeling ok, not as good as I expected to feel though. One of the main reasons I wanted to go on a strict Paleo diet was to eliminate any potential foods that could trigger my bloating, abdominal pain and cramps and fatigue. However, although I wished I had noticed a difference, to be completely honest, it has not improved at all. On the few days I was symptom-free, I could definitely see the difference though: lots of energy, great mood and just so happy to live. Anyway, because I still have these annoying GI issues at least 5 out of 7 days, I have decided to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist this Wednesday and hopefully we can figure out what is not working with me….


breakfast [8h30am: 7 deviled eggs made with my own homemade mayo with basil and sun-dried tomatoes–or 3 1/2 eggs]


lunch [12h30: coconut oil + my own chicken broth + 2 gluten-free free-range chicken mango sausages + zucchini + red bell pepper + mushrooms]


dessert [1h00pm: 1 teaspoon organic coconut butter]


dinner [4h30pm: coconut oil + bok choy + baked toamto + organic New Zealand salmon + mustard seeds + Dijon + rosemary]


4 thoughts on “day 15

  1. Have you thought about skipping tomatoes (I think they are a night shade) and reading the ingredients on the sausages as the UK ones have other flours added. Also, how to put this….do you have as much coming out as you put in so to speak ! I wonder if more leafy veg would help ?

    Of course, I am not an expert but spurred on by you I have now done a week completely free, even of dairy. I seem to eat a lot more than you though in quantity although I did loose 2 pounds last week.

    • Hi Jen, thanks for your input. I have been thinking about the possible next step to get rid of these symptoms, which would be eliminating night shades, as you mentioned, which include tomatoes, but also eggplant, bell pepper and potatoes (I don’t eat them anyway). The “strictest” Paleo recommendations for people with autoimmune conditions also eliminate nuts and seeds as well as eggs. These are a lot of foods that I like and I don’t think I have any autoimmune conditions. I will wait a little but I may try it next week (I need some mental preparation!). Regarding vegetables and fiber, I am getting plenty, I don’t think this is the problem. My biggest issue is not really what goes out, but rather the constant bloating and pain I experience…

      Glad to know that you are now on board and that it seems to be working very well for you! =) Let me know how you progress!


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