day 11

breakfast [8h30am: grilled eggplant slices + tomato + free-range eggs]


lunch [11h30am: leftover crustless wild salmon, coconut and zucchini quiche + avocado]


dessert [12h00: 1 fig + coconut cream mixed with organic dried unsweetened coconut…. + paleo gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free almost sugar-free muffin (ok I guess I cheated although I haven’t had any gluten, dairy or grain, I did have a bit of chocolate and sugar… I still had a lot of bloating and abdominal cramps today and just couldn’t help myself when I saw these treats I had made for my partner sitting in the freezer. but you know what, it was delicious, that was just what I needed to help me go through this shi&@#  day and I don’t feel bad about it!)]


dinner [5pm: pork + mustard + sun-dried tomatoes + basil + broccoli + mushroom]


Today I had my first experience with the Australian health care system, which is both private & public. I chose to go to a private clinic, so the waiting time would be shorter and the service better… I am Canadian so I have a pretty bad experience, and am actually quite fearful, with the public health care system. I consulted about my abdominal pain & bloating that have been going on for a few months, because although I have cleaned up my diet tremendously, it is not improving. I fear that I caught a bug/parasite in South America last Fall when I went in the jungle or something… anyway, obviously the doc asked me about my diet and all, I didn’t use the term paleo because it is still pretty much unheard of here down under, but I said I ate plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, and animal protein. Without letting me finish, he labeled my diet as “western diet” and suggested I decrease my intake of animal products… ???!??!?!?!?! OMG… I explained I was actually vegetarian for a period during which I had the same symptoms. He agreed that I did not eat processed food, which he said was one good thing about my diet, but he said that was too much animal products, without even inquiring about portion sizes or anything. He said I should drink more fluids, without even asking me how much I am actually drinking. I was flabbergasted. Dumbfounded. Shocked. Angry. Pissed. At least, I got my gastroenterology referral and I left, upset. When I got home, I saw this little green stamp he put beside his name on my referral: sustainable health;… then I understood. And I had a “paleo-ish” muffin to comfort me on my waste of money. Shouldn’t there be a disclaimer when a doctor is vegan? I never even thought I’d be so lucky to get a vegan doctor… come on!  I am thinking of making a complaint to the clinic once I get my problems sorted out…. what do you think? Now I really do understand what it feels like to see incompetent and biased health professionals… In Canada, you don’t pay for it, at least not directly, but when you pay over $100 just to be told BS, it hurts bad.

1 thought on “day 11

  1. Hello,

    You are doing so well don’t let this doctor wind you up. Complain or not, then move on and don’t look back….life’s too short 😉

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