day 8

1st week update = I have been bloat-free and pain-free for the last 2 days, which is awesome, and I have lost 2.8 lbs!


breakfast [8h30am: free-range eggs + coconut oil + tomato + spinach + mushrooms (not very original, but when I don’t feel like thinking too much in the am, this breakfast is very easy to do and very satiating)]


lunch [12h30: palta a la reina = 1/2 avocado + free-range chicken+ homemade mayo + leafy greens + lime juice (inspired by a dish I have sampled many times in South America! except that this time I made my own mayo with healthier fats)]

my 1st homemade mayo = made with egg yolks, macadamia oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and celtic sea salt


dessert [1h00pm: 1 1/2 fig + a few strawberries + coconut milk (what a treat! figs and strawberries are in season and sooooo tasty!)]


snack [3pm: deviled eggs made with my homemade mayo! (- I also add some almonds… again! I want to cut back on almonds but they are so hard to resist… the good thing is that I don’t have any almonds anymore so from now on, I will try to go nut-free.)]


dinner [6h30pm: free-range beef + garlic + balsamic vinegar + green beans + coconut oil]

2 thoughts on “day 8

  1. in reading your blog, be nauseated at times and extremely hungry at others – Ive noticed either coconut or the oil – or almonds were consumed – You could have an intolerance. I used to cook everything in coconut oil too – until it began to make my feel sick… I stopped and things got better – Listen to you body and since you are taking note of everything you eat, it should be easy to figure out what exactly is making you feel bad. Cravings is another way to “figure out” what you may be allergic to – Something to think about…



    • Thank you Xania, this is a very good point and I am now completely eliminating nuts and coconut (with the exception of coconut oil) to see if it helps. I suspect that I may extra sensitive to a number of foods now that I probably have a leaky gut due to my parasite infection.

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