day 7

breakfast [10h30am: 1 1/2 small Australian figs (about 10 g carbs: first fruit in over a week and they are in season here!) + 2 slices of rindless bacon (I was not hungry when I woke up this morning because I had dinner later than usual last night. I went for an 1-hour walk in the city and had this small breakfast after)]

australian bacon: looks weird when you are used to Canadian bacon, but it is delicious!!!!!!


lunch [12h30: australian lamb chops cooked in coconut oil + mushrooms + spinach + garlic + lemon juice + tomatoes]


snack [3pm: triple coconut eggs = 3 free-range eggs cooked in coconut oil + organic coconut milk + organic dried unsweetened coconut (I was very hungry, probably because I walked a bit, had a small breakfast and my protein at lunch was probably only 3 oz. once the bones were removed…!)]


dinner [5h30pm: leafy greens + avocado + sun-dried tomatoes + fresh basil + balsamic + kangaroo (I found out that all kangaroo is harvested in the wild and eating kangaroos is very sustainable for the environment. only controlled numbers of 4 of the 48 species of kangaroos are harvested because of their rapidly growing populations.)]


7th day = 1 week! woo hoo! It has been a lot easier than I thought so far! Although I was missing my cheese and chocolate at the beginning, especially that my partner is still keeping at home and eating these foods while sitting right beside me, but I don’t miss them so much anymore. I still had some episodes of bloating and abdominal pain, but have been feeling a lot better for the last couple days and my stomach feels flatter than ever. I am still considering whether I should weight myself tomorrow morning to see if there has been any change after a week of 100% Paleo…? to be continued…!

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