day 6

breakfast [8h45am: 1/2 avocado + 2 free-range poached eggs + celtic sea salt + freshly ground pepper]


lunch [1h30pm:  chili sin frijoles! = organic ground beef + tomatoes + zucchini + onions + mushrooms + red bell pepper (lunch was later than usual today, we were busy grocery shopping at the QV market, but it was worth it since  we found a lot of good fresh food by the way; my boyfriend prepared a nice Paleo lunch for me! Usually, when my meals are delayed, I become a very unhappy person: irritable, grumpy and nasty, but I noticed that although I was slightly hungry, my brain was not panicking for not having food!)]


dessert [1h45pm: about 1/2 cup of coconut milk (still the lite version though, since there was a mistake in my order…)]


pm snack [4pm: 2 hard-boiled eggs + gluten-free tamari sauce + 1 oz. almonds (I was super hungry even though I had a late lunch, maybe it is because my breakfast was kinda light and I did some resistance training this am?!? After the eggs, I was still hungry so I had some almonds even though I said I would try to stay away from nuts… will see how I feel in a few hours…)]


dinner [7h15pm: kangaroo topside + curry paste + leafy greens + balsamic vinegar + olive oil + green beans (It was my first time cooking kangaroo and I am very good at cooking meat since I have a vegetarian for a few years… but it was quite good!)]


2 thoughts on “day 6

  1. Your chili looks great! and I think its awesome that you get to eat Kangaroo!! Keep up the great work I enjoy reading your blog!

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