day 5

breakfast [9am: free-range eggs cooked in coconut oil with spinach and mushrooms + topped with organic dried unsweetened coconut (I know, my partner thought it was weird too, but I guess I am in a bit of a coconut phase… it should pass! lol)]


lunch [1pm: leftovers salmon cakes from yesterday reheated in coconut oil + lime + lettuce + tomatoes + avocado + balsamic vinegar]


no pm snack today – not hungry and feel bloated….. =(


dinner [5h30pm: broccoli + red bell pepper + ginger + lime juice + organic chicken + coconut milk (I added some gluten-free tamari sauce later, disappointed by the lack of coconut taste… I realized that instead of regular coconut milk, as I ordered, I received lite coconut milk, which doesn’t taste much unfortunately…)]


5th day! phew… I haven’t been feeling that well since I had a bad night sleep two days ago. I don’t know if it is related to that or not, but I have been feeling a bit tired, had bloating and abdominal cramps again. I haven’t cheated! well, except for the 1/2 piece of gum that I chewed for a minute or so… I agree that I went a bit overboard with the dried coconut stuff… could it be irritating for my gut? or is it that my coconut is contaminated with gluten? or is it that my body simply needs more time to heal properly? or is it something else?

…to be continued…!

is my organic dried unsweetened coconut contaminated with gluten? and is it possible that I am that sensitive to gluten? I used to eat it all the time!!!

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