day 4

breakfast [9am: ratatouille + olive oil + 2 free-range eggs fried in coconut oil (my eggs look awful I know… I just moved in a new apartment in a new city–in a new country as a matter of fact–and still haven’t had a chance to buy a decent spatula! lol)]


lunch [12h30: salmon cakes (made with canned Wild Pacific salmon + garlic + grated ginger + beaten eggs + organic dried unsweetened coconut!) cooked in coconut oil + lime + leafy greens + tomato + 1/4 avocado + olive oil + balsamic vinegar]


pm snack [3pm: 1 scrambled free-range egg in coconut oil with organic dried unsweetened coconut]


oops! [without even taking, I took a gum this pm just out of habit… within a few seconds, I realized this may not be very Paleo so hurried to look at the ingredients… oops! sugar alcohols and a long list of things I don’t want to put in my body… no more gum for me!]


dinner [5h30pm: preservative-free, hormone-free Aussie ground beef mixed with mushrooms and tomatoes & greens beans + leeks cooked in coconut oil]


dessert [5h45pm: double coconut in a cup! = organic coconut cream + organic dried unsweetened coconut]


4th day! I felt ok today, still surprised that I didn’t have any craving, because I used to have lots! I  just felt a bit tired because I had a bad night sleep last night. Mmmm! There was a lot of coconut on my menu today and this is because I just received my first order from Santos today. They have good prices (relatively-speaking, probably not compared to the USA, but good for Australia) for organic products which are not easy to find at affordable price or in larger quantities in Melbourne.

2 thoughts on “day 4

  1. aglaeejacob This blog looks awesome! I’m going to share it with everyone at my gym! Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future posts, great food ideas, and results!

    Good luck!

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