day 3

breakfast [8h45am: my quick & easy version of a ratatouille (eggplants baked with organic tomato sauce and olive oil in the oven) + poached free-range eggs]


lunch [12h15: leftovers from last night dinner]


dessert [12h30: 1/4 avocado with organic coconut cream]

I think my breakfast may not have had enough fat because I felt hungry earlier than usual… I’ll add some olive oil tomorrow and see if it is better. Because I was still craving fat, I came up with this little Paleo treat. I know, it looks like a pregnant woman craving, but it actually is delicious! Creamy and the added sweetness of the coconut cream was very satisfying!


pm snack [3pm: 2 hard-boiled eggs with gluten-free tamari sauce (I love this snack +++ and I had 2 because I am trying to avoid almonds for now) & throughout the afternoon: green tea]


dinner [5h30pm: mesclun + avocado + balsamic & green beans + leek + coconut oil & hormone-free, preservative-free beef + Dijon mustard + Celtic salt]


3rd day! a lot less cravings today! I did not have any almonds and it was my first day in a long time bloat-free and abdominal pain-free!

6 thoughts on “day 3

  1. Interesting re the nuts and bloating – I would love to leave them out but I have to graze particularly in the afternoons at work….

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