day 2

breakfast [9am: free-range eggs with coconut oil, mushrooms and tomatoes]


lunch [12h30: leafy greens + 1/4 avocado + olive oil + balsamic vinegar & gluten-free pork sausage + broccoli + red bell pepper + onions + tomatoes]


pm snack [3pm: hard-boiled free-range egg & gluten-free tamari sauce]


pm snack [4pm: almonds]


dinner [5h30pm: free-range chicken with ginger, garlic, lime juice, bok choy, red bell pepper & mushrooms]


2nd day was good! slightly less dark chocolate cravings… I still have a lot of bloating & stomach pain (undiagnosed IBS-like symptoms I have suffered with for a little while) and decided to cut almonds completely to see if my situation improves…

5 thoughts on “day 2

  1. Hello, I will be following you with great interest. I have been listening and reading all things Paleo and so far I have been putting on weight though I am sure this all dairy based (I stopped smoking 3 months ago so have replacement issues !) and I have been considering doing the 30 day thing.
    Be my inspiration – set the standard for me 🙂

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